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 Slimming World advice quite urgent..plz help.?
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 How do I know when I'm fat?

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Why am I so fat?...

 a fat 14 year old girl needs advice on Weight loss... picture!?
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 Am I Overweight?

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 You are what you eat? what are you then?

 Stretch Marks? I'm 14!?
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How do you get rid of them?
How did i get them?

I'm not fat i do dance 6 times a week and i've had ...

 I am skinny but eat like LOADS! ?
I eat like a lot of snacks like;
crisps,fruit,sandwiches,toast,chocolat… .. and more.

But i eat like cereal or toast for breakfast (never miss it) , then for lunch i have like a ...

im 17 years old, 80 pounds, female, 5 ft.

this is me:


im sort of worried? because peoepl keep ...

 Why am i always hungry after dinner?
i eat til i am like full then ten mins later im like hungry again, i am 13 years old.
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i dont eat alot of junk ...

 Is it true that Vomiting makes you lose weight?
My friend told me that if you vomit 3 times a week the food that you eat it makes you lose weight. But i thought it makes you gain? Is this true please explain?
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I ...

 im really overweight ?
im 14 and 11 months. i weigh 195 pounds. i joined my schools indoor and out door track. we will run 4 days a week for about 45 minutes. will i lose a lot of weight....

 What are good exercises to perform while trying to lose 200Ibs?

 am i skinny, fat, or normal weight???
im in middle school
i weigh about 107 pounds and am a size 4
and im about 5 foot 5 inches tall
is that normal, skinny, or fat???
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oo also i have a ...

 Do I look fat ? Please help me ! ?
I may sound silly (lol), but today I jumped into my boyfriends lap and he was like "woahh, your heavy !" ... I don't really know if he was being sarcastic or if he meant it. And I ...

 is losing 11 pounds in a month a good achievment?
or should i have tried to loose more.

I'm on a diet and have lost 11 pounds in a month, is this a good achievment or could i have lost more? Should i aim to loose more this month?

 is 137 pounds for a 14 year old girl with height 5''7' normal or is it overwweight?

Should I lose some weight?
I'm about 5'4 and 108-110lbs.
Should I lose some weight? ):

I have some extra fat, usually it doesn't bother me but it's starting to at the moment.

nancy d
no, its fine
4 ure height anywhere from 94-114 is just fine.

that's fine.

Andi Leigh
Um... NO!

You're fine, girl.
Don't worry about it.

no u dont need to lose weight. u have a healthy weight.

you're fine

No no no your fine for your height. You should not even be thinking about loosing weight.

allie v
Not at all! your perfect just the way you are ;-)

-->>> gιяℓ gαмιиg fяєαк

Michael M
No, your good at that weight for your size.

Taylor Swift<33
nope your perfect

You are totally fine. If you really want to... Then only lose a few pounds. That is about my size but then again I'm still a teenager.

o0 GooF 0o
I wish I weighed that lol. I am 5'2 and only 87 pounds.

no its a nice weight

you don't have to do anything a guy doesn't like a girl to be too skinny, so all you need to do is just go out hang with your friends at the mall or something and just walking around and shop and have fun and if you buy enough stuff then you'll stay in fit for as long as you do and hang out with your buddies

If you do end up trying to lose that weight try drinking more water and no soda... that is huge and it will help with the 5-7 pounds

Depends, how old are you. It really doesent matter though, dont worryy aboust your weight unless your 5' 4' and weigh more than 150 lbs. 10 pts. plz

you're a good weight, but if you feel like you have some fat, then just start toning... you could try pilates or yoga to help firm up...

actually, your normal like me :)
but i weigh 2 pounds more :P
it's normal.
having no fat wouldn't be healthy no matter what.

i dont wanna sound like Dr. Phil
you should love yourself the way you are bur if you feel like you could loose a couple pounds then go ahead!!

Ta-Zu (&Miku)
You're fine.
&you don't have extra fat. D: We're not meant to be skin and bones you know!

No, but you can if you want to. And the extra fat might just be water weight. And to make water weight go away you have to drink MORE water.

that's perfectly fine.
that's in the average range for that height.
If you are really concerned go to your doctor and find out what percent tile you are in.

lose weight, whats your ideal weight...80lbs?
thats really pathetic for you to say.
you obviously know that your thin, you get on here to mock young woman and to seek attention.
it's pretty childish and shouldn't be done anymore.

Commander Tortoise
HELL NO, you shouldn't lose ANY weight. You're skinny enough as it is. Do you wanna be bony?? You shouldn't.

no it's good.

5'4 at 108-110?

That's perfect.

No no no you are a very healthy weight.
Everyone should have some extra fat.

Dusty K
You're actually under weight for your height, but if you just have a small frame that's okay.

Stag McDyre
That's skinny you shouldn't lose weight.

You got to be kiding me!!!!

Tyreesha Bufonda
hahahah your perfect, i'm the same height, i'm fifteen, and i'm one twenty, i only wish i could weigh as much as you.
but everyones different.
if your really uncomfortable with your body, talk to your parent or someone you look up to.
and as for the extra fat, i'm sure its not fat, or maybe its just baby chub hahah (: you could just tone it up a bit by running, doing lunges and squats, and some crunches too!! if you need anything else just let me know!!

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