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 How much would you guess I weighed?
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Ignore the lovely background, haha! This is ...

I am 14 years old, 5'4'' and 95 pounds..

Please tell the turth
Additional Details
I am not asking for attention, some boy called me a ...

am i fat??? cuz i think i am?
im 13 years old im in 8th grade and im 5"3 maby 5"4 and i weigh 100 pounds

No, your not fat at all
You are in the average weight span and are nowhere near obese

look for yourself:

Dreamer ツ
are you serious ? your probably UNDERweight .. far from fat. you need some help hun if you think your fat

ur kidding right? NO, ur too thin! ur underweight. if you dont believe me, ask a doctor or check it on a body mass website!

thats normal. get a life and think about important and serious things. you weight is not one of them. go and help others instead of thinking of yourself. you will feel better about yourself too.

No! You are definitely not fat. I'm presuming that your a girl (judging by your avatar), which means that your going to be larger than the guys at least, because girls mature faster than guys in their teen years. 100 pounds isn't fat at all, and is a healthy weight. If your still concerned though, you can get active and eat healthy to turn that weight into muscle. Don't worry!

if you think ur fat
then you prolly thinkl im fat too,
but no hunny your not.
im the exact same thing as you
and im trying to gain weight

james paul
you are 13 go have fun and be happy with yourself and quit worrying what people think of you its the secret of life

nope ur not fat

no your not fat
that's absolutely a normal weight according to your height

You are not fat or obese.

It is normal for girls your age to have some extra fat as your body is growing and needs those reserves. Don't worry about it too much. Just make sure you eat a good healthy diet (most of the time!) and do some regular sporting activity to keep yourself fit and healthy.

That way you will grow up being healthy and feeling good (sport is not just for your body - it produces chemicals in your brain called endorphins that help you feel good).

Best wishes,


If you think your fat then you are until you tell yourself your not. It doesn't matter if other people think you're not or you are because you just won't believe them!

that's acutually average for a 5"4

Mittmoudh R
BMI Categories:

* Underweight = <18.5
* Normal weight = 18.5-24.9
* Overweight = 25-29.9
* Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater

According to you you're probably annorexic. 17.3 or 17.7
Check for yourself.

As we say in france, tengo cuidado with this weight stuff. it's really a killer

Awesome Possum
O.k you are definetly not fat. If anything you are probably under weight. I was the same height and I weighed 120 and looked really skinny. Or maybe it's because im built differently.

Here to helppp .
no !

If you have to ask if your fat, chances are you're probaly NOT fat...you'll know if your fat or not...

Why don't you google the Body Mass Index. That'll help too

Your Personal Online Stalker
stop fishing for compliments. you know you're skinny. go eat something.


I think thats normal.

edit: you might think you're fat because people gain weight in different ways honey. some people are overweight, but none of that goes to their face, so they look really skinny and the rest can be covered with the right type of clothes. others are stick skinny but all their weight goes to their face, chin, etc.

so if you're unhappy with the way you look, be proactive and run.
losing weight should be easier since you are young.
don't worry too much!

hello :)
not at all. you are very tiny. i'm the same height & am 20lbs heavier and i'm not fat.

Jacob V
no i think that is considered under weight isnt it. im in 9th and all the girls are like 130+

no you're not

I <3 bad boys

carol is in the box
my god no!

if anthing your too thin..


You're underweight....

Peyton M
no thats like super skinny. eat!

no wayyyy! i wuz 110 in that age and hight and im STICK SKINNY!


no you arent fat. so stop thinking that.

Ta-Zu (&Miku)
Hell no.
You're fine.

Why the hell do girls always think they're fat at like 100 lbs?
100 lbs is actually the bare minimum for pretty much ANYONE over 5 ft tall.

You actually should weigh more...probably about 115, i think.

You are definitely not fat. Even if you weighed 20 pounds more you would not be fat. You need to stop focusing on your weight, and enjoy life.

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