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M Mi
a fat 14 year old girl needs advice on Weight loss... picture!?
Ok i am 14 years old i am 5,5 and i weigh 115 lbs... i used to weigh like 113... i would like to weigh 109 lbs or like 105... I play a lot of tennis i am home schooled so i can play tennis a lot...but i hate my body... i have fat around my stomach.. i dont rlly care where i loose the weight i just need to some some! I was hoping that you could give me tips and i cant buy acid berry or anything like that!!!!!!! thanks!!!! :)

was me...
http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/3974006331/?edited=1
this is me now...
http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/4157779623/
its a bad picture i just took it lol

what do u mean u are fat? there is no fat you in any of these pictures. carry on with the tennis.

Not to be mean, you may have anexoria. You are at a very healthy weight. Don't push it. Be happy. If you really have body issues, seek counseling.

ARE YOU SERIOUS?! You are not fat. So you gained like two pounds! But for advice just watch what you eat. Maybe when you eat leave a little on your plate. Just please don't stop eating or eat then vomit. That's not good for your body. You want to be happy with your body and be healthy. Good Luck. But i think you look fine.

You are definetly not fat, you're pretty, i'm jealous of your curves. Do not lose weight, you must be anorexic and I hate to see people go this way.I'm 13 5.4 and 105 lbs. and I don't look as fit and pretty as you, be thankful that you are not malnurished. You seem really fit! don't worry, everyone hates their body once in your life, it takes another set of eyes to evaluate correctly.

Whaaat??? You are 5,5 and weigh 115? That is NOT fat!!! That is like the perfect weight for a girl! Seriously! If you lose any more weight you are going to be as scrawny as a chicken! Besides, you are supposed to have some fat on your stomach, it's bad if you don't have any!!!

Girl G

You're not fat and losing weight means nothing if you're not toned or in shape... which is what I think you're really after. Go to the gym or do some pilates or something.

Chris =)
You dont need to loose weight. Your first picture looks better but you was posing for it. Although if you feel like you want to loose weight just do running. or walk to school, or eat healthier.

EAT healthy!! you're 14 u shouldnt be that worried but ifu are eat healthy and excerised everyday.... like go on a walk for a 1/2 half it will burn calories and help u loose weight but it wont build lots of muscle so you wont gain anything

I don't know what your talking about!? Your not fat in any way, shape or form! And your only 14.. Your still growing! Don't go on a diet. You don't need too. Just keep doing what your doing and stay active. You look great! :]

Alissa, R.N.

Honey, if you lost any weight, you'd be UNHEALTHY! 115 is on the low side of the normal healthy weight range for your height and age.

Actually, if you look at the Weight Watchers' website, it states that a woman who's 5'5" should be at least 120 to 150 lbs to be healthy.

Michael V
you are F'ing crazy! why would you lose weight when you are not even over weight. You are gonna go down the path of a crazy lady who looks at herself and thinks she fat, when in reality, your skin and bones.

you need professional help, your brain aint working right.

is this a joke ?
if you consider yourself fat, please ask your parents to get you some help.
you are currently 10 pounds underweight and want to loose more.

try other exercising besides tennis to tone up.

Martin C
Are you kidding me? There's absolutely nothing wrong with you.

Want to know why your tummy bulges slightly? Simple- you have over 9 meters of intestine behind the muscle wall and it pushes against it! If you're not properly toned in the tummy department it will bulge slightly. Tone your tummy muscles and this will go away.

Who told you that you were fat? You really don't need to do any more than you do which is eat a well balanced diet and exercise.

at 5'5" you are definitely not fat. Fat means you are overweight for you height. In fact you are underweight already. Even if you have a small frame, you should weigh 117-130lbs. ideally. Obviously, that assumes you have some (but not a ton) of muscle, which you probably do because you play tennis a lot. My advice is to talk to your parents about how you feel abot your weight because the problem is how much you weigh, it's your perception of your body and self-esteem.

You're not overweight at all, just on height to weight BMI you're well within healthy.

No need to be anorexic :)

Gabriella - that's me name o
You look exactly the same...
and let me guess you want everyone to say that your not fat.
Wow im a mind reader

Your weight is fine.

However, you'll do better at toning up your body in general if you add more variability to your workouts (instead of getting all your workouts from tennis). You could also add more sit-ups and other ab exercises (just google that to get examples) to your routine.

You are only 14. You don't need to worry about being fat right now (especially from your pictures). Your body is going to change ALOT over the next few years. You aren't going to be that small forever (unless you're one of the lucky ones). I'm 25 and my body didn't really even develop until I was 18.

Wanting to eat healthy and be active at your age is okay. Worried about a few pounds here and there is not what you should be worrying about, dear. Stay active, eat well, and enjoy your childhood (not trying to be derogatory here, I still consider myself a kid at my age).

You are a very pretty girl and you're not fat, so stop worrying about it :)

Ur just fine u should take up ice skating or maybe a dance class.. And ur cute be a superstar go for the GOLD...

Mz. Jazzy

you are certainly NOT fat, stop looking at the fashion models, they are unhealthily thin.

your not fat
your thin

Your very slim

oh my god you are not in the slightest bit fat!!!!

yopu arent fat girl your a twig GO EAT A BURGER!!!!!!!!!

omg your not even fat!!

weight is a poor measure of health. if you're 5'5 115 is a pretty healthy weight. you don't wanna look anorexic. but frankly the way you describe yourself you sound anorexic. I looked at your pic you're not fat at all.

twilight sucks
u dont look fat AT ALL, and im homeschooled too :D

Girl, you are fine! YOU WEIGH LESS THAN MY COUSIN WHICH IS 11! SHE WEIGHS 123! You are sick I tell you!!! You are fine girl!!!

you are totally not fat! You should not be worrying about weight loss!

First of all, you are NOT fat. You're 14 ... as you go through adolesence, you will be changing. Don't focus on the number on the scale. Instead focus on how healthy you feel.

Playing tennis should help you slim down, and you can also do core exercises to tone your middle.

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