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 a fat 14 year old girl needs advice on Weight loss... picture!?
Ok i am 14 years old i am 5,5 and i weigh 115 lbs... i used to weigh like 113... i would like to weigh 109 lbs or like 105... I play a lot of tennis i am home schooled so i can play tennis a lot......

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 is 137 pounds for a 14 year old girl with height 5''7' normal or is it overwweight?

 Should I listen to my mom and lose weight? Am I right to be upset?

Quite a while ago, I put up a question about my mother constantly telling me to lose weight because she thought I was fat. I was 5'4 and around 125 lbs then. I admit that I ate ...

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is this a healthy weight???...

 Im 5'2 and weigh 101 lbs. is that a lot.?

 Now i want to truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
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am i overweight?!?
ok answer this honestly! i'm 14 years old and i weigh like 95ish pounds! is that overweight? whats normal?
Additional Details
i'm like 5feet and like 2 inches :(

It depends on your height. But if you are the height of an average 14 year old (5'0-5'4), you are the perfect weight!

September is suicide season!
NOT AT ALL!!!!!!!! you are just right, possibly A LITTLE to skinny for your age. i just tearned 13(boy) and im only 113and im 5'5. i am pretty sure there is not much a dif between boys and girls weight statistics so you should be fine!

Not at all. You may be underweight. Don't wory about it, just focus on getting your mind right.

What really matters is: Are you happy with your appearance? That is more important than any number.

Your fine. =]

It really depends on your weight and not your age, if you haven't gone through your growthspert yet, than its normal, because you lose weight when your growing so don't worry. But other than that, i think thats about average because im 13 and alot of the girls i know weigh around that maybe like 3 lbs less


if your like tall and skinny, deffinately not healthy!

if your plump, and normal, like most girls your age, your normal.
not underweight. and deffnately not overweight!

hope my answer helped

In Fact, You May Be Under Weight, Depending On Your Height

for 14 that if fine.... your not overweight dont snack on chips and soda.

No you are not overweight you are healthy just make sure you are active and healthy thats the most important thing you can do enjoy life and dont worry bout the numbers on the scale.

it all depends on how tall you are and your bone structure

As another responder has correctly noted, it depends on your height. But it is most unlikely that, at 95 pounds, anyone would consider you to be overweight.

thats normal but im 15 and 130 but then again im a guy so idk what girls consider overwieght

honey, you are not overweight. so don't worry. it's not healthy to keep on worrying about your weight because you tend to lessen your appetite on purpose, and that's not good. okay? so don't worry. just stay healthy, trust me. :)

You're fine. Please don't turn into one of those weight-crazy girls!! If you go to the doctor regularly, they will tell you point-blank if you are overweight or not. They are the BEST people to ask and they will give you the best answer.

Chris C
i'm 12 and i weight 96 and it's considered normal i would honestly say that ur underweight
u can check if your fat, just look if you have extra skin in the stomach and hip area

your 14 still growing dont worry about your weight just keep an eye on it but if you feel overweight do more excersie

Tina m
well it depends on your height but a normal 14 yr olds weight is about 90-105

it may be weird that a male is answereing this question, but there is sombody who is around 80, and is about 4 feet somthing low, so , you are good. norm, like 120ish, but there really is no norm, so a range from 80-145 i guess. depends on height

♥ Steff ♥
sounds good to me. you actually might be a little too skinny. but it also depends on what height you are.

Tessie Lou
it depends on ur height.

150 is a good healthy weight for anyone over 5 feet between the ages of 15-100

sa s
it depends on you height but 95lb i highly doubt you are over weight

no the normal is 105

Calm down.

you are skinny!

first of all you didnt give us your height so its impossible to tell....if you are 6 feet you are way inder weight, if you are around 5 feet you are fine, if you are 3 feet you are overweight,....

Lisa D
r u retarded...overweight is 160 and up..u r anorexic get some help

95 pounds is never overweight unless you're a little person.
If anything you are underweight

hunny, your under weight.

normal weight for average height.

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