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SmaRRt One
What time SHOULDNT i eat?
Im in pretty good shape im just trying not to eat after a certain time a night. What time should i say that enough for the night?

7 is the norm for a person that has a normal sleep schedule. It really depends on when you sleep and when you wake up.

i would say the time to stop is 12-1 in the morning

HAW King
right before going to sleep at night unless you had not eaten during the whole day

F that
eat what you want when you want
thats what I do
ill eat right before i go to bed if im hungry
and no im not fat im in good shape and have abs
and i still eat whenever i feel like it
just cause i enjoy food and eating

after 8 pm

music = life
well you definatly shouldn't eat right before you go to bed.

the main rule it that you shouldn't eat after 7 at night

after 7 no food D:

Do not eat after 9pm. Just dont.

well after u eat dinner is a good time....if u eat to late the suger and fats will build up faster in ur sleep then up walking around in the day

eg 86
if you're in shape 8 o'clock, if you're not then just stop eating

you should try to eat before 8pm

eight o'clock

After 8 pm you dont eat. Just water. But thats if you go to sleep at 10 pm so you get ur full 8 hours of sleep before school/work. If u go to bed at 12 or 1 am youll forsure be hungry by then and youll snack which causes weight gain. So 8 you shouldnt eat and you can fall asleep by 10 not hungry.

Hope this helps xoxo ♥

DeLovely J
well, i say it really depends on your schedule. but i'll try not to eat after 9.

after nine

Jasmine C
i think you should befor 8 o clock

say after 8pm

Amy B
7pm and drink LOTS of water to keep you full!

whenever you eat dinner just stop then.

mm i wud say no heavy carbs after 6, but a small snack like fruit or a small bowl of porrige will be fine 3 hours before your bedtime when ever that is

mills 4 life

Pam M
Oprah said she never eats after 6pm.................she is still having weight issues......I don't think it really matters in the long run, it's what you eat that will get you!

Marlon R
depends when u go to bed if u go to bed at say 10 then no more food after 7 or 8 because when u sleep it will just turn into fat.

Kristen Marie
A couple hours before you go to bed. So if you go to bed at 10 don't eat after 8.

stop eating 3 hours before you go to sleep, then make sure to eat a big breakfast.

3 hrs before you go to sleep.

3 hours before bedtime is a common guideline.

6 also dont eat while u watch tv

3 hours before you go to bed

It does not matter what time you eat at but it matters WHAT you eat. It is a common myth that you can't eat after a certain time. If you choose the right foods, you can eat whenever you feel like it.

between after dinner to breakfast

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