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What are good exercises to perform while trying to lose 200Ibs?

any exercise! as much as you physically can do, do. the weight will drop off if you have that much to lose. maybe see a doctor or a fitness expert/trainer to get some tips
also drink 2 -3 litres water a day, ice cold if you can, your body burns more calories to heat it up to body temp.

Power walking (start at around 25 minutes) and gradually move up every week or so.

Also, use your machines. Do the elliptical running machine. It is a great way to lose a load of calories without feeling super tired!

Watch your food intake too. Not too many fats, oils, and sweets.

i love nick jonas<3
cardio, boxing, taebo, and dancing

try the south beach diet too. it works for people
that are more then 100 lbs overweight

Not an expert on weight loss, just wanted to say I think it's a lofty goal you've set and I wish you luck. It's going to take more than a new exercise to get there, though, so I'd think more about lifestyle choices and hobbies that might help.

Do you drive places you could walk or even ride a bike? Do you spend much time outdoors? Maybe start a garden or mow your lawn (or someone else's?) as an excuse to get out and away from the TV or the computer.

Jonny G
Any exercise that makes you slightly out of breath but not gasping for air and makes you sweat a little but not excessively.
This is so that you would be exercising so your heart is going at 60-70% or it's theoretical maximum. This is important as at this point your body isn't using to much or too little energy for the exercise you are doing.
If you use to much energy, your body will be using glycogen as a source of energy, which is stored in the liver and primarily the muscles. If you use too little energy, you won't be getting the maximum benefits from exercising.
Most health professionals agree that at between 60-70% max heart rate your body is burning primarily fat as a source of energy

FF'n Momma
Start taking a moderately paced walk 2 or 3 times per week. Each time you walk, push yourself toward the end (when you start to want to quit) to go a little faster and a little further. You really need to listen to your body tho - and check with your doctor before hand. If you live anywhere near my neck of the woods it's already hot as heck and the heat can really drain you quickly so you might just want to go to your local mall where it's air conditioned, for starters.

Start NOW by drinking a lot of water. It will boost your metabolism and help flush out your systems - plus, it will help you feel full. Ignore the rude comments on here. You got to start somewhere and should be proud of yourself for getting healthy! Don't think of it as wanting to lose 200 lbs. Make smaller goals. 15 lbs the first month/etc. It didn't take you overnight to get to the weight you're at, so don't expect a miracle overnight.

I wish you the very best - Good luck!!!

pilates and yoga 4 or 5 days a week and a daily 45 minute walking routine

cardio and weights

both burn fat

i'd try out checking out the healia communities (http://communities.healia.com) - they have lots of groups devoted to weight loss and weight management, and they can probably give you a little more help than what you're getting here. you can actually ask medical professionals their opinions on the subject.

walk, run swim bycycle, aerobics, dance everything thsat make your body move

guess who
body weight exercises. these will be more gentle on your knees seeing you have quiet a bit of weight on. Body exercises are like squats, leg raises, pushup and so on. These will be more effective as you'll be converting fat into muscle and muscle helps to burn calories. Put it this way, the more muscle mass you have the more calories you'll burn and te more calories you burn the more wieght you lose.
Try to incoporate weight training into your routine and also strenth training in what ever form you choose. You can use your body weight or dumbells.
All the best.

Get the Body Sculpting Bible for men/women....look on amazon to read reviews, I have personally used the book to loose weight and found the program to be very successful and healthy. It offers a common sense approach to diet and excercise to achieve the best results in the shortest time. But if you don't want to make that kind of commitment and you have been out of the fitness routine for a while, walking and swimming would probably be the best option available as neither causes exteme stress to your joints.

A lot of people have recommended cardio and although it is important the single fastest way to lose weight is to incorporate weights into your routine, muscle is what really burns calories.

Stop eating and start walking

Walking....Walking and then Walk some more!!! Walk for periods of at least 20 minutes each time.

Get a very low impact exercise instruction dvd and follow along with it a few times a week. You can usually get used ones cheap.

Swimming is the best. It will be easier on your joints than running.

any thing and a good sence of diet , you have to start some where, also walking with a head set can get you pumping with some of your favorite tunes.

Keep your calorie count low by eating right and get some cardio! Try walk/running if you don't go to the gym. If you do, try a eliptical machine. If you're trying to lose 200lbs (that's alot!) you should talk to your doctor first.

Well one really good and proven exercise to start to shed the weight especially a large amount of weight (200 pnds extra makes it extremely hard to due normal workouts) is water aerobics. So if you have access to a pool ump in and swim!!!!

Blonde Bombshell
Instead of driving to a close place, walk there. Eat vegtables,Fruit,handfull of meat, but not allot, drink lots of water...

Working out:
Sit ups,lunges,push ups,krunches,cardio,water arobics,weight lifting to help build up muscle,and running

start by walking, drink lots of water, eat healthy

Im a martial artist, so these are some workouts i do when im not at the gym.

start of with 100 jumping jacks

stretch it all out (legs especially)

do a set of jab jab kick. (switch sides after doing 20 each)

get on the floor and do 100 crunches(notice i said crunches and not situps)

then do 100 "bicicles"

then do 50 leg lifts(from floor)

if there is a punching bag, do a 15 minute round with it

after that get on the floor and do 50 situps.

....This will take time and patience is the key.

Email me if you want anymore great workout tips

[email protected]

yeah walking it really good for you once you get used to it the pounds just start to come off that is if you eat right and all that stuff

boosted 1
at that point...any exercise is good exercise...

Standing up?

Jazz Tiger
Consult a doctor or specialist who can design an exercise program for you. You don't want to do anything too demanding as it could damage your joints or put pressure on your heart. Walking is probably a good start in the meantime though.

Walk! It won't put excesive strain on the heart.
Drink lots of water it helps you to lose quicker!

Ramona-please step back!
keep moving more and eating less...

alicia c
Lots of walking. It is so important to keep moving!

Just get out there and walk every day

exercises? for now, walk everywhere you can, take the stairs not the elevator. Do some stretches to starting awakening muscles that haven't been used in a while. Build up your endurance, trying jogging, lifting a couple pounds. I lost a lot of weight using this meal replacement you take in the morning called yor mrp, you cant get it in the store, just online. You can use my discount (go to yor.com and type dbeal86 when it asks you before payment) or you can pay $50 and get your own lifetime membership of discounts with them...whatever you do, good luck to you.

oh yeah, contrary to what people believe, you need to eat more to lose weight. So aim to eat about 6 times a day, small portions because your body grabs less fat that way and the right nutrients are kept. good luck again

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