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Should I Make Myself Vomit?
I was following a strict way of eating for the past 2 weeks as well as cardio, it really took a lot to put up with it all. Basically just eating 6 really healthy small meals that are very bland and contain very low fat, sugars and carbs. Well today I cheated but went overboard, about 3 hours ago I ate nearly 2 pounds of Fuzzy peach gummy candies. Thats like 907g worth. I don't want this to mess up all my hard work, so if I force myself to vomit just this once will that help?

Obsessive much?

Go puke yourself to death

Vomiting forces stomach out your mouth. On its way up, stomach acid erodes your throat and teeth. Therefore, you should not do it on a daily basis. This one time will not hurt you, just dont make it a habit.

No, but just try to stay close to your diet from now on.

No this is how people end up becoming bulemic - you start of thinking well wat i've just eaten is unhealthy so i am technically helping myself by throwing up...so u do. Then the next time you feel you've eaten too much (which most of the time you actually havent eaten too much but enough) you think hey i did it once i can do it again and you keep going. its like smoking - take the first cigarette and ur on it for ages. Just start your regime again - its ok. =D


No! This could be the beginning of an eating disorder. It doesn't sound healthy to me. You're probably starving yourself. You're obviously not getting enough nutrients to your brain and that's why you wolfed down those gummy candies. You need to be eating more carbohydrates in the form of brown rice and whole grains such as bread and cereal. That will help curtail your hunger binges. Please eat healthy and sensible. Everything in moderation!

No, no, no. Please don't get started down that path. Bulimia and purging in general can have many serious health side effects down the road. For example, I am going in to have surgery on Monday to remove my gall bladder. It can cause heartburn, esophagus tears, poor teeth, heart problems, colon issues and more. I know you say it is just this once, but you can't let yourself get caught up in that cycle. Be stronger and prove to yourself that you can be healthy and smart by doing it the right way. Just work harder in the future, and remember this issue next time you pick up a bag of gummies!
Good luck!

Bella Mariposa
I used to do this when I would diet. I'm not bulimic, I weigh 160 pounds, and I'm 5'3. I realize that it is bad, but I only did it a few times over 6 months.

NO!!! whats to stop you from eating them again and throwing up?? you're going to develop an eating disorder or something if you do that. youre diet is obviously not working for you if you cheat by going overboard with two pounds of gummies! change your diet. the 6 small healthy meals a day are great, thats what they say you should eat especially if you want to lose weight. but also yourself a treat here and there so you dont break down and go bazzurk like that! but def do not throw up! it wont set you back that much anyways. so just keep up the healthy eating and working out along with a treat every now and then and you will be doing fine! best of luck!!

maybe but that is not the right way to do that. Still sugars will stay in your body that later will become fat. What you need to do is drink tons of water, it will help you to eliminate the toxins. Also drink lemon juice.

Check.It x
I would....

No! Just get back on track with your diet. They say if you follow our diet 90% of the time, you're doing great! Don't worry about one slip up! Just keep up your hard work! Maybe exercise a little more today.

its not a good idea idea plus your food is already digesting by 3 hours so there will be Absolutely no point!!!!!

Mireille S
Nope because then your body will be very frigal with vomiting witch means you can vomit very easely!

Just to tell you, you shouldn't be ashamed in what size in body you are.. Everyone comes in different looks and that's how god created us...

We are beautiful in every looks noyone is perfect but everyone is perfect the way they are... So take my advice and just be happy for who you are.

I'm kinda surprised you didn't vomit after eating all that. But, no, vomiting is not a healthy thing to do and it may start you down a path of bulimia.

You should keep vomiting. Food always tastes better the 2nd time around and you are burning calories and exercising your core as well as your diaphragm...for cereal.

Steer clear of any fad diets and certainly don't make yourself vomit...that's what leads to bulimia. If you eat healthily and balanced; protein, fruit/ veg, carbs, omega oils etc you wouldn't have to go on these type of diets. By changing your diet so drastically you effectively binge because your body is craving sugar - give what your body needs; only do it in a healthy way.

Um, throwing up your food is UNHEALTHY. Keep it down. You like, need to chill. LOL. I keep a VERY strict diet too, but if I accidentally splurge, I make up for it by doing extra exercises and stuff. Just don't vomit. =) Bulimia is never the answer.

serious jane.
it would be better to super exercise it off. rather than taking the easy way out. then the next time you are craving a tasty snack that's like a ton of calories you will eat it and feel guilty and throw up. and who knows. it could turn into an eating disorder. we wouldn't really want that. just go for a run. make it a long one.

Definitely not. You might make it a habit if you start.

Black Diamond
just imagine it as a "mistake"
it really won't affect much anyways

answer mine? http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AnnwC95.M6qU9WsSOh_aFXLC7BR.;_ylv=3?qid=20081023122430AAGjtLz

skiddly dee
Wow. two pounds. That's a lot! They must have been really good. But you shouldn't vomit though. You should go out and try to burn off calories through cardiovascular exercise. If you run on a treadmill, you'll be surprised at how fast you can melt off the fat.

runway models do it. lulz

just try to keep your nasal passage closed or youll get a gummi bear stuck up in there

hey, knock your self out!!! if that's your bag, then roll with it!!!!

yes and after that you should shave off all your body hair and chop off your fingers and toes to make up for the weight gain. or just go to the gym and work off the candy, which ever.

Keep it Green
Don't make yourself vomit.
Just drink a lot of water and work it out. (work out).
I wanna be skin-n-n-n-ny.

Good luck hun.

Rachel The Hippie
Purging can make you very very very sick and you should never ever do it. Just stick with the plan. You can't expect to be perfect but try to control your binges a bit better.

It wont help that much but it will screw up your esophogus. I'd pass on the vomiting.

i wouldn't do it... first off throwing up is disgusting and second, its just one time. it could be worste.


It's never a good idea to force yourself to vomit.

You'll be doing serious harm to your esophogus.


If you want to pass something quickly, drink a copious amount of water then take a 4 hour nap. When you take in water, this speeds up digestion, turns your metabolism into furnace. The four hours plus hours of sleep are for your system to do its work. 90 percent of all growth and healing is done while we sleep.

always avoid laxatives and throwing up.

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