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What should I do about my girlfriend's weight gain?
We have been dating for about 7 moths now. She was super petite (but not at all scary skinny) when I first met her. She does theater (as do I), so I assumed keeping in shape was important to her. We were in a show together and started dating shortly after practices began. After the show, I noticed her appetite begin to slowly increase. She ate a lot more chocolate and tempting foods. After about a month, her increased intake became a bit noticeable. I wasn't too worried, because I figured she was just relaxing and resting before her next gig.
Well, naturally, she got a little out of control with her eating. I was happy at least because I knew she was happy and she was actually enjoying the food, albeit maybe too much. Fairly soon she was a meaty 20 lbs heavier and it was very apparent. Now, as I mentioned before she was quite petite. Well, somehow her new weight showed on her very obviously. Her bottom got very, very round and large, she developed a slight double chin and chubbier cheecks, and the rest of her fattened up quite a bit.
Every time I go to say something, I realize how much she is enjoying herself and decide to leave her be. But I fear for the future.
Her mother and (especially) father are both overweight. Therefore, I don't think her genes are working for her. She's still cute and gorgeous in my eyes, but frankly I am somewhat worried for her health and her career. What should I do?
Additional Details
I should mention I have tried to get her to exercise.
Also, her friends have asked me to do something about her weight.
And usually when I stock healthy foods she complains and then just buys junk food herself if I don't do it.

Sandra P
In my opinion, I think you should tell her what you really concerns.
My boyfriend asked me out when I was over weight, he doesn't really care much about my appearance, but he worries about my health since one of my family side has weight problem.
He told me how much he loves me and how much he is concern about my health. Therefore, I started to go on diet.
Everyday I jogged at the park for an hour. I do not eat after four o'clock however, I do eat regularly before four o'clock. Every friday I gave myself a break, not pigged out but eat a little more than every other days. After one month I lost 8lbs just by doing it. My boyfriend was amazed, not just how I look but my health too!
Therefore, I strongly suggest you to go talk to her. She probably assumes that you don't really care if she is chubby or a little over weight. TELL HER WHAT YOU THINK!
Also, encourage her, ask her how is she doing and how did she feel. If she said she cant take it anymore, tell her don't give up!
In the middle of the month, I was about to give up, but my boyfriend keep encouraged me, that is why I can do it!
So, I believe that you girlfriend could do it. She cannot do it alone, you have to push her!
Afterwords, remember to go celebrate, she deserves it!

Christine M
Ask her if she wants to join a gym with you so you guys can exercise together or ask her to go jogging with you. Bring her lunch (instead of bringing her somewhere, bring the food to her!) but pack it healthy. Say you packed a picnic, but pack fruits, veggies, etc. ♥

Here are a few things you can do:
- Cook healthy dinners for your girl friend or ask your girl friend to cook healthy food food for dinner
- Don't keep tempting snacks in the house. If she likes chocolate instead of having a chocolate bar in the house have chocolate granola bars or hot chocolate in the house...
- Join a gym and go to the gym with her

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