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 How do I know when I'm fat?

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jenny <3
am i fat? pics of my belly...?
im 13 med height am i too fat? is it time to cut down on the choccy?
Additional Details
great. because of all ur insulting comments ive just eaten a big creamy cake and probably put on more weight. and thats not a lie, when i get upset i eat. and i know your being honest i am too fat i need to lose weight but your being so harsh some of you!

Talk about attention seeking - STOP POSTING YOUR PICTURE!

Why do you need us to tell you what you already know.

I get the impression your friends and family are telling you that you're fine, but deep down you know you need to lose some of the body fat.

It would be a good idea to arrange to see your doctor about getting a referral to a nutrionist and putting an exericse plan in to place.

Hope this helps.

Sorry, as your name suggests you are fat, sort of reminds me of that character mucca pukka off in the night garden.
P.S. I was wondering where all the pies had gone, it looks like they've gone in you!

no your not fat , its just puppy fat your not obese and your not fat when you grow you will get smaller don't worry about it and as for all the horrible comments shes 13 people ! take no notice just enjoy yourslf :) x

George A
your not fat, your VERY FAT

yes. you are very fat. obese maybe.

Future Cosmetic Surgeon
well actually sorry 2 say so but the pictures make you look obese.
sorry but i am just being honest!!!

gone phishing
please don't put those pics on again : ) lol

YEAH a bit chunky but i'm sure you can get to where you wanna

Dr. Saghee Fallus PhD. MA.
You'll come in handy if one of your car tyres goes flat.

Yes you should lose some weight, so you have to do some abs and cut whit the creamy cake and stuff like that

bye ;D

F*** it, you could use a few more.. keep eating!!!

Malibu Barbie
You've got more rolls than Greggs.

♣ CuteBitch ♣
yes, hence your username, again.

Terry B
if you're obese by the time you're 15 then chances are you'll be obese for life, so i'd say yes you're fat but you have 2 years to lose it so don't worry so much about it.

sorry to say mate but ye u r kinda fat

Angela M
I would be confident in saying that you do need to lose a wee bit of weight, perhaps just doing some sit-ups, regularly, will take care of the problem. Having said that, my big brother used to have a podgy belly when he was a teenager, only to "stretch" when he was fifteen, he ended up being a right skinny fella.. Maybe it's too soon to start doing major diet schemes. Give it another year or so to see if you will, naturally, stretch out. In the meantime, it will do you no harm whatsoever to get into a good excercise routine. Good luck and stop stressing so much....Jings, are you still asking the same question?? I answered ages ago, only to find you asking the same thing again!! Are you so uncomfortable with your body???

▀▀▼▀▀▌ ►Jessica◄ ?▄▄▲▄▄▌
I can't stand how horrible some people are. Leave her alone! I bet you're not all perfect - actually I KNOW you're not all perfect. Your insecure that's why your insulting other people. Yes she wanted an honest answer but not a NASTY one.

That's made me sick

sorry...but yes...exercise more;) do some sit-ups...

get out there and get involved in some activities, that'll help you lose some weight. While youre sitting in front of the computer asking stupid questions your just going to stay on the round side.

NOT YOU AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You have asked this 3 times a day for the past 2 days!!!!


Mr. Angry
Hey its the michelin man!

yes ur fat. lose weight

wow, i was expecting you to be one of those girls looking for compliments. guess not.
yeah, fat.

Berti B
Yep, sorry but ya its time to cut out the choc and all the rest of the junk you eat.

You need to start eating healthy and exercising more. You wont be long getting rid of it and you will so much better and have so much more confidence in yourself

would need to see a pic of the whole lot of you to see proportions, etc. why are you asking this question when you've already named yourself fatty belly?if you're upset or concerned about your weight then sort out a good healthy lifestyle plan - not a diet, they don't work. And remember to love yourself for who you are, not what you look like.

umm....let's see, duhh!!
go get some exercise...

this is a delicate topic as your so very young.ask your parents to take you to your doctors,and see what he says he can point you in right direction ,eating disorders can often stem from little remarks about your weight,without sounding patronising to you i would talk to your mum and dad.

if your only 13 then yes s:
exercise more (:

What is the point of asking these questions?
Get a mirror and work it out for yourself.


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