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 fat and to hairy :( ?
Honestly what do you think of my hair on my chest and also do i look fat? because its one of my most biggest fear's is hair and fat :( because of previous experience of people calling me fat and ...

 Do you think that being 5''5 in height and being 112 pounds is normal???

 How can i reduce my actual weight?
I weight too much and I have some problems with that because i can´nt control my amount of ...

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What fast food place do you go to and what do you get? Like chicken,salads.........

 I am 5'5 and weight 130....?
I do not appear to be heavy but I need to loose weight in one month ... was told that I am going to be photographed and like stufff... any weight loss tips!!!!!!!!...

 Girls: If you could be any (english) dress size... which one would you rather be?
And what are you at the moment?...

 Losing weight; Running or Lifting Weights?
Which method burns more weight? Running or lifting weights? I'm 16, 5' 6", and about 145 lbs. Diet tips would also be helpful.
Additional Details
I'm not trying to ...

 i am like 5'6 and weigh 108: too skinny?
i just want to know if i should continue my regular diet or start a higher fat one


 Am I becoming Anorexic?
My dad always pokes my stumoch and tells me to stick my belly in. He always jokes about me being fat. Problem is I know im not fat, (Im 5ft3 and weigh 105). However his words really hurt my feelings. ...

 1 wanna loose a lot of weight really fast, i havent eaten in a 9dayz weight nots going fast enough i'm 14 help

 my weight is 48 kg and I'm tall 165cm!what do u think of me?

 I'm 13 years old & i really want to lose weight?
I'm 13, I weigh about 105 pounds, and I really wanna lose 5-10 pounds. I eat healthy and exercise everyday but i don't see that much change. I've been doing this for a week and I have ...

 What type of nuts are healthy to eat?

 I weigh 170 lbs i am 11 years old and i am 5'1''?
Help me lose weight!!!! i want to loose around 50 lbs....

 Is it okay to eat Banana's when you're trying to lose weight?

 Aren't you SICK of all these health warnings. I mean what's the point of living if u can't enjoy crisps?

At this rate, everyone will be fed on a nutrition-rich drip to ensure we don't sneak in a chocolate bar
Additional Details

 I'm so fat it kills me when i look in mirror.?
I am sooo incredibly fat. i try to work through these feelings by blocking them out but i cant block out the truth- you cant lie to yourself. The funny thing is my height and weight are normal but i ...

 Do all girls have fat knees?
My knees have wierd fat on them and I am not overweight, but is there a way to get rid of it or do something about it?...

 How can I gain weight?
I'm 5'7" and 88 pounds.
NATURALLY! I never starved myself, I've never TRIED to be thin.
I'm going to college in the fall and I'd love to be at least a size 1....

 Is gatorade healthy?
My idiotic friend says it is, but I highly doubt it
I need proof :)...

My Religion Is Bigger than Yours
What's your favorite diet food?

ramen noodles lol

Brandon R
i know a diet it can help you lose up to 10 pounds in 3 days look up the cardiac diet i promise it will help

Lentil soup. Well ive never been on a diet in my life. I just choose to eat healthy stuff all the time. But it is good for dieting coz its low in fat and high in protein. Great stuff! lol

bobbi b
slim fast cruncy penut butter crunch bars

Dr. atkins chocolate chip protein bar it is really good i promise it taste just like a real chocolate chip granola bar...

coke zero

I love fish with broccoli ! blueberries, sweet potato, rice, black beans, ground turkey, bison...etc I am a dieter and try to eat healthy . All food ****** on water with no salt. Yummy!

100 calorie packs.. light hawaiian punch.. humm lean cuisine.. lettuce with a sauce I buy at my local supermarket
Skinny cow Icecream... zero coke... Im a junk food dieter.. but It works :)

rice cakes

Song Doctor

Raychull ♥
Slim Fast <3


grape tomatoes

Does Diet Coke count?
I don't know much about diets. I've never really been fat, or worried about my apperance, for that matter (except for my embarrasing hair).

lean cuisine pizza
never gets old for me

Ian W
Snacking on celery - you burn more calories than you gain from it just by chewing, swallowing and digesting the stuff.

Kayla J
I love the 100 calorie packs, they healthy and tasty!

got a few
nonfat yogurt
leancuisine frozen dinners
id eat these all the time anyway!!!
oh and celeryw/ cream cheese w chives

Lasagna...and I don't diet.

anything low in calories and very filling.

May Baby Boy Cookin
I don't know what diet program you're using (if any...) but if you can, try the Chicken and Cheese Quesadillas from Smart Ones (Weight Watchers Brand)... they are the BEST frozen "diet" food. They come 2 in a box and 1 serving is only one quesadilla...good luck only eating one though, lol. I bought them because I was dieting, but now I buy them because I love them so much. Good luck!

( :
jello sugar free of course but it still tastes good ( =

i ♥♥♥ stetson freshhh...™
special K

low fat yogurt with fruit

Skinny Cows ( Ice cream sandwiches)

boca burger

Richie ♥
lettuce leafs

lil gee

AsHley (LiBrA)
crystal light to drink and rice cakes. Also lean cuisines are good...and fruit of course.

land of the free
fruit, it's nature's candy!!!!

low-fat popcorn!

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