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Why do people want to be skinny?
I remember in school one day, I walked inside this class room, and this girl was like come over here, and she grabbed my waist. and then she started talking about how she is jealous of me, and she wants to be skinny like me.. I looked at her, and she was skinny, but not skinny like me.

then when I got a chance to get to know her, she asked how much i weight (90lbs) and then she told me she wants to be 90lbs, and i asked how much she weight now, and she said i weight 110lbs, but i lost like 40lbs..

So i was wondering, why do girls want to be skinnyy?

♥Huni Buni♥
Its those magazines and news papers of skinny pretty girls that are PHOTOSHOPPED! And the reader who wants to be skinny reads those and she becomes anorexic and gets addicted to her body because its her way of pretty and she thinks if she is fat that people won't like her.

And sometimes when people walk by some fat chick they make fun of her on the other side if you walk past a skinny girl you would say dang shes hot!

Its all in the head and how you think.

Gamer Kitten
I blame Hollywood & Pop culture. Yeah, I could lose all my baby weight in a week too if I had Hollywood money.

It could also be a (watchout this is gonna get weird) natural backlash to overpopulation. Larger women were considered better for childbirth and still are in a lot of cultures (there's a few that value big girls still). Subconciously, we're trying to help reduce overpop by getting too skinny to be a good babyfactory.

Just a weird little theory that popped in my head. I still blame Hollywood & Pop culture.

idk, i guess they r really self concscience about themselfs and can't except themselfs for who they r. i don't think that's right. i think everyone is beautiful in their own way and should like themselfs the way they r because the only one who can change them is themselfs. which they shouldn't [change].

Trevor V
as a guy, i like girls who are slender, not really skinny. girls just get the idea in their head that that's wat's attractive

Its a sickness *sigh*

...because fat girls dont look good in the little skimpy clothes all the girls are wearing today...but they wear them out in public anyway. How many extremely over weight girls have you seen with their flab hanging out over their size 16 low rise pants---*** crack hanging out and shirt too short ?
THIS IS WHY EVERYONE WANTS TO BE SKINNY. YOU DONT SEE GUYS DROOLING FOR A FAT GIRL IN A BIKINI DO YOU??? NOT TOO MANY FAT GIRLS IN MAXIM! I dont think you're pushing over weight until you get to about 135lbs if you are the average 5ft 4in.
Sad thing is that they dont make flattering prints for anyone over size 14--go to the fat section at Fashion Bug or Lane Bryant. This leaves the plump girls squeezing into clothing made for skinny girls! I think 90 lbs is an eating disorder if you arent like 12 years old.....

Sean B
Probably different reasons. One big reason is for guys. Also societies definition of "beautiful" by magazines, tv, movies.

pressure to be like everyone else

im a pretty superficial guy and i guarentee you i prefer a girl to not be that skinny, but it really does depend on your height and age too, if ur 5 feet tall and weigh 90 lbs its not as bad as when ur 5 feet 5 and 90 lbs, but 100-135 is a good weight

Alex Blackman
Because lard and cellulite are very unattractive and will lower the quality of the man attracted to them.

idk to feel prettier I guess Im skinny but not outrageously skinny and i just feel good in my body and I guess overweight grls want to feel that way too i guess...

because being fat is gross...

That's a good question but I don't think there is an exact answer but the reason I think girls want to be skinny is because you go to all these stores and the models wearing the clothes are skinny and all clothes are meant to fit skinnier girls idk its hard to explain and people are never happy with what they have they always want to be different no matter what. Also sometimes people are sad and they take it out on there weight so instead of doing bad things they just try and be skinnier haha doesnt make total since but just what I think...or at least some of what I think.

It is not a need to be skinny per se. It is two things. The first being the fear of being called fat. For most people, being called fat tears a hole through them. Some would rather be called dumb or ugly. Being labeled fat means that they are unhealthy and lazy. Secondly, it is this generations growing hunger for excess. They always want what they can't have or what they see someone else having. Until this girl becomes happy with what she has, it will drive her down a dark road of bad decisions.

It's part of being beautiful in our society. Beauty has always been important to people since it makes it more likely for them to be accepted and well liked. When we see someone for the first time we notice their looks first and we often refer to people as the one with the brown hair, the fat one, the skinny one, the short one, etc. I think that girl needs to realize she's already skinny.

i think it looks feminine and sleek and pretty :)

skinny = beautiful in the eyes of media. the girls in magazines are really skinny. it is a societal trend. if u look back 50 years girls were allot fatter like Marylin Monroe. by today's standards she would be considered a plus sized model. shes got love handles. not lying

lizzie ip
It makes me feel better about myself when Im thin, I can wear the clothes I want to I no longer have to wish that I looked like the girls in the magazines.

people want to be skinny because they worry to much about what people say and think of them even though it's not about what's on the outside, it's what's on the inside.

Girls want to be skinny because of not only the pressure from magazines and tv but from guys! I have a good friend who is TINY. Were freshman and she is 85 lbs and about 4'4". But she is constantly talking about how she needs to lose weight for this one guy she likes. It disgusting. Girls need to get a lot more self confidence!

because now a days thats more attractive!!!
like for real, who likes a fat girl?

because of magazines and the pressure to be thin....

Most girls want to be accepted as skinny with the perfect body. Honestly as long as some one isn't unhealthily over weight...they are skinny!

so they look good in clothes and stuff and so guys like them. or just to be hot. and being fat is really unattractive


well, i am 126, and have A big stomach, big thighs, and large fat spots under my arms. I feel very horrible. I want to wear a bikini. The guy I like is thin, and i look so ugly because of my thighs and stomach. it's mostly because I and i think others feel like they are ugly underneath clothes and look bad in things we want to wear but can't. the girl you know shouldn't be worrying though. she is a good size, by the sound of it.

Because in order to be "perfect" in the eyes of the world, you have to be skinny.

This concept has been drilled into peoples minds over and over again. It wont stop either.

Its the media...the media has spoiled peoples minds by showing cute skinny girls (guys too) making you want to be like them.

It's kinda a problem .. most ARE skinny they just don't see a skinny person when they look into the mirror.
And people need to start doing some soul work and make themselves better people on the inside then the out ... Just an opinion.

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