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Hoshiku S
Should I listen to my mom and lose weight? Am I right to be upset?

Quite a while ago, I put up a question about my mother constantly telling me to lose weight because she thought I was fat. I was 5'4 and around 125 lbs then. I admit that I ate quite a bit, but I didn't think 125 lbs was such a big deal until she made it that way. After my wisdom teeth surgery, I'm down to 120 lbs. It has remained this way for a while. Soon after that, I became somewhat obsessed with weight loss, and tried losing more weight by cutting my diet quite a bit - it didn't happen.

After that, I decided to try exercising. For the past 3 weeks, I have been doing at least 30 minutes of jump rope each day. There hasn't been any weight loss, but I feel as if I'm gaining some muscle. The thing is, my mother wants me to be feminine (she wants me looking 'pretty') - my calves were already quite muscular before this, and she doesn't want me building muscle anymore.

As for my questions...

I'm already not on good terms with my mother, but those words only make me resent her more. She makes me think that at 5'4, being around 120 lbs is 'overweight' because I'm Asian, and she probably believes they should be small.

I was wondering...should I listen to her at all about weight loss? Or should I just stick with building muscle mass and be happy with those results? I feel very unsure because of her words. I used to not think I was fat at all, but now I'm painfully aware of calories and the fat in my body. I hate being this way and I can't help blaming her for it.

What do you think? Any help is appreciated! I'm sorry for the excessive typing...

What you're really gaining is muscle tone. It won't make you look bulky or anything. Just better in general. You should start running, and it will get you in awesome shape, speed up your metabolism to a healthy rate, and keep you from looking big in any way. With a fast metabolism, you won't have to diet at all (not that you would anyway...), but you should eat healthy.

Your mom will get used to you being in good shape. Maybe she should run too. :)

According to the charts, you are at a healthy weight. That is what's important. Also, if you are exercising and eating right, you are doing what is best. Please keep up the cardio, though, because it is a great way to relieve stress, gives you energy, and it's great for your heart. You will probably want to mix it up, too, with running, dancing, rowing, stairs, or whatever else you like. I think your mother is mistaken and it's your body.

If you're happy about the way you look, ignore your mother.
Your grammar and language is proof of how rational and mature you are, so don't let her think that you're dumb and need to be told what to do. Building muscle is healthy. Do the things you want to do because your mother isn't going to be in your life forever. Resentment is unfortunately common between parents and their children, and she'll probably regret the way she acted when you get older and extremely successful. I'm 16, and my mother is also a difficult one. I look forward to the day I move out, although I do worry for my father and my dogs.

I have so many things to say because I feel like I can identify with you, but I can't seem to fabricate the words!
I honestly wish the best to you. Mothers are influential, don't let her ruin your life.

I don't know what else to say, but get out as fast as you can.
Best of luck girl. I whole-heartedly mean it.

Heather M
With no disrespect for your mother, I think you should focus on being HEALTHY.

Eat lots of fruits and vegs, when you eat carbs, try to make them Complex Carbs (whole wheat, grains, nuts. not processed foods, like flour or just about anything white). Keep sweets low and keep up the exercise.

I'm sure your mother truly only has your best interests at heart, but from my own personal experience, I could never please my parents when I was young- no matter what I did. So, just be the best "you" you can be and try to find a to come to peace with that.

mark m
MY advice would be to look up your age and height on the body mass index chart. than make a decision on how to proceed after word

That seems like a difficult situation with your mother, but you seem happy being healthy. Maybe you should let her know that your working towards a healthy body and that is whats important to you.

As far as losing weight, you've probably hit a standstill with your jumping rope because your body is getting used to it already. You will have to confuse your body into losing weight by switching up your routine. Try a different form of cardio like walking, jogging, or biking. If your worried about bulking up, I would suggest yoga and pilates, where you will build lean muscle. Also, make sure your eating right. Add fruits, veggies, lean meat and protein (ham, turkey, eggs, tuna, chicken) to your diet and drink lots of water.

Good Luck!

social butterfli <3
hah I'm the same height as you and I wish I weighed 120... I'm 135 and my friends don't think I'm fat at all but I'm a bit chubby...

She'll get over it eventually. You are not fat but you do need to start telling her that she can be who she wants to be, and that you will be what you want to be.

Naruto UZ
Its a decision your going to have to make. Do you want to make yourself happy or make others happy and not be happy yourself. If you make the choice of making yourself happy your going to disappoint someone and vice versa. Not to be harsh, but you have to decide.

you are not overweight at all!
i am 5'4 and around 130 pounds.
i workout. i am a girl. and i am not fat.
i have muscle. and i am okay with that. i used to be concerned that i was 130 but then i would look at myself in a mirror and i knew i wasn't fat i was actually skinny. i just had muscle.
so do not listen to your mom. just keep working out and be happy.
you are not overweight.
have confidence in the way you look. just stay healthy. that is all that matters.

You are fine. It is good to get exercise though. It is a good habit to start when you are young. I am sorry that your mother is so overly critical. Mine was the same way. She died of cancer when I was 20, and I now wish we had been on better terms, you don't get to pick your family unfortunately.

I wouldn't listen to her because that is not fat by any means. It's a good healthy weight for you and you should be proud. Don't let anyone bring you down like that. 120lbs isn't fat at all. Everyone is built differently and that's no ones fault. And the reason you can't lose weight is because you don't need to. You are at the right weight for your height. Just what ever she says about your weight take it and let it roll right off your back. She's got issues and needs not to take it out on you. Good Luck and god Bless!

go on the INTERNET type in BMI. that will tell you If your over weight. your not over weight your just right keep on building muscle. It better to have more muscle. and less fat.

Aww.. you're not fat at all! not even a little bit. i used a BMI calculator haha and you're at the low end of the healthy range.

So don't listen to her... just eat well and exercise.

No, you should not listen to her. Do not do anything stupid or get an eating disorder. Your weight sounds perfect!
And muscle is good! It helps burn more calories even when you aren't doing anything and a toned body is always nicer looking than a thin, gaunt, flabby one.
Just try not to bring the subject up around your mom or try to convince her how hard you are trying.
Jump roping is very good for you! You really do not need weight loss though, just stick with building muscle and toning your body and you will be fine :)

Ok.. I'm 5'5" and I weight 160.
And I'm NOT fat, and I'm NOT skinny.
I'm NORMAL. And your mom is some messed up lady for telling you to lose weight.

I bet you millions your body is perfectly fine.
Just stop, that makes me sick.
You don't need to be a nasty little tooth pick, thing.

Please. Ignore her. That's terrible.

wow.. i dont know whats up with your mom but you are actually at a good healthy weight now .. No you dont need to be thinner!!!!

well if you eat healthy then screw her and just ignore it
i know that thats definitely a healthy weight. she might just be worrying about your health more than apperance. not sure.

dude, I'm 4' 11" and 125. but I think a lot of it is muscle because I'm in a lot of sports.
I'd be mad if my mom tried making me lose weight.
Don't worry about it.
Ideal body weight for someone who is 5' 4" is 114-127.
So you're good :)

That is not overweight. Muscle is good. Tell your mom that if a guy ever tries to beat on you, muscle will come in handy :P (jk). You're perfect the way you are, your mom might not understand that, but she'll probably get over it eventually.

Mothers can be hyper critical. It's hard but try to ignore it. If you're happy the way you are let her know that you're happy and healthy and she should be glad that you're not obese like most of America. She'll eventually get over it.

No. I think you are a good size. I hope those words do not make you insecure because you are a perfect weight for your height. You are not overweight. Nobody is perfect. Maybe mom is jealous of you. LOL

Philip H
I'm not going to lie, that height and weight and race is my match made in heaven <3 so no, you're fine, even ask a BMI calculator, it agrees.

Muscle is great, it is a sign of being healthy. It is not super healthy to be just skinny with no muscle. Culturally, ideal body type varies. Your mom is probably just trying to look out for you by remembering what she went through when she was a young girl. Take what she says with a grain of salt and just know she loves you.

Muscle is better than fat

NJ Devils Girl :)
You are not fat. Exercise and eat right because you want to. I could understand her point if were like 400 pounds or something. But you are a healhty weight. Now for a 4 yr old 125 is being fat.

Your mom is dangerously wrong. Please ignore her advice about weight loss. You are healthy. Follow your own instincts and you will remain that way. If she starts again, politely change the subject. Her wrong and damaging comments will affect your physical and emotional health otherwise.

Serene E
According to the webiste, below, you are at a completely normal weight.

You are not overweight, she's putting her obsession on you!!

Next time you go to your doctor, HAVE HIM/HER TELL HER THAT YOU ARE FINE!!!

120 pounds + 5'4" height = perfect.

Sorry hun, your moms a *****.

your mom is wrong. that is a perfectly normal weight. Don't listen to her.

Nurse K
In short, NO! You are not "fat" or "overweight."

A lot of what you wrote makes me so sad, because it's me and so many other girls.

Don't cut your diet radically - just don't do it. When you lose motivation, which will happen because it eventually, always, does, you'll be back at square one and feel ashamed and even worse. Instead, eat 6+ small meals a day that are packed with lean proteins like turkey, chicken, and soy.

Jumping rope for 30 minutes a day is fabulous exercise, and really good for you. If you're looking for weight loss specifically, then a "short, high-intensity" activity like jumping rope is less useful than a "long, low-intensity" activity like jogging, biking, or swimming for 45 minutes to an hour. This will lead to less muscle buildup (although still some, and that's something to be proud of, not ashamed of!!) and more weight loss from sustained calorie burning.

It seems like your mom might be feeling pressured by the external world and, especially, remembering pressures exerted on her by her own parents as a child. She's absorbed these social norms such as having a "petite, skinny, muscleless" Asian daughter is better than a normal-weight, muscular, healthy daughter.

Bottom line, you are who you are, and very few people still subscribe to old societal norms. It sounds like you're trying to be healthy. Keep it up - the results will show!

Try to find a friend to talk to about the pressure you feel from your mom, or maybe a counselor at school or a therapist. Find someone to talk to!

If you have any other questions or want to talk, message me :)

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