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am i fat????????????
i weigh 145 and im 5'4
Additional Details
im sixteen

depends on ur age..

I'm sorry to say but you are overweight for your size.

Lucie loves you!

Sarah May

Timothy Bievenour
No, not necessarily. It depends on how much of your weight is muscle and how much of your weight is fat. It somewhat depends on your age as well. But you don't look like your overweight.

A quick rule of thumb (which approximates the more accurate BMI): start with 5'0", and 100lbs. For every inch over 5', add 5-10 lbs.

At 5'4", you should be between 120-140. So, you might be a bit high on this scale, although it will depend on your build, and how much of you is muscle. Still, if you are over, it is not by much.

John P
According to the BMI you are just at the top end of normal weight. It is 24.9. You can type BMI into Google.

Naw gurl your just thick!

not fat....thick.

its just a little bigger but not bad actually :)

lol no that's not fat at all

Mark B
nope. i wish i was that

Heck no! I'm 5'4'' and I weigh 139 and I have a healthy BMI.

tonya W
if so sweety i am fat right along with ya..

This Path I Take Today
That might be muscle. I mean, I weigh 162. (Then again..., I'm 7'1...)

But it's all muscle anyway.

maybe you are just muscular.

candace :)
From what i see, you're beautiful. Being fat is just a stupid word that gets tossed around verry easily.

What a shame.

But honestly, from what you explained.. that's not fat.


idk are you? weight and size are two very different things ya know

probably not

ask ur doc

Depends if it its muscle or not.
If not muscle you are chubby.
Hope this helped.

No. Probably not. My friend is 5'2 and she weights that. She is fat though but also big-br boned. It depends on your body.

I was wondering the other day who made up the fat or not kinda thing its stupid.

idk everyone carries weight differently, if you think your fat diet & exercise or you'll never lose weight

Im like 5'6 and i weigh like 129. I'm not skinny either. So yeah id say youre over weight

Maruska Mac User 
well, i'm 5'4 and i weigh 119...i'm slender.
You are fat but it's Ok. Now that you know you should better do something 'bout. I was kinda chubby during high school...
then i got tired of looking miserable in the mirror...
but it still depends on how you see yourself. If you think you look great well, your weight does not bother that much. anyway if you feel insecure i suggest you to start a healthier lifestyle. Try it. just keep it up. :-]

It really depends on how old you are. If you're in the adult category, you are perfectly normal. If you are a teenager, your BMI indicates you are slightly overweight, but it still may depend on how much of that is fat or muscle. Your bone structure may vary as well. Don't worry too much about it.

Laura R
you are have a bmi of 24.9 - normal is concitered 18.5 - 24.9 so you are extremely close to overweight

check your bmi


thats not fat

Beth K
Follow the link to get your own answer. Body image is very personal. If you feel you are fat than no matter what a doctor or someone else tells you your belief will still be that you are fat. Women tend to be very hard on themselves based on stereotyping and all the super models. As well weight is carried differently on each person. You can stand next to someone with the exact height and weight ratio but look completely different.

All in all, try to find confidence in yourself and your body. If you are unhappy with it than change it by diet and exercise. If you like the way you look than walk with pride and confidence.

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