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Teens: How did you lose your substantial amount of weight?
I am 16, my height is 6' 2", but I weight nearly 300 pounds. I know that I need to lose at least 100 pounds to be average weight.

How, exactly, did you lose your weight? (Please, I don't mean like 5 pounds.)


i am 15 6'1" and only weigh 180. The only thing i could say to you is eat a little better and ask yourself b4 u eat if u r really hungry. It helps me a little. Hope it can do the same for u

I joined a Martial Art Hapkido to be exact ./ Workouts were brutal. Like in the armed services. Best I ever felt in My life. Went from 240 to 189 in 3 Months then gained 5 Pounds of muscle . I could pick up a 60 foot wooden ladder from the ground and throw it 3 feet onto My van Rack Alone.I have never regained the pounds.Ladder is about 250 pounds I think . pretty heavy. Cardio Vascular is what they professed at Hapkido . I am convinced.

you are still growing when you hit 17 or 18 it will be easier to lose the weight. try to exercise more often...you might gain a few pounds in the begining because of muscle weiging more than fat then after like 2 weeks of normal exercise you'll tone up and lean up. good luck if you aren't active at all start off with bikeing and maybe danceing. i dance in my liveing room watching vh1 at 1 in the morning some times no shame lol again good luck

Zach =)
rugby and football are excellent inspiration sports considering your size. for football you will be able to play an active part in the game and in rugby you will gain a great inspiration to get on the field. you should also consult a dietitian and monitor your food intake. i'm sure a low impact summer workout plan will help you a lot as well. good luck.


dude from what they make you do
damn you will drop the weight
find one of your friends whos a football player and ask them to take you threw their work out and you wil drop the weight and gain the muscle i promise you

also when doing that eat healthy and drink lots of water
dnt drink no sodas at all and u will be amazed on how much you will loose just with that
oh and no mc donalds!

i traded my ps3 for a wii, most people hate me for it, but this guy threw in wii fit. that actually helps me alllot.

I have a lot of weight to lose too.
I'm 17 and have lost 6 pounds since the beginning of June. Very slow process but 8-10 a month is healthy!
Seriously, there's no magic secret.
Eat less, excercise more!
Pills and crash diets like slimfast are bad news because pills don't work and with crash diets, you always gain the weight back.
You need to look up your BMR and then subtract 500-700 calories. That will tell you how much to eat a day. You should read more about calorie counting or talk to a doctor because it can get complicated. If you eat too little, you're body will clinge on to everything you DO eat.

Do cardio 3 times a week for at least a half hour. Lifting weights builds muscle, and muscle burns fat. Drink a lot of water! Switch to whole wheat breads and pasta (white is processed and breaks down in your body like sugar). I suggest eggs for breakfast, they're very filling. If you get fast food or go out to eat, gets kid's meals! Portion sizes are ridiculous these days and kids meals are the sizes they should actually be.

Good luck!

Mary Lamb
I fast one day out of each week.

Ella <3
i quit McDonald's, no more soda, i controlled my portion of foods, i gave up sugary foods i mean very sugary foods, i exchanged enriched flour any of that crap to only eating whole wheat things, i exercise at least 20 minutes everyday!! i eat six small meals

my food day plan:
breakfast: whole wheat cereal 1 cup and an apple

snack: pb&j sandwich (healthy peanut butter and strawberry jelly) don't over do it...control your portion

lunch: chicken and broccoli ( 1 cup pf broccoli)

snack: any fruit is healthy..i usually eat an orange or a piece of watermelon

and don't forget to drink a glass of water before each meal

hope i helped :D

Sharon Anderson
One option is, and I don't know how open you are to trying, is become a vegetarian. By doing this, you have to start eating a substantial amount of healthy foods to make up for you loss of protien. Once you've lost a bit of weight from this, it might be easier to start working out a little. Start off by taking walks, and increasing your distance each day. Once you've made it up to about two or more miles, try running a half a mile, and increase it each day. Running a mile per day will help you lose a ton of weight.

Another option is just eat smaller portions. Don't take it to the anorexia stage, but just eat until you're satisfied and not extremely bloated. This really helped me.

um, i know you've heard this about a million times, but 1. a healthy diet and 2. excessive.
& keep to it.
im not over weight, but im 17 & maintain my weight of 120 by eating healthy and exercising regularly (running 5k, biking)
The best way to accomplish this is by making a calender of a sort - dividing up your exercise routine & planning out your meals

hope this helped and good luck :)

Some tips:
for exercising: start off light, and work a specific area at a time, then give those muscles at least a day to recouperate.
for food: choose three main meals, and two snacks. lay off the fatty stuff & do your best to replace. Example: instead of a chocolate bar or cookie, get an apple or something.

Well first off its goin to be a slow and long process im 15 turnin 16 and when i was 13-14 weighed more than avereage.

I joined track and of course threw but still you were requierd to run at practice.

Running will help. If you want you can even start out by walking then later joggin and then to running it will help it seems to take forever but it will.

And if you would like additional work out you could go lift weights. It builds muscle but works in the weight issue. Helps burn it but then build muscle.

Also eatting healthy food will help. I dont believe in diets as in they just dont seem true. but eating healthy does help eatin also just a serving will help to but you have to eat dont just stop eating thats very bad for the body.

Hope that helps.

I lost 57 pounds but eating nothing but fruit, viggies & fish 6 days a week. i gave myself 1 day to eat what i wanted (something i had a 'craving' for earlier in the week) I also quit drinking soda, gatorade anything like that and drank only water or the special k & crystal lite drink mixes. I excersised too when i could but it wasnt really that much, id reccomend excersising along with my 'diet thing' if you use it...i think my lack of excersise is why i have soo much "extra skin" left over :/ hope this helps good luck.

Sean B
'm 16 too, I basically only had one meal a day, and that was dinner. And no liquids other then water. And no 'toppings' like ketchup and salad dressing. I can't sleep without dessert so I'd have ONE cookie.
I would loose like 4 pounds a week. I lost a total of 50lbs.
The first day will be hard and slightly painful.
But as each day passes, It'll get easier and easier, till you barley feel hunger at all.
Oh and I'd recommend actually getting out and hanging with friends while doing this, cause otherwise I'd be at home watching TV bored to death, unable to resist food.

Kit - Kat
ok first of all.. dont smoke or try bulimia thats completly un healthy.
try eating healthier and no junk.
excersise daily..
or.... if all fails.
go onto slim force 7 and read about it.
hope i could help :)

yea im 16 6 '1 and 170 just eat low carb low cal eat 6 small meals periodically get alll the water in and do cardio

Alex B
I found the following info for a friend of mine and He said it helped him alot. Good luck. Visit the site below to see much more info on this subject.
Get good sleep.
Even though adults don't enjoy this, kids lose weight faster than adults.
Eat small meals and have a small, healthy snack in between. This is much more healthy. Eat whatever your mom/dad serves, but in small portions. Then, when you get hungry at 10AM/3PM/8PM, have a healthy snack, such as a banana, half a sandwich, or a few crackers.
Read the nutrition facts! If something is loaded with sugar, or has a lot of calories/fat when it isn't very filling, don't eat it! Find something else that is healthier and will keep you full for a longer time.
Diet soda will not help. It has no calories/sugar, but it has chemicals in it that can poison your body in the long run.
If something claims to be "sugar free" when it seems like it usually would be, check the ingredients for a chemical called "Aspartame", do not eat/drink it! This is a dangerous chemical that turns into methanol in your intestines, and will harm your body in the future, such as chronic migraines. Also, don't fall for some of those energy drinks. They contain lots of sugar--and that's what gave them the energy boost.
If someone offers you a sweet treat, you don't always have to say yes, tell them no thank you.
Do various activities to fill out the day , such as:In school clubs,sports,homework,video games.
In P.E, jog at a nice pace and talk to your friends while you're at it.
Never skip meals
Don't go on any adult diets (they can do harm)
Always eat 3 small meals a day and 3 healthy snacks.
Don't try and starve your self as a diet because this could lead to either bulimia or anorexia.
Never, ever throw up after you eat; as it is harmful to your stomach, your throat and your teeth. It may also lead to embarrassing lectures by parents, friends, guidance counselors, ect.
Bulimia and anorexia both have dangerous consequences. So be smart, and lose weight healthy. The last thing you want is an eating disorder.

I currently way 185lbs thanks to working out. I lost 40 lbs in less then a year. I'm 18 now, but when i first started working out, I was 16.

First of all, you need to eat right. Don't eat any candy or chocolate and never go out to eat and fast food restaurants. Drink TONS of water. Not kidding. Water can make up for the food you don't eat. Once you get the right diet, you NEED to work out. DON"T ever make excuses for not working out. You need to get into a habit of going to the gym. Find some one who knows what they are doing or hire a personal trainer to help you. I just looked up exercises online. Go 5 days a week working different muscles each day. Chest then back then arms then legs, what ever you do just don't overwork your body parts. After working out for about 30 - 45 minutes, run for 15 - 30 minutes. This works great. I guarantee you will lose 10 - 20 pounds in the first month just by doing this. I guarantee that you will lose a hell of alot more if you work hard. It gets harder to lose weight as you go on, but thats because your building muscle which is good. Just stick to a routine and do it.

PLEASE don't not go to the gym because you think you don't belong there or people will think you are stupid for not being able to do something. Trust me, at a gym, you can almost say that every one is family. haha. Every one cheers each other on. Tell some one about what your doing and how much your trying to lose, and they will help you or encourage you at least.

my friend lost a lot of weight (40 lbs) by simply not drinking anymore soda and she stopped snacking late at night. you dont want a lot of carbs late in the day, because then you cant burn them off unless u workout i guess. also...whenever she got hungry when she knew she shouldnt eat...she would simply drink water until she was full. she lost the weight in about 6 months. u dont want to lose it all at once since thats not healthy. also, if u drink milk-drink fat free milk. also try getting at least 30 min workout time in everyday. hope this helps!

oh, i forgot...also my bro lost a lot of weight in highschool in a matter of a few months just by being on the track team. running is an excellent cardio workout that is good for your whole body.

Sparkle Dice
RUN! every day 2 times in the day 2 times before the sun goes down go into your room do squats and run in place and squats and then run some more squats sit ups and push ups join your local gym they will have things for you to do like a treadmill (yay more running) and other things too! also eat healthy if you eat healthy you loose weight! if you eat out a lot stop that only eat out if it's truly needed if your only going to begone for like 2 hours yes you might be hungry but back a bag lunch for your trip and eat LIGHT light foods would be yogurt and organic these things taste very good better then regular foods in the frozen aisle like: frozen pea, carrots, corn, and other veggies stay clear from. eat organic pea,carrots,corn,and other veggies! Why only organic you ask well because regular veggies and fruit off the self will mostly have pesticide or hormone growth and do you really want that in your stomach??? if this does not help you may just have a low metastability and you may want to set up appointments with a nutritionist and your doctor to set up a health plan! hope i helped and good luck! oh and by the way 5 pounds is a good start then work your self up you don't want to kill your self with all the exercise just take it though and then start to lift 40 pounds the 50 then up to the weight that you can it good to start out small with the exercise get to know your body's strength and weakness

Sweet Joslyn
Honestly, doing Skip It for a while and lots of crunches and only eating when you're hungry.

Jarome N
Drink ALOT of water.

When you feel that first hunger urge, drink a large glass of water. Later on if you are still hungry have a small healthy snack like an orange or apple.

Pick up a easy light sport to start with like tennis.

I went from 235 to 195 in one month doing just this. The key is to reduce what you are eating.

If you feel full, dont take those last few bites!!!!! its ok to toss it. your tossing that extra baggage!!


Healthy way?
Lots of Cardio!

Like running!

Its a great workout!
Try doing 3 miles everyday
I lost well over 20 pounds.

nick e
All these joking answers are very idiotic. Little do people realise how much those affect other people.

Eat healthy, do some light exercise. The usual. It really does work out! And when you're about 17-20, you'll start losing some weight naturally thanks to puberty!!! YAY

crazie? i know, anything else?[:
eat healthier.
don't eat rice, bread, or foods like that late at night, instead of dinner try drinking a soup.
&; excersice. join a sport or something and take walks.
this won't help lose 100 pounds, i would recommened a doctor. they can give you a healthy way to do it, or maybe a pill or something. :) good luck :)

i lost 20 pounds by just p.e. and i didnt do much

I joined a sports team.
I'm a girl and was 5'11 and weighed 240.
I joined the rugby and lacrosse team and dropped 60 pounds in like 4 months, seriously!
I naturally started eating less and the exercise made me healthier.

Drink ALOT of water start making food changes like eat fruit everyday for one week and little goals like that and start watching your food portions....and walk for at least 30 min. everyday.

Jenn =)
don't smoke that's just going to ill you faster than being over weight. I dropped 12 pounds in two weeks by eating healthier with the once in a while cheating and no exorcise. If you eat healthier and exorcise than you will drop the weight.

and making yourself throw up actually makes u lose teeth and hair and gain weight.

eating in small portions, not random snacking. 3 meals a day with one or two small snacks. then i do some sit ups (around 30 or more depending how i'm feeling) also walking burns a lot of my calories, from walking places with my friends. just remember the more you move the more calories you burn, so avoid sitting watching tv or playing on the computer for too long and instead, walk somewhere. i suggest maybe going to walk somewhere with friends to get a healthy smoothie or a [small!] snack and walking back. if you really want to lose a lot of weight, exercise every say, and increase whatever your doing by like 1 rep a day. best of luck :)

First of all I stopped drinking juice and soda, which made me lose some weight. In general I tired to eat better, tried to cut out junk food and of course I exercised, I tried to make workouts fun like swimming or anything else that could get my body moving without it making it seem like I was working out.

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