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Pocket Full of Sunshine!
Why am i always hungry after dinner?
i eat til i am like full then ten mins later im like hungry again, i am 13 years old.
Additional Details
i dont eat alot of junk food

well first your 13 your still growin girl =]
if you are over weight then it could be that your mind just wants food because it knows what tastes good.
if your are skinny or average sized its just metabolism and your fine just dont eat too much junk or it will catch up with you
but dont worry about it your fine your just growing.
also have you gotten your period yet?. your body could be preparing for it if you havent yet. if you have just gotten it in the past year it could just because making you want more food.
but any how just go have fun and eat when your hungry but dont stuff yourself because you dont want to be hungry later. just eat enough to feel satisfied

have fun good luck =]!

cause it takes the human brain 20 minutes to process ur full.

oh have desert or something
maybe you think you are full but really aren't idk srry

i got the same problem itslike you eat dinner to warm up to eat even more. to stop it eat a little somthing before dinner

haha i get that to umm try just ignoring it maybe like going outside or something to get you mind off of it

it could be because you're 13 years old haha or you're not eating enough during the day

You are young, fast metabolism. Try more fiber in your meals, It will keep you full longer 'cause it takes longer to digest.

Katef C
that has happend to me too before but liek a long time ago

your hormones are changing soo much that your body needs food more pften.. since your going through puberty your taste buds change and everything...

drinking lots of water NOt soda will helps this and exersising will also help this.

also if you have just gotten off your period you might be craving certain things...

or even if your on your period your body wants more food than it can handle.

it sounds like your eating the wrong foods, entirely. I think you should probably try more fruits and vegetables, because you see, things that have natural (ingredients as intended for us to eat originally) ingredients will do exactly the opposite, and GIVE you energy. You won't be tired after a meal, try it....test it; you'll see!

Fast metabolism?

depends on what you eat on if it really fills you up, heathy food fills you up junk food does not.

you probably eat too fast or not enough try eating small meals every three hours it's much healthier than three square meals

check to see if u have any symptoms of having any parasites in your body/stomach

Picture This
omg me too i turned thirteen like in april 7
but um my mom says its mental that tv helps that or dont eat until youre full just eat like one helpiong of every thing then have like a bowl of chips or a apple or something small

I don't know, but I get like that too.

Mac T
You answered it yourself, teenagers are always hungry, it means your growing. This does not mean your fat.

Ginger Ninja
One word. Puberty. All that food shoots straight into growing energy. That's why we teens get growth spurts.

Amy S
i know that feeling, i thought it was a thiroid prob but just high metabolism, try to eat things with lots of protein

fast metabutlism maybe.
you could try eating a little healthy snack after dinner,

you eat other foods before. Then you go to dinner you dont feel like to eat that much.

Your body is getting ready for a growth spurt.

Andi N
maybe because you haven't let your food settle in yet ... trust me i'm the same age as you and it goes away.If ur still hungry after lik an hour it might be because u are growin and all tat other stuff

You are tired. Or it seems to lack exercise in your daily life.

mayb you are growing... or you're actually NOT eating enough and you think you are?

You are obviously not eating the right foods. Stop eating so many empty calories. You are keeping your blood sugar too high. In other words, you are experiencing a "crash" which you associate with hunger. Eat healthy fruits, vegetables, and lean meat and chicken. Also whole grain breads and as much fiber as possible.

well maybe its coz u like what you ate, then you get unfull, then you want some more? idk.

well teenagers tend to be hungry a lot because they have fast metabolisms and they need energy..so thats why..but if u do get hungry just eat something healthy like fruit or a granola bar..or something small...

hey me two what a considence ... when i feel like that i start eating junk food until i fell sick << that helps me lots

You're always hungry in your teen years.

Your body's growing.

Get used to it.

This could be a result of not having enough water (because sometimes your body confuses the feeling of hunger with thirst). Slowly drink a glass of water and wait a few minutes and that should curb any cravings or hunger.

If you are still hungry you need to look at what you are eating. Are you eating empty calories? Things that don't have a variety of vitamins and minerals? If your body is deficient for certain vitamins or minerals that could increase your desire to eat.

If everything you eat seems well balanced and you're still feeling hungry, talk to your mom about it and see if you need to talk to a doctor about it.

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