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This guy called me fat, am i? ?
I posted a question that was asking how fit i am on a scale of 1 - 10

I was saying that i go to the gym 3-5 days a week for one hour, i can do up to 90 minutes on the elletpical, 15 minutes on the stairmaster, 2-3 miles on the treadmill. I can lift 125 pounds of weights, ect.

Then i mentioned that i am 5"6 and i weigh 148 lbs, and this guy was like "Your fat!"

I'm only a size 6-8 and i'm really fit, i haven't eaten desert for like 9 months. Why did this guy call me fat? Is he right?

PS Im 13
Additional Details
My BMI is in the lower "healthy" range

i love youuuu.
Thats not fat.
it could be muscle.
People are trippin these days.
People think if your not anorexic your fat.
just tell them to **** off.
its not even their problem.
dont let other people bring you down.
hope that helped! =]

<3 Kaetyng

You are NOT Fat that is an extremely healthy size for your height and age, that guy is an idiot like most. Please don't let anyone tell you you're fat or anything else except your doctor; their opinion is the only one that matters. SO the next time someone tells you that ask them "are you a doctor?" :Do they have that degree? Then your opinion means nothing and shut the hell up, you ignorant F*ck".

Well minus the foul language if you so please but everything else for sure. When it comes to your health and looks the only person's opinion that matters is yours and your health care professional no thing or no one elses ESPECIALLY a Guy's, their opinion never has and never will count.

What you are doing in a gym is great keep it up. He probably can't do all of that, I'm sure! You're a 9 but only because you asked someone who obviously doesn't know what he's talking about their opinion about your looks that really doesn't matter. You look and feel how you define yourself, and you're beautiful.

I would love to to be able to where a size 6 again =]

R.I.P Michael Jackson 6/25/09
Hun,You're 13 you don't need to be worrying about your weight! You sound skinny and if you can do all the stuff you just mentioned then your are in shape girl! Don't worry what a dumb guy says he probably just likes you! All guys say that stuff!

you do that much and your only thirteen? holy **** i wish i had your willpower lol. your not fat. don't worry what other people say. you seem to think he is wrong anyway.

Jennifer .
Like most are saying, no you are not fat. You are fit which is the main thing. Muscles weigh more than fat. So if you do work out and have pretty strong muscles you may weigh more due to that fact.

The guy who said this was just saying this because he wanted to be rude.

Don't worry about what others think. But if you need a second opinion check your fat percentage. Though you can't count on the charts they have at gyms. Those aren't that accurate. It doesn't know how much organs and such.

Hope I helped.


You don't sound fat to me. It sounds more like your fit as a fiddle. I think he was just an ******. I wouldn't take any offense to it.

Cowardly Spider
your not fat your FIT theres a HUGE difference
he probably just called u fat because he's an idiot...

no you are not fat from what you have written hear you don't sound fat at all the guy was just being stupid! plus since ur going to the gym you have muscle! which weighs more than fat

You are perfect.

wow are you serious??? you don't even need to ask that question. you are not fat your buff! don't listen to the guy, he was just being stupid.

you are not fat.
people are mean and no one has any business caring about what you look like other than you.

He probably likes you but at that age guys get embarrassed. He wouldn't want his buddies to find out that he likes you. If his friends didn't find you attractive or for some reason they didn't like you, he would get teased by his best buddies. When he grows up he will get over that fear.

doesn't sound like you're fat, you probably are solid, lots of muscle. hard to say without seeing you, what your framework is etc.

how dare he no in fact for your height you are just right don't worry about it people can be cruel sometimes. it sounds like you have a lot of muscle and that weighs more. he is probably jealous cause you can lift more than him and someone mentioned it to him and he got his ego hurt. you just fine


Nikki A
Your tall like me I don't feel alone yay :D

Anywayz your not even fat he probably just says that because you know how you say you can do all those things stair master weight lifting ect. well that puts on weight which would make you have a healthy you are not fat he's just a *** :]

C'est Moi
You are not fat. You're TONED. Your weight is muscle, not fat.

Al Scusi
You sound OK to me.

He maybe has a mental problem like tourettes syndrome. Ignore him.

No your not fat, he is just jealous.

Chris O
you are not fat... keep up the hard work!

you are not fat...that guy is just stupid..ignore him. your fine.

tall girls weigh more.. just bc of the fact that you weighh 148 lbs doesn't mean your fat. seriously what an idiot

Do you think you are fat? If not, then don't worry about what he has to say or anyone else.

no. he,s retarded and don,t worry about what people say.

You arent fat. that guy was mean.

Richard C
okaaay yeah but you ARE just 13 to weigh that much. the guy did nothing wrong but speak the truth. ask again in about 5 years

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