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‚ô• lani s
What's in the cake that makes it unhealthy food?
My daughter asked me this as she is not convinced with her lesson that cake is not a healthy food for a growing child. If bread and biscuits are good food then what made the cake to be not good?
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I usually bake for my children modified cake recipes to have them get good nutritional benefits.

Refined sugar and flour aren't good for you plus the added fat as well.

I have posted a site on no sugar no flour diet that Dr. Gott of newspaper fame has endorsed.


It explains why cake, bread and biscuits aren't good for you.

White flour and ALOT of sugar. White bread and biscuits are not good either.

Sugar in the cake. Most frostings especially from bakeries are made with sugar and lard.

Sir Readalot
About a cup of sugar.

Actually, bread and biscuits are NOT good food. What's good for you is whole grains.

Whole grain bread (must say whole wheat or whole grain, not multi-grain, etc), brown rice (not white rice), whole wheat pasta, etc...

Processed foods, white flour (in cakes and most breads & biscuits), etc are horrible for you.

The sugars, especially in the frosting

The King

But no one other than the King, notified you that, not only the high amouts of sugar, but the fact that its processed sugar!!

Excessive amounts of sugar.


The amount of sugar and oil in cake is not healthy.


Refined sugar, refined flour and fat are all bad for your health. I'm not sure why she thinks bread and biscuits are good food as most aren't; they also contain all three of the above.

to much sugar

fish cakes

sugar and oil. Cake is loaded with it and that will turn to fat in your body. Remember you are what you eat.

Cake has a lot more butter, oil, and sugar. Look at the difference in ingredients. Several times the amount of sugar. It's not terrible for you, just eat it sparingly.

Because breads and biscuits do not have a lot of sugar in it like most cakes do and, on top of that, you do not "ice" breads or biscuits. You put either butter and jam or honey on them. With cakes, you have the sugar and the icing, which is nothing more then powdered sugar made to ice the cake. Sugar on top of sugar, really. Tell her that.

Sugar and butter which in moderation are not bad for you, but in large quantities (in a cake for example), they are very bad for you.

Amount of sugar in the cake. Some breads are not good for you either....Whole grain bread is the healthiest, but you still have to watch the sugar...and biscuits....not that great for you because of the type of flour.

Not all bread and biscuits are good for you either, especially if its refined flours. But, as you may have noticed, it is the amount of sugar and oil in the cake that makes it not as healthy. Also, cakes are made with refined, bleached flour.
And when you put frosting on it... up goes the sugar content.


Too much sugar and fat

sugar it will make you fat if you eat too much


Sugar is the main thing but it also might be the flour. If it is enriched flour, that is not good for you at all either. Bread and biscuits might not be good for you either depending upon if they are whole or enriched. Whole = good, enriched = bad.

Cakes are usually made from refined white cake flour and white sugar, refined foods are stripped of their original ,natural nutrient content and fibre.

Biscuits are not good for you. They are very fattening as most are made with shortening. There are any number of ingredients in cake that are bad. Eggs, oil, full fat milk, lots of calorioes from sugar and flour....depending on what you use they are better darn unhealthy

all about me
sugar,eggs,and flour

sugar, flour, eggs.....duh!

The stuff in a cake that isn't healthy is all the sugar & all the white flour. Also the frosting is pure sugar.

Wheat bread and multi or whole grain bread is healthier for you than white bread. Biscuits are not healthy due to the flour in them.

You can make cake healthier by making it with oatmeal, other grains, applesauce, fruit, etc. Or try a banana bread instead of a cake.'

Richard B
There are 2 things which make cake bad for you. The first is the sugar. The second is refined or processed flour. Sugar of course turns to sugar in your blood. Processed flour also turns to sugar in your blood. These cause you to secrete insulin which stops fat metabolism. Read a book called Sugar Busters. It will give you all the info you need about the glysimic index and what happens inside you when you eat bad carbs.

Bread (stoned ground wheat) is the only bread good for you. Biscuits are not good for you, unless they too are stone ground wheat or bran (unprocessed)

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