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Jinky Pie
Why does my tummy get bigger & bigger even thou I ceased eating rice at night?

PREGNANT! You will soon have a baby.

Somebody H
what does eating rice at night have to do with it... it matters with what the rest of your diet is and how much exercise you have... people with low metabolisms can eat almost nothing and still put on the pounds because they aren't using the energy from the food they eat.

Watermellon is growing in you.

I think not hving rice in the night is good but shudnt skip dinner. however reduce the quantity of rice u take during the day as well. Keep sm crackers with u n eat time to time inbetween main meals.

I don't know why but being from Africa I have seen the effect of big tummy's because of a protein deficient diet.

Search the web for Kwashiorkor.

Shame on you if your tummy is big because of bad habits.

You should exercise daily, and never just stop eating a certain food group. By not eating you're stopping you're metabolism. So when you do stop the diet you gain everything back and more. My advice is eat healthy, and exercise at least an hour a day. Try to break a real sweat in you're workout at least twice a week..

maybe it wasn't the rice, honey

Is that the only food you stop eating? There are a lot of factors that contribute to that which Im unsure of. Ask a professional.

even thou ceased eating rice at night time may be you eat more chips, chocolate,etc which caused fatter. Proposed you to do some exercise eg: gym, jogging, etc., because by reducing of food can't help on your tummy. Can i know at night what you eat to replace rice? i prefer fruits at night.

have your calories decreased and your exercise increased this is the only way to loose weight, are you sure something else isn't going on you may need to see a doctor or something ///////////////////////

Live a healthier life. If you smoke or drink, quit. If u seldom jog around the block, try it twice a week. Sweat it out and you'll see some progress.

I'm kinda thinking you haven't asked your question clearly.

There are so many things left out.

How long has your tummy been getting bigger? How old are you? What is this about eating rice at night? Is that different from eating it in the daytime? What else do you eat? and at what time? Are you exercising enough? If you really think there's a problem, you should contact a doctor.

im rpj
depends on wat u eat as a substitute

U R Pregnant :)

Your pregnant or constipated.

Rice is a wonderful food to eat. It contains a healthy starch and good carbohydrates your body needs to turn into sugar to feed your body and energize it through carbs.
You failed to mention when you stopped eating rice at night, and if you still eat it during the day or part of your week.
Depending on your diet and exercise, the culprit may not be rice, but something else in your diet/exercise or health.
As a nutritionist, some people gain weight in the trouble spot areas before they lose it, so don't lose hope.
You may need to talk to your doctor and get a checkup, as sometimes a hernia in the stomach for instance can cause a stomach to look bigger, even though it may not be painful (yet).
There is nothing wrong with continuing to eat rice when consumed in portion size with greens and/or meat with your meal.
Your question is unclear of other things that may be causing a bigger tummy.
Check with your physician, or a nutritionist. That would be the best place to start.
Don't put off doing this too long, as you could have a treatable answer quicker, rather than guessing and being worried about this as you are.
Good luck and God bless!

Daisymae G
if your belly is swelling more than it should, it is quite possible you have a food allergy. Are you tired all the time? Do you have bloating from gas? Dairy and wheat are the most common allergies.

Having cinnamon with your food, ice cream, coffee and ...... Drink cinnamon tea would help to lose weight speaially around tummy and waist.
Make carway tea, Drink it in the morning. horrible taste, but it would be helpful
Drink oolong tea, tea & hot water during day.

Generally if u eat a combination of things , and possibly the items that break down the fastest are in the wrong order you get gas,makes you bloat.


I Block Stupid People
Because you're pregnant. Congratulations!


You're pregnant.

EDD gurl
first things, u must not sleep after eat......u must rest for 10-20 minutes......and also don't eat and then u go to bath....it is not good for u.....don't drink a lot of cold water,take a warm water....and also exercise,okay....

lady elle
you stopped eating rice but you didnt quit your beer...did you?

Maybe you need to workout, do some crunches and eat, eat healthy.

See a dietitian, not a bunch of sleep-deprived Internet addicts.

the Goddess Angel
Your question is vague. Did you think rice was the problem? Based on? See a nutritionist for a balanced diet that will reduce your belly fat.

the reason is behind the number of times you eat (or put something in your stomach) and the portions of those times.

Eating meals a day (which usually means two resonably large meals) makes your body's metabolism turn on only the periods right after those meals.

Metabolism is your bodys gauge for burning fat and nutrients.

If you ceasing to eat rice at night just means you substitute your dinner for something else the reason could be you compensate it by eating that rice another time.

If you really want to lose weight fast, eat three medium sized meals a day, with three small snacks in between. Eat something every three hours basically.

Your metabolism will get trained to stay on 24/7 so you will burn fat even while you sleep, you'll have more energy and you'll stop converting carbs into fat.

Your snacks should be things like fruits or energy bars even cereal.

If you want to lose even more weight go with 2 servings of dairy, carbs, proteins, veggies, fruits a day each. And of course go for a nice run/jog/walk every monday wednesday and friday for at least 30 minutes.

Is that the only thing you stopped eating? What time is the last meal of the day?

Not pregnant are you??? :-)

Five to six small meals a day is the best way to go. Also, find a book by Bill Phillips called Body for Life. Great weight loss book. I have yet to meet anyone that it hasn't worked.

try to eat less fatty foods and oily foods
do exerisice
do yoga

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