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Punani Monster
Which is better caffeine or alcohol?
I'm trying to give up one but i don't know which one.

Shadow Striker
Being a wiccan master i know that the tea of the lvl 17 perpetual leaf is far better for getting "high" off of. However, the Jamier honey is a cheaper and more common alternative.

caffeine is better for your health, but if your not an alcoholic and you dint want a day to day addition you should get rid of caffeine because you get headaches.

Give up the alcohol. You can't drink it and drive. But coffee on the other hand. Can be had almost anytime, anywhere.
Besides when is the last time you heard news about a 5 car pile up involving someone with a blood-caffeine level of 6 espressos ?

Coffee drinkers of the world unite.

heath wise alcohal would be better but if you give up something keep caffeine.

I think that you should give up the alcohol. Because the alcohol can make you have cancer and you could get alcohol posining.

chauntele k
drink nothing but caffeine for a whole week then see how you feel and then do the same with alcohol...maybe then you'll be able to decide.

They are both horrible if you take WAYYYY to much

At what? Making women look more attractive or paying attention in school?

Ben V
They're both not good for you. But alcohol will mess your life up, as where caffeine probably won't. You've never heard of someone hitting a little kid because they were drunk off of Pepsi.

lA PcIkOpaTa
alcohol !!


L'amour, N'est Rien
Give up both.

Alcohol definitely in moderation that is, it makes people more merry and agreeable, and it helps them to unwind, makes women more attractive,colours brighter,sounds more harmonious etc. Jefferson once said "beer is proof that god loves us" well said, great man Jefferson. Whereas coffee is ok, however good quality Coffee is hard to come by,easpecially when your on the go, besides Im British, so naturally i am more of a tea man.

if you cannot give up both at the same time, it is better to give up alcohol first because that substance affects the way you act and can affect your everyday life. eventually you should try both, but if only one for the moment, give up alcohol. respect yourself and completely give up the alcoholic beverage. people will respect you more on top of health benefits. good luck!

Dark Soul
Alcohol is not very good for you. It is very addictive and has worse long term effects than caffiene.
I say drop the booze.
Good Luck

give up caffeine and drink alcohol once in a while. Alcohol is more fun than caffeine anyways.

lexi, try me!
give up being an alcohlic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! caffeine is better for you but i want you to know im not say that caffeine is ever good for you! good luck on doing that! wish yall the best of luck!peace! =+)

Hikaru S
caffine is better cause alcolhol has devestating effects

if not taken too much, caffeine is a little lighter,

south carolina

You should so give up alcohol, but caffeine isn't much of a problem.

caffeine does less damage

Give up Alcohol first. Caffeine, such as in coffee will help when quitting the alcohol. When you quit a habit, you need something to take it's place, and that thing could be coffee or even regular tea which also contains caffeine.

Ryan D
Caffeine is better!!!

Casey Mish
Booze is much more expensive

Dr. Rank
alcohol, if you're trying to lose weight you should give that up. caffeine's not exactly great for you though

give up alcahol caffine dosnt cause drunk driving

keep caffine.

Give up alcohol.
Both are bad for you, but caffiene addiction is much easier to take care of. The only problems you get with it are related to dehydration; which you can easily drink more water.

ethanol poisoning however, is much more permanent, and fatal.


alcohol impairs your decision making.

Wow... tough call.
I'd have to pick BEER to keep.

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