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MANGOMIATA has awesome thighs!
SERIOUS QUESTION... What do you think of Los Angelos banning fast food restaurants from...
...low income areas to prevent obesity?

I think that should be done EVERYWHERE! Wow, what a concept...reduce people's consumption of fats which, in turn, reduces weight, which reduces diabetes and hypertension, which in turn reduces the public need for medicaid and welfare to pay for the problems that come with those health issues. I wish we as the general public could do it without government involvement but we cannot seem to "push ourselves away from the table" without it.

Now, someone is thinking!! What is your opinion?

Sandy :O)
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Beautiful, because taxpayers are being "strapped" with the bills of all those unhealthy people and their unhealthy choices because they cannot work and require massive amounts of care when they are unable to function...even at younger ages now.

totally completely agree. in school like half the kids are obese. maybe if ppl stop eating big macs every day the diabetic population will decrease. thats the BEST way to lose weight instead of relying on the nutrisystem diet.

taylor ツ
I think it should be done everywhere
i dont like fast food at all except for the fries that are amazing but yea besides that disgusting...i mean thats only my opinion but yea i thnk it should be banned everywhere its not good for you and thats unfair..

It's another example of the socialist liberals trying to tell us what's best for us. Our choice in what we eat is called personal responsibility and it is NOT the job of ANY government (federal, state, or local) to tell us what choices to make! I don't like handing out my money to welfare bums but if I want a greasy cheeseburger (which I rarely eat) then by God I'm gonna eat one! I'm sick of the liberals trying to mettle in my personal business down to how much toilet paper I use when I take a crap. They need to get to the business of fixing stuff that they are elected to fix and butt out of our individual liberties.

its tru it should be done and then they should let in more healthier reastrants like i dunno a salad bar lol too many people eating there hearts out or should i say eating thier life away

its like saying you cant have convenience stores in certain areas because they may sell cigarettes or liquor or even candy. a lot of fast food places have healthy alternatives, so why ban the entire restaurant?

I highly doubt that will solve anything...

If they cant get their big mac, large fries, and a diet coke from down the block they will just go to the next place that sells cheap unhealthy food

It really isnt the peoples fault though, rather the business. Say you live in an area and you are limited to a few stores. Most fast food places and markets sell crap with a long shelf like. This includes soda, candy, fast food, and other junk. If these were replaced with healthier food that was more available, then maybe it would change some peoples minds. But most cant go through a day without stuffing themselves with lard, and will go out of their way to do so.

Our stores are seriously unbalanced!! This is a problem in our society. Every product fools you with "low fat" this and "light calories" that. I say scrap all this horrible food, and give us natural stuff. Look around, no one else is as obese as us. Thats becauce other nations dont eat like we do

I'd really like to see fast food disappear or at least become healthy. I'm always amazed at what kind of crap people are willing to fed to their bodies in order to be lazier and "save some time". It's disgusting! Definitely a public health care problem which I refuse to pay for.

I think we should do whatever there is to do to prevent obesity. People aren't meant to be fat. Men and women should be in shape. no excuses.

i think its stupid.
its not there buisness if the poor people or any people for that matter, want to eat fast food and get fat. the government already tell me how to do so much crap as is i dont need them telling me what food i can and cant eat.

i totally disagree with banning fast food restaurants. there's such a thing as exercise.

Lucky,star and attention whore ?
First I've heard and I'm an L.A. Woman.....I think that is insane...once again Big Brother is stepping in to tell us what we can and can't do.....I live in a nice area....with lots of fast food restruants.....what makes the law makers think that the "Poor" people won't come to my hood to eat....? Instead of focusing so much attention on what they think they shouldn't do...focus more attention on what needs to be done to help "poor" people....and one more thing....I don't know about everyone else...but I live paycheck to paycheck.....and without my ol mans job I too would be poor......in a month...

i think it's the most asinine thing i've heard of. telling people, let alone what "they" consider to be a certain "class" of people, what they can and cannot eat, is freakin' insane!!!! talk about discrimination. if they want people to eat healthier, they better make healthier foods more affordable.

Darth Revan
first banning everywhere takes away rights to eat what you want and we know what it can do and cause to the body obesity is not a problum we should worry about there are more important things to worry about like the failing education system and home rates.

Unhealthy food is usually cheaper than healthy food. Poor people buy unhealthy food for that reason. Unless LA plans on subsidizing healthier choices in the area, it won't help. People will just keep going to the fast food restaurants that are already there because they are cheaper.

On a side note, I have a libertarian streak, so I don't think they government should stop us from being unhealthy. I should be able to eat until I weigh 800lbs without the government doing anything about it. I am willing to pay more taxes if necessary to preserve the right to do things that are unhealthy if I choose to.

That is the most retarted thing I have ever heard, so what do they not think rich people don't eat at fast food restraunts, and get fat too, and have problems, the goverment should be thinking about different problems out there, than why people are gaining weight! STRESS ALSO HELPS PEOPLE GAIN WEIGHT....are they going to take all the stress away in our lives to!

♥ Nichole[never gives up]♥
I think that violates human rights, point blank, period. If I want to eat fast food, I KNOW it is unhealthy. Why should I suffer because they have nothing else to do with there time but take all our rights away slowly?

If I want to be overweight, why is it anyone else's decision but my own?

Edit- Is that not what I am paying taxes and health insurance for??? At $100 a month, that should cover ANY problems I shall have.

Edit- Do you think poor people are stupid?? Most overweight people I know [including my mom] work and will work for the rest of there lives or until they can retire. My mom works in a hospital and you know the funny thing? My mom works harder than any of the healthy people [and does a better job].

Edit- If it's not about being poor, why are they not removing them from areas with people that have money?

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