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Cat P
Will smoking help me loose weight!?
I know how dumb that sounds... but does it? I exercise and eat right, but i heard that smoking can help you rid those last few pounds, am i right?
I KNOW it sounds stupid.
Thanks x

No, it won't help you loose weight, but it might help you lose weight.

I've heard about people doing that before and it does work, but you also get lung cancer as a result so your quality of living doesn't improve, you're better off being fat.

No but when you quit ( well try to after you become addicted to nicotine) you'll gain weight. You'll crave a smoke and have food instead. Then all hard work gone! You sound like a young one ( 14-17? just guessing) I've smoked almost 5 years and I do enjoy smoking but it's NOT easy to quit i did gain 5 lbs in 3 weeks from quitting....

dont smoke just work your butt off change up your routine and stay away from smoking.

sarah k
The only way smoking helps you lose weight is when you substitute it for food, For example coffee and a smoke instead of coffee and a biscuit. As a smoker I do not recommend you start, believe me it is so hard to stop.

katamari 94
If you are thinking about smoking to lose weight you should think about talking to someone about your values

Its effect on body weight , if any, will be minimal and more importantly it will be temporary with time it will actually become the main reason for regaining weight not to mention its side effects and addiction potential.

Courtney C
i would"nt try because you'll get addicted

Joshua H
Yes, it can, but it's a lot worse for you than the weight would be, and don't forget that it has other negative effects, e.g., it smells bad and non-smoking boys would rather date girls who don't smoke.

Help Me Please
no do not smoke do not it is very bad ur brain gets bad too, i saw this video and it shows the difference between healthy organs and ones that have been with people who smoke there is a big difference try searching it in google or something

If you "KNOW it sounds stupid"..


Woaaah (:
Yeah it does.
only because the cigarette fills you up so your not as hungry.
But it's not worth it AND as soon as you quit you gain more than you had when you first started ! Not fun.

it could but don't smoke. are you willing to die just to lose weight? nope. just eat a certain amount of calories a day. eat veggies and fruit, meat, and grains. drink a lot of water. good luck (:

Paul R
No. That's just ridiculous. Whoever told you that is just a moron. Smoking will give you skin problems, prematurely age your body and skin, damage your metabolism and give you all other manner of serious health problems. You'll also stink.

To lose weight, eat healthily, drink plenty of water, sleep properly and exercise. This is the only way anyone can healthily lose weight.

actually it can but its not worth it

βεηĜαLι mεÿε ☼
Yes, while destroying your lungs, giving you bad breath, and stinky clothes.
Smoking to lose weight, but what's the point when you'll be so unhealthy?

logan w
not a chance. if you smoke for years and then quit you are liable to gain weight for a variety of reasons but smoking will not make you lose weight. only good nutrition, regular exercise, and commitment will do that.

agnes r
lets see i smoke am 5foot nothing and 13 stone dose that answer your question and i am not joking

No it won't. The only reason SOME (I say some because I've seen my fair share of morbidly obese smokers) peope lose weight is because instead of eating they're puffing on a white stick instead. Once they stop smoking, they replace it with food which i often why smokers get fatter when they stop.
It's a disgusting habit and I don't understand how anyone can find it attractive. Stop being lazy and just get off your a*se and exercise. It's not that hard.

~SoUr SkiTTlEs~
HELLO ARE U CRAZY!!!!! not trying to sound rude but i know some one how smocks and all they came out: Is pale skin, wrinkles, and looks like there a 100's year old !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm an overweight guy myself and smoke. I had the same idea a few years back and yes it takes the hunger away but eventually you get addicted and find yourself running out and you find yourself turning to food even more to fill the craving. So for health purposes don't try it . hope my essay helped.lol

Davis F
Smoking can kill you, give you lung cancer, and make you lose friends fast.

It is not worth dying just to lose weight (I doubt it gives any). Diet and exercise are much healthier, safe options, that are much more effective.

Don't smoke. Be a good influence on the world.

Luke R
yes think of all the stuff you can get cut out of you
lungs hearts legs
honesty tho the smoke sinks your stomach
so u feel full when i eat less then what you normal eat
when the cancer come you will be sure too loses alot of kgs

yes people with cancer tend to be quite skinny especially towards the end.

Snow L
smoking makes u gain weight after you leave it and since you have nothing better to do you start binging,

Oh yeah, because being dead carries makes you loose a LOT of weight.
Really, just go on a diet or ask your doctor.
Smoking is not worth it.

Yes it does sound stupid, you obviously have no idea exactly how stupid.

You're right - it does sound dumb and you do sound stupid to be considering it. So go ahead and start smoking yourself into an early grave - the world could do without one more stupid dumb person.

No Picture

being dead is a sure way to lose weight

if youre so obsessed with weight that youre considering taking up smoking then i'd see a mental health professional if i were you, cos that sort of thinking is insane

¿p??ɥ ɹnoʎ ƃuıʇןıʇ noʎ ?ɹ? ʎɥ?
DON'T start smoking. Eat healthy foods and exercise daily, and eat about 2,000 calories a day. Smoking will only make everything worse.

By losing that right lung, you'll lose about 2 pounds.

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