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im 17 years old, 80 pounds, female, 5 ft.

this is me:


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 Is it true that Vomiting makes you lose weight?
My friend told me that if you vomit 3 times a week the food that you eat it makes you lose weight. But i thought it makes you gain? Is this true please explain?
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I ...

 im really overweight ?
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 What are good exercises to perform while trying to lose 200Ibs?

 am i skinny, fat, or normal weight???
im in middle school
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oo also i have a ...

 Do I look fat ? Please help me ! ?
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 is losing 11 pounds in a month a good achievment?
or should i have tried to loose more.

I'm on a diet and have lost 11 pounds in a month, is this a good achievment or could i have lost more? Should i aim to loose more this month?

 is 137 pounds for a 14 year old girl with height 5''7' normal or is it overwweight?

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is this a healthy weight???...

 Im 5'2 and weigh 101 lbs. is that a lot.?

 Now i want to truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I'm 11 years old turning 12 in a mouth and i fat i weigh 105??? Plz don't lie to me i want the honest truth!!!!!!!...

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 Just courious, Am I Fat?
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 what is my age?
Cant measure my age......

 doing the splits? is splits something you can either do or you cant?
or can you become more flexiable and then you can eventually do it, ive beign doing a lot of yogo latley thats why im intrested....

am i overweight?? :(?
i'm 5'2 and i weigh 118 lbs. i'm 12 almost 13
Additional Details
typo: i'm 5'3

Google "tummywatcher" The website has a calorie calculator tool for various exercises. Also you can find out what your ideal body weight is, based on your height, age, and gender.

The website also has five foods to fight hunger and other helpful tips as well as ab exercise videos you can follow and other helpful tips to achieve flat stomach.GL!!

Nope, you're at a perfect weight for your height! I just calculated your BMI (body mass index) and it said you're in a healthy weight range.

haha same with me. You got to realize, though, is that it doesn't it really matter how much you weigh, but how you look in the mirror. A lot of people don't believe me when i say i weigh 120 pounds. Also, if you have a lot of muscle, you tend to weigh more than some one who has more fat on them, so consider yourself as being stronger than the other people who don't weigh as much as yourself.

Words of Wisdom

nooo!!!!!! im 5'2 and i weigh like 122 and im just perfectly fine with my weight i would rather be overweight than underweight! under weight people look dead!

dont even think about that!
your growing time in your life!!!
dont think bout that and keep wait
how you grow about more thatn now tall!

no your fine

No that's normal. The average weight of a 13 year old is 100 pounds. So you are in the range. I wouldn't worry about it. And don't listen to the people on here that are telling you your fat! XX


I have a friend that is 5'1" and is 120. She looks beautiful. Healthy. Don't worry about your weight. As you get older your body will mature and look better so don't worry about the weight right now. When your 16 and your still unhappy with your weight talk to your doctor. He can do a bmi test and check to see if you are overweight. The weight you are at right now is smack dab in the middle of average. :).

Andrew J
No You are not overweight. at 118 lbs you are just about right for your height. If you feel that your overweight it might be just linked to the fact that you look at yourself a lot in the mirror and are inclined to notice every little change your body makes. But definitely not overweight. :-)


its normal. Im 13 and about 5'2 and weigh 116

No, you're not overweight sweetie! However it would do you good if you dropped a few pounds. Cut out on all the junk foods, and think like this. There's regular 120 calorie sodas, but I should switch to a 0 calorie diet soda. The little things would do you good! Eat three meals per day, try to get it under 1600 calories, and you'll be fine. Don't forget about exercise. Check out bikram yoga. It's what I'm doing, and you lose 500-1000 calories per session. (It depends on your weight, height, and how hard you work to lose more than 500 calories.)

you might be, but only a tiny tiny bit. just barely. only because of your age. just start exercising more and you will be fine!

Nooo Wayy! You are not!

Perfect actually. (:

everyone's different, maybe it's puppy fat:) you're still young, you still have a fair amount of growing to do:) don't worry, when i was your age, i was the size of a hippo >.<

you're fine querida

Mhmm...overweight Idk
But I'm 12 5'2 and 102
I don't think ur overweight

No. Your BMI (Body Mass Index) is 21.6, meaning your weight for your height is average. See for your self.

no that is perfectly fine because you are still growing don't listen to the haters or the blue kangaroos

please answer mine someone PLEASE

nop, ur normal

...I wish I was 118 (i'm 5'3)...no, you are not overweight.

no that sounds about right for your age and height

Emma Wales
Not even slightly.
you're a good weight for your body.
Plus you're still developing and you're body tends to shed any excess puppy fat by the time you're 15/16.


no your not take it from me im your age and im 5'0 and 150 pounds!!!! im really overweight. you are over weight your just about the weight you should be. dont worry about it :)

no hun not at all! youre just right, dont let anyone tell you any different

Nope, you are perfectly normal...if you're concerned, try exercising and eating healthy. Cut out the junkfood! Good luck! =)

not at all.
be happy with your body darling.

it doesn't sound like it, no. you sound average.

i'm 5'3 and weigh 108 pounds, and another 10 pounds would look good on me, i actually feel like i look a little too skinny.
i'm about four years older than you, but i don't think that should make a difference.


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