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Would you consider me under weight or over?
I weight 98 pounds and i'm 13
my friends think I'm under weight and my family thinks I'm over weight which one do u think
Additional Details
I'm 13 years old and I'm 4'11 tall

MoSh PiT gIrL
I think ur perfect the way u are. not under or over. im 14 and im 102 pounds =]

put that in the url. your family sounds lame... don't listen to them

Just be healthy. It doesn't matter what anyone says as long as you know you're doing what's best for yourself, which is eating/exercising/not worrying about your weight.

depend on ur height idk u seem normal

youre perfict im 14 and 5'10 and weigh 137

depends on your ht and build as well as male or female. avg for a male is ht in inches +100 for medium build. women are about 30-50 plus ht in inches.

Its just right.

twilight lover
you are under weight i way more than you and close to that age. i would love to way that any day againn. i way 105 and in this day in age everyone is skinny so yepp. :]]

yell at your family thats mean and no your perfect weight

Cole Jones
well im almost thirteen and my girlfriend is 92.9 pounds and shes 4~9` but she looks average so it depends how tall

i weigh more than you and am younger than you

it doesnt matter how old it depends on how tall you are

just right...you are lovely

calculate your body mass index to find that out... your wieght divided by your height powered by 2.. check out the BMI chart to find out wether you are fine, under or over.

Ferocious Kitty!!!
I think your fine.All you need to do is be healthy and your fine.

Your family is really mean i think your underweight
answer mine!

depends on your height, but i'm 14, and i weigh 135, so your definetely not overweight.

Rebecca J
What is your height

Check here http://www.nhlbisupport.com/bmi/ it will tell you if you are or not underweight.

it really depends on your height too. but if you are at average height you sound normal

ew your underweight.

Sмιℓєу [♥)
It is all about how tall you are not your age.
If your between 5'2-5'11 that is pretty low. (unhealthy)
If your 4'0-5'0 your pretty normal.

Joseph H
My sister is 16 and just recently topped 100 pounds so for a girl I would say you are good because my sister dosn't look too skinny

My cousin is thirteen and ways eighty something or other. She just recently went to the doctors and they said she wasn't underweight.
Really, it depends on your height, which you didn't include

put ur weight and height into a BMI and it will calculate it and then tell u

Im 13!!! And i weigh 100 pounds.... my friends think im under weight. So your just fine!

Sgt. Pepper
How tall are you? That makes all the difference.

Depends on your height, and your body type.

I think your on the verge of under weight and normal size.

Dawn Mana
You're the average weight of a regular 13-year-old. Normally , they range from 95-100 pounds. So you should be ok.

Summer Lover
It depends on how tall you are.

I think that that is an average weight, not under or over

It's hard to tell. I would say under but it depends on how tall you are. Either way I wouldn't worry about it.

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