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 I weigh a lot. How much do you weigh?
How much do you weigh? If your 17 and female, can you please tell me your weight and height? I am 17, female, and weigh a lot- I weigh 134 lbs. and I'm 6 foot 2. I'm over weight! Also, can ...

 Am i too fat for a bikini?
I'm going to the Great Wolf Lodge with 4 of my friends and they're all skinny and I'm not. I don't want to be the fatty on my own birthday... so should I get a tankini or will I ...

 Am I fat?! be 100% honest (pictures included)?
So I'm a 14 years old girl. I'm 5'2 and weigh 111lbs. I feel so fat! I would do anything to lose 10 pounds. I used to run a lot but I no longer exercise often. I also eat like CRAZY ...

 is it weird that i am 20 and i am in love and have *** with a 57 year old?
i am 20 and i love to have *** with a 57 year old man.....

 losing weight HELP?!?
my goal is to lose about 28 pounds or at least some weight. can everyone please help me? i need some easy way and no im not gonna stop eating or any stupid dangerous way. so i love to swim but im ...

 Do u think i am fat or ugly?
OK so i feel like im fat im 14 years old and i way 97 pounds andabout 5 1" ppl say im preaty all the time but i think im ugly and i just want to know the truth can someone please tell me?...

 Am I fat? I'm 16 5'5 and I weigh 135...?

 I'm a 15 year old girl, 5'4, 150 lb. Am I fat?
I know I'm heavy but it's confusing, because my jean sizes range from 4-8 in women's sizes, and my pants/skirts can be anywhere between xs and large. I typically wear medium size ...

 Sorry for been vain, would u class me as fat? (Pictures included)?
Hi, i know beauty comes in different shapes and sizes,however after a few comments latly ive been told i need to loose weight, i was just curious to see if people who don't know me at all, ...

 If I eat only one meal a day, then throw it up will I lose weight?
I usually drink two cups of hot black tea without milk or sugar and I am forced to eat dinner with my family. If I throw it up after wards will I lose weight?...

 how much should a 13 year old female weigh?

 Yesterday my bf told me ' were you pigging out while we were apart, b/c you seem to have gained some weight' ?
Girls, ain't that so so rude...I ain't no fat *** I am 5'4 and 123-124... was he just being a jerl or what??...

 Will I Get Fat If I Eat Cereal Everyday?
I just moved into my own place with my buddy and neither of us can cook..so im wondering will we get fat if i eat a lot of cereal? we skateboard everyday and play baseball too.....

 Am I conciderd skinny?
Please be serious
I am 14 years old
83 pounds
7% body fat
should I lose weight?
please I am serious so be nice cause i feel very ...

 Which one weighs more fat or muscle?
Just wondering... People think I weigh a little bit, but really weigh a lot more....

 Is 5"6 150 pounds overweight?
would a docter consider that overweight for a 16 yr old girl?My friend seems to think so but im not sure.....

 am i considered overweight?
im 14 and 5'8 and i weigh about 149-150?...

 Do I look anorexic? How much do you think I weigh?

yes, I am tucking in my stomach, but not very much. I'm only around 5'1, keep in mind. How much does it look like I ...

 i starve myself, and then purge when i do eat.. but i have a question...?
if i ate healthy like 3 meals a day would it help me lose weight faster?
ever since i have been doing this i have lost weight..
but i think if i changed what i was doing i would gain not ...

 How much would you guess I weighed?
Judging by this picture I'm almost 5'2" .. just be honest, please. Not too rude.


Ignore the lovely background, haha! This is ...

Whats the easiest way to GAIN weight?
My metabolism is a beast from hell!! i can eat anything, and never gain a pound. ITs really fustrating. How can i easily gain weight without having to over do myself?

Miss Red
protien supplaments and weight training. You don't want fat on you, and increasing your muscle mass is longer lasting.

joe c
klondike bars....my sister did it gained 10 pounds

eat more calories

At health stores (i.e. GNC) they sell protein mixes that are designed to help people gain weight or bulk up.

HD-Bikerin Fla
rub your whole body with Toilet paper. I don't know how it works but it sure increased the size of my ex wife's *ss ..... LOL

eat junk

Protein drinks I think.

cheesecake and mlikshakes. and sleep a lot.

I'm a brain in a Jar
always eat in Mcdonalds, and always answer yes if they ask you to supersize the combo,

Donuts will put weight on anyone.

Eat, Eat, eat......Why would you want to gain weight? Don't worry about it and just be yourself. I wish I had your problem.

eat well

You may want to consider taking some protein shakes or protein bars, either go to GNC or other store similar to that and talk to someone or your family physician can give you some pointers

You have to eat chocolates, hamburgers, bread, bananas ,all these foods have a lots of calories
GOOD LUCK¬°¬°¬°¬°¬°¬°¬°¬°¬°¬°

Follow Dr. Nick Riveria (from the Simpson's) weight gain method--
"If you can rub the food on a peice of paper and see through it, it's your window to weight gain!"

Oh, and i really wish i had your "problem" ha

just eat a lot of fatty foods

About an hour before you go to bed at night, regardless of how much you're not hungry, drink 16 ounces of chocolate milk and eat a peanut butter sandwich. Within a few months, you should be able to gain 6-10 lbs.

We have products that help you gain weight with alot of protein.

The Grand Inquisitor
Weight gain supplements can help. You need more protien and other balanced material rather than just sugar and carbs. Go to a health food store to find weight gain products.

eat biscuts and gravy

Eat Mickey d's. Buy junk food! lol just don't kill yourself...eat healthy foods too.

Uhhh I know what you meen...I hawe the same problem :(
but the only thing I know junk food doesen't work (like butter,pizza or mc donalds) :(
You hawe to go to the dietician......

The answer to this question has always and will always be ... MILKSHAKES

When ever you eat sit down or eat lots of food and then go to sleep you gain lots of weight like that.

Dancing Queeen
I used to be 'skinny' even after giving birth to 2. I used to try to gain weight by all of the 'means' to no avail! I wore 5/7's until I reached the BIG '60'. I can tell you this! EVERY Thing changes!
I am now large..going on plus!
Please, I beg, of you, be happy with the way you are! Just eat healthy and exercize! Fat people are jealous!

Drink 2 bottles of beer alone, eat a lot then go to bed. Don't look for a companion. They will make you stay up very late.

Eat and weight training.

Also, getting older works for some people.

Start selling lottry tickets and do not anounce the winner.

Go to the vitamin store like GNC.
There are actually HUGE amounts of protein & weight gain products sold there.
Bodybuilders use them to "bulk" up.
Mix the stuff up with bananas, ice cream, and yogurt...other fruits too.
Makes a great smoothie....and put GOOD HEALTHY weight on you.
Always eat your protien too!

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