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Should i quit taking birth control? the weight issue is depressing me?
i have been on seasonique for 5 weeks. my doctor said it's a low dose hormone when i expressed my weight gain concern. i went on it to eliminate my periods which are painful. trouble is, no matter how hard i try i am getting fatter which is really upsetting me. i have gained 3 pounds so far -- with eating really well and being active -- and i think it's just going to continue to rise. i don't know what is worse... gaining weight or painful periods. my self esteem is getting affected (i do NOT look good with weight and i fight it all the time!). what do you guys think? what would you do?

Well you probably won't gain THAT much weight though so i would go with the weight. But i wouldn't know since.. well im a guy..and ...i haven't had a period cough

Miz Mafiosetta♥sTHE REAL BOSS
DEPO eliminated my periods when I was on it but I been off it for years & years and only have one heavy period a year however your problem could not b so much the birth control as you may have hit a plateau meaning u might have 2 shake up your routine a bit by adding a lil more intensity r more min r changing your cardio 2 lose your weight also you could try replacing a lunch r dinner w/ a lean CUISINE r weight watcher & your drinks w/ crystal lite

Stop taking birth controls they arent even good for you. Really painful periods is actually not normal, periods should come and go like nothing. I think you should try and find an ND (naturopathic doctor) I think it's evening primorose oil that is suppose to help you, but you can go to a really good natural health food store, and ask them. If you can't find an ND. Hope this has helped.

*The Girl With The Emerald Eyes*
All I can tell you is DON"T get on depo. It's evil. I gained 30lbs. in 3 months on that, then had to wait another 7 months for it to completely leave my body, during which time it was nearly impossible to lose weight.

You can see a difference in your body over three pounds? Are you sure your not just obsessing about your weight in general? Most of us can not see three pounds difference happen to us dear. Yeah, if you watch the scales, but not by looking in the mirror. Besides, getting your period can make you gain three pounds, did you know that? There are a lot of things that make us gain and loose a few pounds every day. I would just tell you that if your unhappy with the pill try the shot or another pill for a while. But honestly, stop watching the scales for a minute and loosen up . I am sure you look just fine.

my doctor told me weight gain on birth control is not real...dont know if its true or not... she said girls panic and dont want to be sick while taking the pill so they tend to eat more not realizing. Maybe u gained 3 pounds because your retaining water...the body does that from time to time, I am sure you will lose those 3 pounds quickly

are u taking tifilo or wateva its called..it start wit a T

Irish Darling
Just try a different type of birth control. I went between like three or four types before I found one that didn't give me adverse affects. Just ask your doctor if you can try another kind.

The periods are probably really painful, but the birth control isn't a natural thing to your body. I would stop taking the birth control immediately. A lot of people take birth control but no one really knows the side effects in the long run. It can be unhealthy for you. You don't want to fight with your weight over pills so just stop using them.

V Aletheia
Hey hun, I can empathize with you big time on this one.
No birth control methods have seemed to work for me before because my body is really sensitive to the hormones and I not only gain weight, but am moody and fall into depression as a result of those things.

As of last March, I got an IUD inserted. I opted for the non-hormonal kind (called ParaGard). It is inserted into the uterus (this was fairly painless for me, but varies from person to person) and protects against births for 10 years (the hormonal kind lasts for 5 years), with almost 100% efficiency. I HIGHLY recommend this, because although it may have a few 'cons' about it, it is mostly 'pros', especially since birth control pills, rings, and shots gave me bad side-effects. (Note: I cannot feel the IUD inside of me, and neither can guys).

I am a student (21-years-old) and do not work a job aside from summers, so I was worried about how I would be able to pay for the IUD to be inserted. I went to Planned Parenthood and talked to the nurses there about it. They were helpful in funding the payment of it for me since I am a student with only enough money for immediate school responsibilities.
However, if you have low income even if you're not a student, there are ways to reduce the cost, if not get it free. If you neither have low income, nor are a student, it is certainly worth the price since it protects against births for 10 years (and is cheaper than paying for birth control pills, shots, patches, rings, etc. every single month for 10 years).

My suggestion: Go to Planned Parenthood (or your OBGYN) and ask about IUDs. It is definitely worth it, and I think you would like it since you seem to be going through what I went through for a while.

Remember, your health and well-being are above all. So if you're feeling depressed and considerably unhappy about your weight gain, I suggest you get off of your current birth control (but definitely use condoms in the meantime!) and regain your sanity and happiness again.

Best of luck to you hun!

Shane B
you should try implanone.ask your doctor about it..

Hot S
Why dont you try a different birth control and see what happens

AnnaMarie M
i would just be more active like you are doing now and it good that you are eating right. you should tack a yoga class or a belly dance class or somthing like that to help your body.

tara g
Ok three pounds is nothing. It is most likely water weight. But if it continues then you may want to talk to your doctor. There are so many pills out there I am sure that he will find another low dose pill for you and you will not gain weight from it.

Well I had the same problem with my menstrual cycle I had really bad cramps. All I did to stop it was to get Alto of rest and eat right. When your a girl with these problems theres not alot of room for junk food so try drinking alot of water and taking midol or advil.....Don't choose the birth conrol if you feel that it's making you gain weight because eventually if you gain to much weight you'll probably have other problems coming along with it....P.S. also try using a hot rag on your belly to loosen the muscles.GOOD LUCK!!

you could stop best taking birth contol and jus take things for cramps? best of luck :)


most all birth control makes you gain weight. however your doctor put you on this particular one for a reason. 3 lbs is not alot. yeah yeah i know. but if you feel this is an issue talk to your doctor again about your concerns. maybe they will change the meds or give you a much better understanding of why you are on that brand.
there are many other forms of birth control. just remember a little weight is expected but if you get pregnant you can gain 25- 70lbs. i think a small weight gain is more acceptable then becoming a mom at an early age. be smart watch what you eat and continue to exercise. usually the weight gain from birth control is a gradual thing you don't gain it all at once. if you however are putting on a lot in short time once again talk to your doctor.
good luck

get an IUD. pills have many side effects and long term health issues. IUD is fairly safe and it lasts up to 5 years and can be removed when you area ready to have a baby.

I think if you give it a chance it will level out and youll get your weight right back where you want it. Afterall you are changing your hormones etc. you cant expect your body not to react at all. I can guarantee you the weight will really come on if you get pg! If youre just doing it for the periods, you could try other options...have you looked into anything herbal? Natural options can be very effective...sometimes they just take a little longer. Good Luck!

Bree B
Birth control is not a natural substance......so you should probably stop taking it. There are other things you can do to eliminate painful periods

Eli's momma
I had the exact same problem, i got fat fast! I tried four different BC pills and so i just got frusterated and quit. Then I got pregnant...
I would just deal and stay on it, its better than the consequence. Dont get me wrong, i am happy to be preggers, but the whole fat things isnt going to go away now, just get worse! Stick with the pill.

I would say try looking into another way to help your period pains. A lot of people see that birth control a bit worrisome because theres a reason you have a monthly cycle. if you dont then somethings wrong, so by purposfully nixing it you wont be able to see if theres an issue.

usually changing yoru diet helps all problems...I dable in raw food diet,
this might be helpful for you read
(see number 7)

I had bad acne issues and after reading and gathering various information different diets etc... I made one happy combination of all of it that I could live with and still enjoy you know.. eating.. lol and it worked :)

Also look into the blood type diet.
thats one that I really reccomend looking into

once you read more you'll be able to figure out and "cure" your problem naturally. somethng just out of balance right now

No i would rather be fat than have a baby

Susan C
Guess you need to weigh the pros and cons of The Pill...

I would stop taking it or try another method it sounds like it is really affecting you. Talk to your doctor if she does not give you more options seek another doctor.

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