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What causes people to keep eating when they are already full?

simple! good food.

Along with some of the reasons listed above which can be controlled, there is Prader Willi Syndrome in which the mind never tells the person they are full, which means they can eat nonstop until the food is gone and still feel hungry.

i duno sometimes you want to sleep for more than 8 hours
or keep drinking when your already drunk

food tastes good



Emotional connection to it. Or habit, just need to chew something.

Umm.. it tastes good.

i think people do it because theyre bored or they just eat more cos a food tastes good. apparently "theres always room for dessert" x3

Boredom usually..
Or their upset over something and just have the urge to eat.


some foods have chemicals that prevent your body from sending them to your brain, so you think you are hungry, or jsut dont know that you are full and you keep eating, lots of fast foods have this, and little debbie like stuff,

Procrastination Princess
Being under a lot of emotional stress often causes people to over eat.

...Gluttony !

the food taste good?


Lack of nutrients...our pe teacher made us watch supersize me. it says in it....

hey there
well usually people don't know they are full when they have had enough of food to be satisfied because it takes time. there's way too many factors and research going on to point to one thing, but weight, genetics, emotions, self-preception, the quality of food, how filling the food actually it and if it has salt and sugar could have to do with it


that is exactly why i just signed to YA, and it was the first question i came across. i have no idea. i'm eating bread and butter because my diet always starts tomorrow (i've been saying this for years). and right now i'm really full but it tastes so good and i'm bored. i guess thats why.

love of food.
to hide emotions

For example, buffet

Something cool...
First it comes to be 'food lovers' but it can also hit the extent to the desire of gluttony without realizing it... whatever situation you're in, you're not in control...

You get your fill to eat, but always keep that hunger....

When you know that others around the world are not as fortunate and have been dieing because of us, look at what's happening it Zambia, Africa


Angel in Captivity
There are lots of factors that causes this. For one, some people are literally addicted to food. Have you ever seen that Intervention on Jessie? If not, you should check it out on youtube. It's really crazy. But another reason is that some people are trying to fill some kind of void and sometimes it's just being out of control. It's really some kind of illness for some people and others it's just a habit that's really hard to break.

Fefe Line

-A chemical imbalance caused by a certain type of vitamin deficiency



-Watching Television

HMP [:
The thought of not wanting to leave any food
on the plate?


taste and boredome

John M
Your stomach really doesn't tell your brain that your a full for about 20 minutes after you are. So people continue to eat because they enjoy the taste of the food too much, without realizing that they are already full. One solution is to chew your food longer and eat slower. Or, drink a full glass of water before you begin your meal.

Free Falling
Boredom, lack of self control, they like the taste of the food, it comforts them.
I think a lot of the time we don't want to be wasteful so we try to eat everything on our plate.

I don't do that but my husband was raised that way...

Cowardly Spider

Food addiction. Yes, people can be addicted to food. The same way alcoholics continue to drink even after they know they have had enough to drink. The urge to drink even more is just to powerful. As is the urge to eat more even if you know you are full.

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