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I ♥ Purple
Slimming World advice quite urgent..plz help.?
Ok basically my husband is 22 stone and needs to diet as he has health problems..he already walks everywhere...2 miles to school and back with the kids..twice per day and we have a treadmill at home.But he finds that he NEVER feels full.He doesn't have thyroid probs.

He wants to join weigh watchers but I've heared it's expensive if you have to cook seperate food just for him??
I'm quite thin myself so I don't need any diet food and we have 2 small kids so I don't want to feed them diet food....what can we do because I don't fancy cooking 2 different meals at food times.

Also my husband can't cook to save his life!

Any advice appreciated...thanks.
Additional Details
Sorry ment to say...he wants to join SLIMMING WORLD..not weight watchers.

Slimming world focus's on not being diet food it's healthly alternatives, i'd say go for rosemary connelly as you get a fitness class too, most of the recipes are so nice that you don't feel like it's diet food at all,

It's not fully about what food you eat but how much of it you eat and obviously how much you use.

Your husband wont feel full as no doubt he is used to eating a lot more therefore, it will take a long time to acclimatise. Eating little and often is a good way to start, kick starting the metabolism and satisfying the urges to eat. On the other hand sticking to 3 meals a day at the same time and not snacking (getting into a routine) is another option - it's what suits.

As for cooking different meals for you and your family as long as he stays active and you control the portions (Smaller each week - until he eats the same as you) it will have the desired effect.

A great deal of weight will be lost in the initial stages and then it will plateau - caused by water loss mainly. Once this plateaus your encouragement and support is Essential as losing the weight will become harder.

Weight watchers etc are good for psychological reasons but the people who run them are dubious with no formal qualifications etc so that bit is up to you - very best of luck!

Claire S
Weight watchers and Slimming World all rely on restricting calories, so if your husband is already feeling hungry all the time, those kind of things are going to be the worst possible idea! Also, when you lose the weight, and you give up the plan, it all comes back anyway because you've shot your metabolism!

Try giving him wholegrain carbs and protein together. They make you feel fuller for longer so you'll eat less. Try scrambled eggs on toast, tuna in a jacket potato, chicken with some wholewheat pasta etc. and eat lots of veggies as they are filling but low in fat. Healthy eating can be enjoyed by the whole family, so you can happily cook lots of protein carb meals for your kids too.

Green tea also helps you burn fat during exercise, something about the caffeine in there, so try that. I've also heard good things about Pu Erh tea for speeding up metabolism, but it is a bit of an acquired taste!

Good luck to him :)

I do slimming world, need to lose 3st or baby weight (took the eating for two thing a bit far lol). It's not actually that expensive. There's lots of recipes where you cook a big batch and freee it, that way you've got quick healthy micro meals too. This months magazine had a thing on feeding a family of four dinner for £30 for the week. It's buying lots of fresh fruit and veg that pushes up the price, same with any healthy eating plan. We found it cheaper than ordering take aways and things though.
Now woud be a great time to start they just launched the 'extra easy' plan which gives you a really easy plan to follow and lots of great food on it. I sound like a salesman lol
Cooking wise there's lots of things like pasta or stir fry where you chuck everything in one pan and go. I can't cook either but it was fun learning some new recipes :)
Don't worry about different meals the whole family can eat the same thing, like the syn free chips, yum! Beef burgers and chips is one of our faves. Or home made pizza. I'm a really picky eater so it's been great for me. :)

Good luck!

whatever the cost u cant put a price on your husbands life can you?

The lowfat diet proved to be effective in reducing weight and promoting general good health.

Actually the foods are those of everyday foods for a family but you should reduce the fat for your husband.

Most people are overweight simply because they overeat. A very small percentage of people are obese due to some endocrine or glandular disorder. Some cases possibly are due to an error in the individual's metabolism. And still another small percentage of cases result from an inherited or constitutional trait that runs in families and is passed on from one generation to another like coloring, or facial and bodily structure. But the causes of obesity in over 95 per cent of the victims are: (1) nervousness, and (2) bad eating habits.

Reducing the fat intake with a balanced diet on the right foods is the only way to weight loss and health.

johnny c
I was 22stone when I joined SlimmingWorld 18 months ago. I've lost 4½stone in that time.

I could have lost it faster, but the point of diets like these are that you don't lose weight too fast (or you yoyo). People have gastric bands to lose that much (and pay 10x as much as I have!)

SW is perfect for men, I don't know why more don't do it. The point is that you can do 'red' days where you eat as much protein, veg and fruit as you want, but no fat or carbs.

The protein is what makes you feel full up.

Meals don't need to be difficult to prepare. Most nights my wife ad I have grilled chicken thighs with various sorts of veg; in winter it tends to be stir-fried veg such as onions, peppers, tomatoes etc, or roasted butternut squash (which is like sweet potato). In summer it's chicken and salads. It takes no time to prepare, the chicken goes straight under the grill, all I do is chop an onion and the peppers and veg. How long does that take, 5 mins?

You can have a full english breakfast every morning if you want - as much bacon (I usually have 4 rashers), an egg or two, and low fat sausages (5% fat or less). Plus unlimited tomatoes and mushrooms.

You say your hubby can't cook; cooking on SW is easy as I said, it won't take him long to learn.

The good thing about chicken is that it's easy to make varied, just marinate it in herbs/spices and fat-free yoghurt the night before if you want a change.

He can have other fish and meat too. People don't lose weight as fast if they have steak every night, but as long as you cut all the fat off before cooking it's no problem.

The classes are mostly women but there's always a few blokes, so you don't feel embarrased. Classes are good as you get ideas about what to eat, and the competitive spirit is there. Men lose weight faster than women, which will be good for his ego!

If he exercises every day like you say, then the weight really will fall off him. It's not a hard diet to stick to, you can keep sliced meat (wafer thin ham or chicken for eg) in the fridge and if you feel peckish you just go and grab a load of that.

I've found that because I've been doing it for so long, my tastes have changed. I used to love pies and crisps, I coul sit and scoff them all day. I rarely have a pie these days, they just seem tasteless now, my body has learnt. I still have crisps, but you can have a couple of bags a day if you want (or chocolates or sweets if that's what has gotten him fat).

Wish him luck from me, if he starts I guarantee that within a couple of months he'll have lost a couple of stone and be really pleased that he started.

As regards it being expensive, it can be; however it depends where you shop. I buy as much meat and fresh veg as I can from an indian grocers and it's half the price it costs in Asda. I got a 5Kg box of peppers and a 5kg bag of onions from there for £5 3 weeks ago. Nearly finished both but that's not expensive!!!

dallas s
Eat a little and often. NEVER eat 'til you feel full... always end your meal feeling a little hungry. Exercise is good. try this site...
there's lots of advice here.

I think the best thing he can do is to go to his GP surgery and ask to see the practice nurse. She can then go through his health risks with him and give him advice on the best way he can lose weight, and the right things for him to eat. For example, if he has high cholesterol she can advise on that. Then you are getting real advice from a health care professional, and it's free! He can even arrange to go in on a regular basis to get weight, cholesterol and blood pressure checked.

My mum has been on a diet recently. She's lost 1 stone already! Basically what she does is cuts out carbs completely and upps the protein so she still feels full. If you do cut out carbs, your husband will feel withdrawall symptoms for the first few days but then afterwards he wont need them anymore! Just cook the same meal as everyone else, but give him more of the meat and a lot more of the vegetables and none of the carbs.

I think he'll find Slimming World ideal because it means you can eat as much as you like so long as it is the right sort of food. (I know because I did it and I like to feel full up!)
The basic routine is that you can have red days (as much of most lean meats and fish as you like) or green days (as much potato, pasta, rice etc as you like) and limited amounts of other things. I always did green and ate lots of potatoes and beans and other filling things.
You can cook quite ordinary foods for your family just by making a few changes. For instance, you could make pasta and tomato sauce but cut down (or cut out) the amount of oil you use when cooking it. You can add cheese to yours and he can have just a small amount of cheese but lots of pasta to make up for it.
Or he could have meat and lots of vegetables and you could have the same (it's not really 'diet food'!), or add a few extras for yourself and the kids.
He will find SW very supportive. Good luck.

the foods thet eat are health foods... what would be so wrong for u guys to support him and eat it too....

I would recommend as a start just much smaller portion sizes of the same food you are all eating. For a lot of people they aren't necessarily eating bad stuff, just far to much of it. Try making little changes like wholemeal bread/pasta instead of white and cut out high sugar food and snacks as these are high calorie but won't fill you up so you'll want to eat more. Snacking on low sugar yogurt and fruits can be a good way to fill up if he is hungry between meals.
I think slimming world and the like are a bit of a waste of money, spend the money on a recipe book of healthy meals that you can all enjoy. I'd recommend low GI as a place to start as the food is about eating well for life rather than just diet food that you and kids don't want.

Good luck!

ok this may sound wierd... but i was in the same boat as your husband, what worked for me was... have you ever heart of the slimfast milkshakes?
well... dont follow the diet BUT if you buy the powder and make him have 1 a day in the morning, it will make him feel full for longer.. it has worked for me and in the last couple of months if lost loads of weight because im just eating around proper meal times now and i feel full after a normal size dinner!! its crazy ask him to try it!

Slimming World is good because he'll feel part of a group and I believe they are very supportive.
However, recommend that your man drinks more water. As the feeling of hunger is often just thirst.
Good luck to him.
move more, eat less....

Slimming World isn't expensive in terms of cooking separate meals. Slimming World is based on seperating carbs and protein. I.E a green day means he would eat mainly carbs and very little protein, and a red day is lots of protein and very little carbs. He can still eat the same meals as you but just change the portion. I.e. if he was having a red day and you were cooking spaghetti bolognaise, then he can have just a small amount of pasta but lots of meat instead, or vice versa if he was having a green day. Slimming World is good for people with big appetites as on a green day you can eat unlimited pasta, potatoes, etc, as long as you follow the rules about the amount of protein you can eat.

Everyone's mom
I have been trying to lose weight too. I finally asked my doctor about it. He told me the truth...get away from the table...and do at least a hour of cardio each day. It is not necessarily what you eat, but how much you eat. Yes, junk foodis bad, but so is everything else if you have too much. I have two kids, so don't get out to the gym much, and bought a Wii Fit. I do that 3-4 times a week for at least an hour a day. It has yoga, strength training, balance, and arobics. Since I started doing that I have lost about 10 pounds. I don't know what that is instone, but I am proud of myself. Also, I started eating oatmeal for breakfast (without all the sugar and butter). This makes me feel fuller longer. I also eat fruit BEFORE my meals, drink LOTS of water throughout the day, and eat wild rice and vegetables with my dinner. If I eat meat, it is usually chicken either cooked in the slow cooker (crock pot) or baked. Once a week, I indulge in what ever I am craving. These meals are also great for the kids. It will keep them healthy and prevent them from struggling with their weight. It also gives them the vitamins and such that they need. Remember, you can lose weight by not eating, but as soon as you eat again, it will come back and then some. Your body will go into starvation mode and will then hold onto whatever calories you consume. so, don't let him skip meals.

just all of you eat healthily! Slimming world just makes you eat the right sort of food, you can eat as much of it as you want! its basically veg etc which you should be eating anyway!!! Just because you are not dieting doesnt mean you can eat junk food! you, your husband and your kids need veggies!!

♪ Sarah E
Slimming world is great because you can practically eat normal food, and eat as much of it as you want depending on the days... So on Green days you can eat as much pasta and veg as you want. and Red days you can eat as much meat as you want. They do have recipes there, but they are acceptable for those who are on the diet or not - me and my mum are on this diet, and my dad isn't but he eats the food anyway because the meal is as if we're not on a diet. It just depends on the days.
It also makes small subsitutions, e.g. brown bread instead of white, skimmed milk instead of whole, etc. You don't NEED these substitutions, but for example, if you switch to skimmed milk, you can have more milk than you would whole milk.
You can also have an unlimited number of eggs!
You just add up your sins every day. If you cook slimming world meals, then it says how many sins it is. If you make something which is not a slimming world recipe however, you calculate the sins yourself. This limits the amount of snacking you do!
Its a fantastic diet, it's so easy, not too expensive, it's all down to you. And it works! I lost a stone in 3-4 weeks.
Hope all goes well!

The Legendary Masked Akitist
You need to look at the types of food you're preparing. Restrict the amounts of carbohydrates (starches and sugars), fats and oils that he eats, and fill him up on veggies. Less red meats and more fish. An old trick is to drink a glass of water before the meal, to fill the stomach.

Serve him on a smaller plate, and "no second helpings". A good slimming exercise is pushing oneself away from the table.

Another thing to look into is the psychological aspect. It may not actually be food he craves, but the satisfaction or security that a good meal can bring. If he comes from a fat family food may have been regarded as a reward or other symbol, not nutrition.

I hear ya hun.

Wow just how did he get to be over weight, if you and the kids don't need the diet, and you do all the cooking..? Sounds to me like someone could be snacking. Are you sure he isn't stopping off at the snack shop on his walk home?

If you're thin, then it doesn't sound like you do actually need to change much, except maybe his portion sizes. When it comes to meals, leave off anything that might calorify his meal, like the cheese sauce or the butter in mash. You might just have to slightly re-think how you do the meals so that there's a split between the healthy and not so healthy elements.

Also any associated costs are likely to be less, as healthy food is generally cheaper, and of course in the long run well worth it if it adds years back onto his life.

Good luck to you both x

Buy weight watchers ready made meals at farmhouse foods 5 for £5 , 30 minutes in the oven and they're done . They taste good and will be ready by the time you have cooked the kids food .

To add bulk just boil up loads of mixed veg and add it to the meal because veg no matter how much we eat cannot cause weight gain .

Cereal for breakfast , a sandwich for dinner , and a weight watchers meal for tea (perhaps 2 without exceeding his calorie limit ?) should do it .

Most important of all is eat at regular times or else the body will store fat against starvation (its a built in survival mechanism) .

Oh and he can snack on all the fruit he wants .

i totally agree with dizzie as my wife is on slimming world at the moment she don't eat anything different to what i eat and has lost nearly 7 stone in one year and she told me to tell you to get the word diet out of your head as this is not a diet but put simply healthy eating and so i would recommend slimming world 100%

Weight watchers is quite easy to follow, there are a lot of sites online that give you recipies, and gives you point values. You don't even hve to join. I know here in the states you can go into a weight watchers place, and buy the books, you don't even have to join.

if your husband never feels full, why not try to feed him food that keeps you going for a long time? nuts + stuff like that with protein should do it. and it sounds as if hes doing ok with the exercising, now all you need to do is combine it with healthy foods. dont listen to all the crappy diets that cut out whole food groups, try and eat all portions of the eatwell plate. good luck to your husband, and you, hope you find my advice useful (:

My Mum and my sister have been doing Slimming World for a few months and they both look fantastic. They probably lost an average of 2lbs a week each, which when you add it up over the weeks is a lot. With slimming world you never go hungry - its quite a complicated system to begin with (I can't keep up with it!) but now they just know what they should be eating. Its not about depriving yourself of anything - its about knowing what to eat with what. Food combining!
I think I've got that right?!
Its true that eating healthily can seem more expensive than junk type food, especially at first. But if you plan meals and snacks that helps as you only buy what you need. Perhaps you could cook the basics of each meal (e.g. jacket potatoes...) and your husband could have a healthy salad on the side (for example) and your & you kids could have something else, not so 'slimming'. That way you all eat togther.
I hope that helped a bit, I'm not a slimming world expert I'm afraid!
Good luck xx

Dizzzi :)
My mum goes to Slimming World and basically eats the same as we do except she goes easy on the snacks.
The Slimming World diet has also changed and been named the Extra Easy diet whereas before there were two seperate ones (Green - eating pasta and veg mainly and Original - mainly meat) This new diet incorporates both meat veg and pasta so therefore you can eat all the food groups in the same day (you had to do either one or the other on one day before)
I would go and talk to a Slimming World consultant with him and talk about the fact he can still eat as much as he wants (Free foods - mainly fruit and veg but also includes some meat fish rice and pasta etc - which he can eat as much of as he wants whilst still loosing weight)
They use Syns for any extras that aren't free foods and depending on his weight he will be allocated Syns he can eat per day on top of the Free Foods and also Healthy Extras (milk, dairy and bread).
This might sound quite confusing so to understand it better I would advise you going to your local Slimming World place and talking to the consultant there.

Good luck to him and yourself :)

Mr. Pleasant
Ask him to try Paul McKenna's books for losing weight and listen to the CD that comes with it
My dad tried it and lost a lot of weight

It's about controlling how you eat rather than what you eat

Hot Answers - Artemisâ„¢
Weight Watchers, Slimming World.. All thesame.

I know you said you dont want to let him Join these clubs, but let me tell you how my Aunt Shiela lost a freaky amount of Fat in 2 months. She joined Weight Watchers in the Uk and being around other overweight people and having experts tell You [ Everyone gets a different plan ] EXACTLY what to eat, Its wonderful. She lost 6 Pounds... Your probably thinking Iam talking Bull, But feel free to give it a try.

Can you cook him more of the vegies that you're cooking for his dinner. So say you're having chicken, vegies and mash potato. Just adjust his meal so his is suitable for him. More vegies, less mash and potato. Get it? even if you have to steam a few vegies to maybe replace something in his meal. Also, he can't cook. Show him and he may find a new passion and desire to care about what he's eating. How about what he's eating at work? and look for good snack foods for him so he can't find the excuse to stray.

mike h
Hi, I have give you this advice before, but I will repeat it again.

Just adopt a healthy lifestyle.Eat a good healthy diet and excercise a lot!!! The more excercise you do the better!

For a healthy diet, (not diet food!!!!!!!!!!) you need to be eating small to medium meals regularly. 4 or even 5 times a day. Each meal (apart from breakfast which should preferably be fibre rich), should contain a balanced ammount of carbohydrates for energy, (from potatoes, rice and pasta, etc) protien (from fish, chicken, occassional red meat is fine, soya is good too) and plenty of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants (simple fresh fruit and veg). Eat like this and make sure you are well hydrated (fruit juice is as good as water, any fluid counts, but some fluids have negative effects too, such as alcohol or caffiene rich drinks.)

You can have a wide range of healthy meals with this, from Thai, Chinese, Italian, British, Indian, etc. Just make sure each meal contains balanced ammounts of these three. On the bright side too, fresh veg and rice and pasta is a lot cheaper than crappy junk food!

This doesn't mean you cant have chocolate or pizza/takeaway/etc, just save them as very occassional treats.

The big secret to keeping a healthy weight and staying healthy is EXCERCISE, particularly cardio excercise.

Cardio exercise includes any form of excercise such as running/jogging/swimming/cycling etc that gets your heart rate pumping and you sweating and out of breath. It will not only burn calories and reduce your body fat levels, therefore making you 'slimmer' by having less fat on you, but will also improve your resting heart rate and lung function, making you healthier.

I cannot understate the importance of cardio excercise. It is this which will basically burn the body fat off you.

But you have to remember that once you have shed a bit of fat you have to have a nice toned body underneath the fat to show off.

Strength training will help you strengthen and tone your muscles. This is done with the use of weights or by free training.

There are essentially (without getting overly complicated) two types of strength excercises based on different types of muscle fibres depending on wether you want to build size, bulk and power, or just 'tone' up the lean muscles an get more muscle endurance.

Heavy weights with short reps/sets will build your fast twitch muscle fibres and build size, power and strength. Imagine big guys at the gym lifting heavy weights.

But if you use light to medium weights with lots of reps/sets you will excercise your slow twitch muscle fibres, you wont build size, but you will tone up your body and train muscle endurance. This will obviously make you 'look' healthier and more toned, but will also increase your metabolism (as your muscles demand more energy) so you will burn calories faster. These muscles are also excercised a lot with cardio workouts (i.e your leg muscles when running).

Your arms for example, will need bicep curls and tricep dips using weights and reps of your choice (heavy - low reps, light - lots of reps) and also shoulder excercises such as holding the weights at your waist and lifting them perpendicular to your side or in front of you, etc etc.

Your stomach will need excercises that cover the entire torso. Leg raises for your lower ab wall, crunches, sit ups and planks for your upper and all over ab wall, oblique twists for your sides and superman stretches for your lower back for example.

These are just basic examples, there are literally hundreds of excercises, but it is impossible to show you on a site like this, get a trainer at your gym to show you some but remember the basic rules of muscles and weights.

As far as excercise goes, you should aim to strike a balance between cardio training and strength training, this way you will build good strong and toned muscle, but also keep your body fat levels down and increase your heart and lung performance, making you much fitter and healthier.

Hope this helps.

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