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Complicated Simple Gal
What would you do if you got called fat?
blah. ...and youre not? say youre curvy, maybe say muscular, and the clothes you wear arent right, say youre even stick thin skiiny, and yet someone called YOU fat..
What would you do?! Obviously it hurts, and its not true right girls?
Additional Details
its not aboutme
im asking for what others opinions are on what they'd do if it happened to them

Ignore it. At this point, calling someone fat is a generic statement that really doesn't mean anything; it is a cheap attack that is meant to be hurtful. If you ignore it, then it loses its power.

Obviously, the statement is made to get a response. My reaction would be to completely ignore the statement and the person if possible. By indicating in any way it bothers you gives the other person the advantage. They don't deserve a response from you. You could also imagine they are wearing nothing and laugh at them. "I'm rubber your glue whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you!!!"


Samera A
i would ignore it and be proud of my body

k well if ur obviously not fat ignore the person bcuz they r just self concious about their weight!

actually I dont think id care, ive never been called fat though so I guess I couldnt say exactly

Olivia M
I have been called fat...That is why I answered this. I usually say

" By the time I'm thin, FAT will be in"... Makes me feel better even though im not really fat

Or to whoever it was called me fat, I see it as an insecurity with themselves (in other words, HOLD MY TONGUE about it). They have to make another person feel bad to make them feel good, and maybe they are the FAT ones inside. That's what I would do.....

OR!!!! If I were to get REALLY angry at them for calling me fat, I would make Sims of them (PLUS SIZE) and starve them to death..... XD

Really though, I don't care if I get called fat because I know that it will come back to haunt them one day.....


hecla 1
I would not care....no one else defines who or what I am....I am secure in myself so that kind of foolish does not effect me

no it's not true u shouldn't care about wat ANYONE says about you! it doesn't matter cuz half the time it's haters who tell you that and u relly shouldn't listen to them.

I get that too, sometimes. Yeah, it makes me feel bad but there's nothing I can do. Just try to ignore it. It does hurt but there's nothing you can do but accept yourself for who you are. Being happy with one's self is the best revenge.

well i usually just turn it into a joke for example if someone said geeze your getting fat id be like well what can i say i love my chocolate cake haha something like that to make the tension go away ya know? and if it does really hurt dont show them that but try to talk it out later with a friend to feel better

cct rep
you just have low self esteem otherwise you wouldnt be asking this question

Ignore them. Don't go on a diet if you don't feel the need to. You shouldn't change for anyone :>

pictas, just say you're short for your weight and/or at least I'm still gonna be liked tomorrow. Say, at least I'm not rude and point out other people's flaws---I like who I am!!! If you don't, stay away from me. Just suggestions; I'm not a psychologist. Good luck!!!

a rumor actually did get passed out to my community on the other side of the country that i have a "fat a$$"
it shouldnt hurt your feelings -- it should make you feel good that people are jealous or envious of you to the point where they have to try to find desperate ways to ruin you

I would just laugh at the ridiculousness of it and not let it bother me.

I would laugh at them

Knock them down and sit on their chest, bearing down with ALL of my weight until they turned blue from begging for mercy.

j lei
ignore them.
but if you think you could tighten up just try to exercise a little more everyday.
dont let what other people think bother you. the only person who's opinion counts is your own.

Do you feel fat? If not, don't worry about it...probably just some catty girl that is jealous of you. Many stick-thin girls are jealous of chicks with curves. Anyway, if it really bothers you, maybe work out more to feel uplifted and even more confident.

~ xoxo ~
if i got called fat i no that theres something wrong with that person but i'm not going to lie it would probably upset me :(

I'd find a more accurate and cutting remark to make about the name caller.

I'd eat a burger.

Corporate Mom
oh I'm used to it. I am chubby. I don't care, when someone says that I say something like well at least I'm nice and don't like to hurt people's feelings. That usually shuts them up!

Samiam S
It Depends is the person who is directing this to me Fat or Bigger than i?

Daniel A
The person who called you fat probably is insecure and has even worse problems than weight. For example maybe verbal abuse.

obviously if they're going out of their way to insult you, they are insecure themselves.

i'd ignore them. i'm hot and i know it.

I would have to respond with, "Yes, but you're ugly, and I can go on a diet if I had to."

I wouldnt care what people called me, ive been called worse

Fat it is as fat those see.

It wouldnt hurt me.. I dont care whay anyone says..People will say things to put you down and make you feel bad. Dont listen to them!!What matters is how you feel you look and what you think of yourself.... ;)

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