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 Is this a healthy weight for my height?
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Please dont answer with * You are what you are* or *We're all different*
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am i overweight?
I'm 5'7, maybe a bit over but not quite 5'8, I weigh around 140 pounds, maybe a bit more? Am I overweight?
Additional Details
thanks, appreciated xx

you're borderlining obese

Rough side of the sponge
You could lose a pound or two, but thats only if you want to. Your weight sounds good for someone your height.

Charles B
No way.

In my personal opinion, no, because I'm not a fan of underweight girls, and according to any BMI calculator, no.

If anyone told you that, they're nuts.

No, you are just fine. Be as healthy as you can, get some exercise in every day and keep happy!!


i'm 5'1 and i weigh 146 so you're pretty much perfect.
i'm the overweight one :P

no not at all, youre just fine, if you have low self esteem toward this issue, talk to someone

that depends on your age. if you are 20 to 30 yrs old , then yes you might consider loosing 10 to 20 pounds perhaps or even 30.

Yumi Y
I don't think that you are overweight. I think you're probably right around average. I suggest though, before you listen to anyone besides a doctor or nutritionist, do some research on a trusted website to see what the weight-height-and age chart will say about what you should be.

You don't seem like you are over weight, I am a lot shorter than you and weigh about the same.

This website was a real help to me, maybe it can help you.
Plus it's Free!

Ava-Scarlett x
no, i would say your just a tad over average for your height. but your not at all over weight. if your asking for health reason i wouldnt change.

JTipp =)
no not even close!!!!!


no i wouldn't say overweight but your not skinny or fat i say your just right


Angela J
Actually, you are just about right!

Not at all. I mean, it never hurts for anyone to gain muscle and exercise, but you're not overweight by any means.

Whoever says you're overweight apparently doesn't know anything about the relation between weight and height. Yes,140 is borderlining obese...for someone about 4'10". I'm 5'0", and unfortunately, I weigh about the same as you. That puts me in plus-size clothing sometimes, but it probably doesn't make you any more than an 8, if that (which is great for a tall woman).

And whoever says you're a little over average doesn't know the concept of an average at all. Average people nowadays are not healthy. You are.

leah h
no. you are a healthy weight for you height on the BMI (body mass index) chart

you're not overweight, who knows you're probably more healthier than a skinny person.

Goeffrey B
No baby thats good. As long as you got a nice butt.. MMMhhh..

no way!
ur perfect for ur height!

hell no

princess K
No u r not

no you're not overweight at all. If you were 5'1" or something like that, you'd be overweight. But your height make it ok.

Jesse Terry
No! that is perfect wight

No. you are so not over weight.. im 5.4 and i weight 130.

your bmi (body mass index) is 21.9(calculated for a height of 5'7" and a weight of 140). you are in the normal healthy zone (heck i weighed 140 at 5'4" and was still considered healthy, though i was right at the edge, almost overweight).

if you feel uncomfortable with your weight talk to your doctor. they know the human body pretty well, and can tell if your weight is an issue, or if your body is doing ok. remember, muscle weighs more than fat.

To me, your weight is normal, and about right for your height.

no way

Linda A
No, you are NOT overweight.


If you like the way your body looks then your fine.

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