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Help me lose weight!!!! i want to loose around 50 lbs....

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 Aren't you SICK of all these health warnings. I mean what's the point of living if u can't enjoy crisps?

At this rate, everyone will be fed on a nutrition-rich drip to ensure we don't sneak in a chocolate bar
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cookie dough
What is your most invaluable weight loss tip ever? The more individual the better!?

The Complete Idiot
have a reason before you eat a food that is mostly carbs, even if your reason is that you want a sugar buzz.

when you want to eat but are not really hungry put one of those awful breath strips in your mouth. It keeps you from eating for a while.

Nutrition! Nutrition! Nutrition! With a little motivation and exercise too.

You make think it cliché but eating healthy is the easiest and most dramatic thing you can do to get fit and lose those extra pounds. That coupled with simple exercise routine and the motivation to want to change are all you need.

If you're looking for nutrition information Bodybuilding.com has a tremendous amount of material to help you along your ways.

alter ego
If you do work and you are sitting in the office whole day, I may advice you to drink as much coffee as you can but not with sugar, if you can't drink coffee without sugar than you can try saccharin. I tried this myself and lost around 10 pounds in 1 month, my weight was around 100 pounds, now it's 90. Also try not to eat bread.

mark leshark
Eat small portions of food (size of a clenched fist) at 6 regular intervals during the day until 5 pm do not eat after this as the body is less active and will not burn off the caleries eaten.

Obviously the food portions should be healthier than what you may normally have, and you need to excercise too.

When hungry in the evening sip plenty of water.

Being in love, truely, deeply & often ....weight just dropped off of me like a stone. That was then this is now.......what was that you said about needing to lose weight?

Ah, those teenage years!

Cut off a limb, but dont eat it...

Eat less, exercise more. It's not rocket science.

Sarah C
drink lots of water.

Eat alot of strawberries (fruit) instead of snacks.

They are a speed food that speeds up your metabolism and encourages your body to burn fat faster!!!!

Get eatin straws girl!!

Drink Water

Avoid Aspartame.

Make sure that you drink 2 litres of water per day - this reduces swelling/ Bloating due to water retention and also ensures that your brain does not confuse Hunger with Thirst so you will eat only what you need and not over indulge

Stop eating pies, get down the gym, plenty of cocaine to supress appetite, stop eating...

paul m
Eat less and do a bit of walking.

dont use butter or spread on a sandwich, use skimmed milk, only drink diet drinks a bulk out all your meals with veg and less meat

Liddy is Lost
If you lose weight too quickly and don't build muscle, you might weigh less on the scales because you have lost muscle, but you could actually have a higher body fat percentage!

To avoid this, never lose more than 2lb per week, include weight training in your workouts and eat plenty of good proteins such as lean meat, poultry, eggs and oily fish, as well as keeping bad carbs to a minimum and eating plenty of fresh fruits/vegetables and wholemeal foods as a source of good carbs. Good luck!

Eat more and exercise more

Michael H
Eat small meals throughout the day, every 2-3 hours. At each meal, consume a source of protein and moderate your amount of fat. Consume carbohydrates based on the energy requirements of what you'll be doing in the next 2-3 hours...so if you'll be sitting in a chair for the next few hours, consume little or no carbohydrates.

get a divorce.........the weight dropped off me

Amanda Kate
Avoid carbs like the plague, don't eat in the evenings - at all, and drink lots and lots and lots of water.

Take every little opportunity to be more active - stairs instead of lift, doing the housework as quickly as possible, etc

And try not to think of yourself as losing weight - instead think that you're changing your habits.

Good luck!

Stop eating all forms of animal fat. Only eat wholemeal bread, no more than 4 slices a day. Do not eat white bread, pastry, cakes or biscuits. No sugar! Eat plenty of vegetables with chicken or fish. Remember that you need 3x veg to 1 potion of fish/chicken + potatoes or rice for energy. Eat fruit for energy it lasts longer than sugar.

This diet may seem boring but with the use of herbs and spices its satisfying.

I have found that most 'ready made' foods are addictive and dull the taste buds quite dramatically.

Once your system has been cleared of junk food you will begin to enjoy this diet.

track everything

even if its just the one square of choc or a handful of nuts it soon adds up !

Hi, I can help you. I am a personal trainer and a bodybuilder with 25 years experience. Please contact me at [email protected] Thanks.

neXgen bodysculpting

Thats easy.

No food after 7pm. Also, If you are a drinker give it up for a while and you will amazed at the difference

Deano 06
have your tonsils out i guarantee you wont eat any think more than yogurt for a week or 2

Don't buy so much food. If you have to for family, tell them as soon as you get in from shopping what is theirs (put yours in a different cupboard). Then if you take theirs its stealing.

avoid sugar (the kind in fizzy drinks sweets cakes etc, not fruit)

and also white grains which is basically sugar too. It makes your blood sugar spike.

(so replace white bread with wholegrain, white rice with brown rice, white potatoes with sweet potatoes/yams)

AMAZING you can see results in one day as you get less puffy and bloated.

Hi, I have been a personal trainer and a bodybuilder for 25 years. Do you want to lose fat, tone up or build muscle mass? I can help you. I have trained professional athletes in Major League Baseball, the National Hockey League, Canada National Downhill Ski Team as well as numerous bodybuilders. I have also helped many 100’s of people lose weight, tone up and get into great shape again. I just had one client lose 95 lbs. I have developed an excellent, easy to follow diet & exercise plan that will help you achieve your goals. I can offer my plan to you for only $20.00 US. Cash or money orders only please. And I am David Price, 2177 – 6th Avenue, Trail, BC, Canada, V1R3B8.

Please include your age, whether you are male or female, height, bodyweight and your goals.

I will also offer you free consultation via messenger or e-mail to help you along to achieve your goals. I look for ward to hearing from you. Take care.


David Price

Crazy Diamond
Try this it was invented by a dietitian for obese people who need an operation in two weeks time.
There is enough for one week so freeze half freshly made to last the week.
I cheated and did it for a whole month every other month went from a 40in waist to a 32in without to much effort.

Operation Soup


3 large onions
1 large or two small green peppers
1 bunch of celery
½ head of green cabbage
1 leek
2 tin chopped tomatoes
1 packet of French onion soup (any brand)
3 vegetable stock cubes (I use oxo)

Cut all vegetables into bite size pieces if your not going to liquidise.
Place all in a large pot add enough water to cover.
Simmer until vegetables are cooked add more water if necessary.

To be eaten as a two meal replacement (largest and the smallest).
You can still have a light lunch or light evening meal.
Should not exceed 5 days at a time and 10 days a month.
You will pass more water so make sure you keep up your water intake.

stop eating when you're 80 % full. Dont wait for the buttons to start popping. And excercise of course. Its important to break into a sweat every now and then.

sOuL dOcToR
PHYTOLACCA BERRY TABLETS its Homeopathic, its a 100% effective Cure to Obesity, its 100% Safe to take, 100% safe from side effects, 100% assurity of causing No Complications.
For more you can browse through my previous answers and you will find all the information you need on this both In favour of it and against it. :-). I have answered this so many times. just search for PHYTOLACCA BERRY on yahoo answers and you will finf them.
You are free to make a decision. :-) ! I have given you the best answer, Now its upto you.
Take care and God Bless you !

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