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am i fat!! I know you hate these questions?
i'm in 7th. I am 5'6 and 120 pounds. I don't think i'm too chubby except i'm a size 5 in jeans now thats fat. Am i, please i was cursed with this stupid hourglass shape. Please tell me
Additional Details
I'm in travel for softball and i do work out but i have bad self esteem. I swear this guy keeps calling me fat

You're insane. Your body is PERFECT! I am 33 years old (I've had two children) 5'6" and I weigh 135. I'm in a size 4. I lift weights so I have a lot of muscle weight (muscle is dense and takes up less space than fat therefore muscle weighs more than fat).

Don't get wrapped up in the Hollywood magazines. I live in CA, so I know how hard it can be to have an image you should be like. You're still a kid. Your friends may be a different race, or at a different stage in puberty than you are, so you might just be growing up physically faster than your friends. That does NOT make you fat. Being too skinny is gross. Women should have curves.

As you grow up, it will be important for you to have a healthy diet and fitness plan. Don't be a yo yo dieter. Just live healthy and feel good about yourself. Love you for the best you can be, and never hate yourself for not being like your friends.

When I was younger, I stopped growing at about 13 or so. I was 5'6" in Jr High. My friends were all a LOT shorter than me and they were so cute and skinny and I always felt like a freak around them. But guess what sweetheart??? At 33 and after 2 kids, I now look far better than most high school kids and all of those girls I grew up with are almost all fat or worse. So just be patient! Life has a funny little way of working out!

girl ur fine ur curvy and that's great there's girls out there that would kill to have an hourglass shape like you have ur 5'6 good height and ur only 120 ur fine ur not fat and don't listen to this people there just jealousy. but if you don't like the size ur in right now then go do some exercise too lose some weight but that's ur decision if ur not happy with ur weight.

Oh dear lord, SHUT UP.

Lorin L
dude shut up. i wear size 7. and i am not fat. so shut up.

get your body fat percentage checked

Im 5' 8" weight 148lb and I were a 9 in jeans.
Im athletic tho. you have to take that in to concideration. I have bigger legs (muscle) and muscle weighs more than fat. 120 is not fat at all. You sound fine, girl. At your age, you shouldnt worry about it. Get more into PE, Sports and have fun :]

Raul C
i think your perfectly fine!

' mayday
You're not really fat. -_-

no, your normal. i know its hard with everyone wanting to be stick thin these days but you're fine.

Yes your fat. Can i have my f*cking 10pts now...Yahoo where the f*ck are all the real questions?

don't worry about your size
as you go through your teen life your body wll deffinantly change
but think to yourself that you are healthy dont call yourself fat
you are curvey!

ahhhhahahhahaha girls like you amaze me...

You are at a perfect weight. You are just tall for your age. I am about same height, the same size jeans, and I am 18.

You are seriously at your perfect weight.


john m
NO PLAESE RELAX you sound great


Has anyone looked at you funny? If no, then your fine. What have you been eating / are as active as you would like to be?

Ima vegetarian cuz I hate plants
Not at all. You said yourself you have an hourglass shape-you're supposed to have wide(not fat, WIDE) hips. And 120lbs is NOT a lot for 5'6"! So stop worrying:)

Lilly A
http://www.easybmi.com/ look there i typed u in it says ur averge ,check out the site

Garnett D
GOD EVERY ONE ON THIS PAGE NEEDS TO STFU!NO! you aren't fat. that is a fine weight. If you feel chubby it's probably just because you don't feel that you exercise enough. try jogging a little youl feel better

You are actually a bit underweight. But you are probably still growing, and will add a few pounds. At 5-6, a good target weight would be 130.

You are very thin. I am a few pounds less then that and in seventh grade, but I am 5' 2".
I am not kidding, you are very thin.

i <3 pancakes
You should love your shape... way better than being a box.
you are not fat... i was 5'2" in seventh grade and 110. so for your height your weight is good :)

learn to love your body its what makes you... well you.

Bella M
You Are NOT fat.
I would drill this into your brain a million more times if I could.
Your BMI is 19.4
And a Healthy BMI is between 18.5 and 25.9
So please, do not think you are fat, because trust me you ARE NOT.
I would KILL for your BMI right now.
You seriously need to not think you are fat. LOVE your hourglass figure, because it is YOU, and who YOU are!
You aren't fat in the slightest, and I wish I could do more to convince you of this.

Lore ♥
you AREN'T fat

it will all even out while you grow, but remember to work out and eat healthy foods -- i know it's cheesy, but i started doing those things this year, and i feel so much better (physically and emotionally) - it was totally worth it!

Allie <33
shut up shut up shut up. your not fat. your perfectly thin.
im fatter than you. does that make you feel good?

You just want attention. Grow up. No ones cares.

Stephanie G
That is like the perfect body. Be happy that you have an hourglass shape! Guys like that.

shut up people. you are far from fat!!! if you are worried about your health go see your doctor and get a body mass index done. that will tell you if you are a healthy weight for your height.
if you are worried about how people see you, say screw you!!! if you are happy then they don't know anything.

if you are healthy and happy thats all that matters

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