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 Stomach exercise...? Just wondering..?
I do this exercise everyday. You lie flat on your back, knees bent, your hands on the top of your thighs. Then you raise your left arm to your right knee, and vice versa.

Altogether in ...

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 lose 10 POUNDS of FAT by MAY!?!?
I am an early teen, and i want to lose 10 pounds by the end of May 2008.
In summary, i want to lose about 3-4 pounds a MONTH.
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Should SKINNY GIRLS work out at the gym?
And if so, than why? If you're already skinny as hell, does working out do anything else to your body? I'm 97 pounds right now and I don't look anorexic or anything it's just how I am, and I was wondering if it would be a good thing to get a gym membership.

i hate skinny people in the gym
i mena they can keep up and exercise but when i go in there these 2 girls were super skinny and doing a super hard workout that lasted an hour and a half!!
i mean come on!!!!

yes but not much
if ur skinny then you should make
something of urself

lyk skinny girls should concern trainners in order to grow der body dat is der der breast n *** n should consume food directed by them in order to gain some weight

yer if you want you still eat and you may enjoy working out at the gym so go for it.

im thin and i work out

Ulrina A
Deffinately. I'm 88Lbs and go to the gym regularly. I want to be fit, not just slim. You can be thin but unhealthy if you don't excersize anough.
In fact, since thin people are carrying less weight around with them their heart may not be as active as heavyer peoples, making it more important to excersize.
Just make sure you increase your calories in order to avoid losing weight and becoming an unhealthy weight.
Good luck. X

I think you should, so that you could tone up your body. I've been working out for a while now and trust me it's worth it.

No dont just maintain your weight add more protien and simply do crunches and and general brisk walks, its more attract to have a body with curves :) and you'll look more beautiful and feel healthier

Those that really matter to you!
everybody knows what there doing with their body so they have the rights to work out at the gym

everyones entitled to do exercise. Its if you dont eat the right food/or dont eat any food then exercise that is the bad thing. Theres a difference of being healthy and slim and not healthy and slim i.e annorexic

Just because you are skinny does not mean you are healthy. Cardio work outs help increase your "good" cholesterol, lower blood pressure and reduce your chance of heart disease. Impact type work outs help increase bone density which will be key as you age and osteoporosis becomes a concern. Physical activity has been proven to improve your mood, decrease symptoms of PMS and all sorts of other great things - plus the gym is a great place to make new friends! If you don't like the gym, go hiking, ride a bike/horse, go running/skating - just move - it's good for you in soooo many ways - weight loss being the least of them!

Absolutely! Everyone should strength train!
"Skinny" women even more so, since their low body fat percentage puts them at risk for osteoporosis later in life.

See, you have no excuse now =)

Anti-War Jihadist
Everybody has muscles built even the skinny one. And it is muscle's nature to grow and aging too.

Yes it is a good thing to get a gym membership and build up your muscle since it is muscle nature to grow and support your body.

FYI, skinny girls by nature has higher level of intimate pleasure which sometime cause real problem with partner. Built up some muscle will definitely lower that level to certain zone that could increase comfortable level for both side. Thus will give you more Healty live too, at the end.

Good Luck !!!

It's not all about getting skinny, its also about exercisising and maintaining health. I've been to a gym, and majority of the people there are already buff and in shape, some are muscle heads beyond belief. Being slim is no reason not to go to the gym to work out. Also that place can sometimes be a meat market, or meeting ground for singles.

Health prof.
it's more about being healthy.
if you're thin - then you're more likely to be healthy. BUT healthiness is not only dependent on your weight! you can be very skinny and very unfit for example.

that said, even if you are thin, you should still be doing exercise three times per week. It will help your heart, blood pressure, lung capacity, and tone your muscles.

If you play any sport, or keep active other ways, then you dont necessary need to go to the GYM for this exercise.

good luck!

yes your cardiovascular system and muscular system still needs exercise even if you don't need to lose weight.

Even skinny people need to work out. Some people are skinny but not toned.

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