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FLiRtY GirL <3
My sister has anorexia?!?
my sister has recently stopped eating. When she does eat, she has like, 1 granola bar every day. She is 15 and weighs 82 pounds. She refuses to eat and is very thin. What should I do? I don't want her 2 die because she isn't taking this seriously!

82 lbs is about normal for a 15 yearold girl, but try this:
tell her she has Aixerona, and she will start eating more

Try talking to her about all the consequences of anorexia. That's really serious, and she really needs to eat. Being abnormally skinny is not only bad for your body, but it's disgusting.

Wow, why would she want to be that skinny, tell her to stop refusing and eat. If she keeps this up she's going to become unhealthy and will affect her in the long run. I'm also 15, but I'm a guy and I weight 135 about.

And just tell her. 'what's wrong with you!! you look like a toothpick!'

tell your guidance counselor at school and maybe she can get your sister to eat healthy

tell your mom and show her some articles online what it does to your organs and such and that she will die

I'm so sorry to hear that, I've had someone very close to me battle with it too. It's so hard to watch your loved one struggle like that. Try not to judge her, that won't help, just be there for her and try to encourage her to see a counselor. The only way she will overcome this is if she chooses too, so help her see herself as beautiful. Some anorexic cases aren't because the girl thinks shes fat, its because of depression or feelings of being out of control. Try to find the root causes, I wish you and your sister the best.

There's nothing you can do about it. It's HER choice to get better and hers only. You just have to hope that she chooses life and happiness over death and misery. She'll get sick of the misery after about 8 months of anorexia hopefully. If you keep bugging her it will only make it WORSE. Just act normally.
There are clinics.... but they are expensive and a last resort.

Talk to your parents and to her and act serious. There is a definite chance that she has anorexia and she needs to take this seriously. Also, talk to your doctor. If she doesn't believe you or your parents, she might consider the idea she has it when she hears it from a doctor.

little ballerina
That is scary!! Have your parents noticed? Ask people who are close to her if they have noticed her change. Do not delay telling someone because it is just going to get worse. Figure something out with your parents.... THEN confront her about it. let her know that you care about her and you are scared for her. GOOD LUCK, I REALLY MEAN IT!!!!!

tell ur parents she could get seriously sick like hospitalized

Big D
You need to take it seriously too. My sister was a bulemic with anorexic tendencies....when she was 16. She's almost 29 now.

She had been doing this for so long, that she was emaciating away...and wearing large, sweatshirt type things to hide the emaciation. This all started when her 9th grade boyfriend weighed 5 lbs less than she....and he told her that HE 'threw up' so he wouldn't get fat.

Sis was hospitalized because of seizures that happened due to the misfiring of her electrolytes in her brain! BAD TIME FOR THE FAMILY and for her.

Please do talk to your folks in regard - or someone she respects. This is a very touchy issue and goes much deeper than just 'not eating'.

Good luck.

Rachybaby x
tell ur parents so she can get some sort of counceling
umm not jkin but maybe buy her fav fast food??s:
goodluck :]

You need to talk to your parents. If they won't help a school teacher or councellor or even your doctor. Someone in an older authoritative role needs to talk to her. She needs help. There are many different programs (within the hospital) and councelling sessions she can join.

Remember anorexia isn't just a disorder from not eating. It is a mental problem. People who have it, really do have a distorted image of themselves when they look in the mirror.

So the best thing for you to do is to have someone talk to her and get her the help she needs. Because you are right when you say she could die. But if caught and dealt with early enough, the process can be reversed.

If you ever needed to know more, add me as a contact. I've got personal experience with this disease.

tell her what she means to you.

make her realize the dangerous road she is walking on. cos her 82 pounds is very light. at least 120.

i'm surprised your parents haven't done anythin, but what I would is dig deeper and see why she is doin it.

are her friends that skinny?

show her that u care.

First of all, i am very sorry about ur sister. You should comfront her and tell her that many people have died from anorexia. And also tell her that she looks fine and needs to eat. Tell her that it can get very dangerous and there are many things she could be doing instead of not eating. It's not about how you look, it's about how you feel and what's inside. She can have friends that love her and support her without being super thin. Like i said, try 2 convice her to eat and to take this very serious.

Good luck with your sister and e-mail me and tell me how it goes

~*~ Daniel Radcliffe's #1 fan ~*~

You should seriously sit her down and talk to her and express your feeling about her health and well being. Try to get other family members to attend this meeting with you and her, in a sort of non-hostile intervention. This is a serious problem, and she will need rehabilitation, and medical attention.

im 12 and i weigh 137.
get meat on her freaking bones. tell your parents

Have your parents tried to get her help? It is really up to them to make sure she gets help. You should try talking to them about your concerns and tell them you think she really needs some help.

Tell your parents. If they won't do anything, tell another adult you trust. Either an aunt, uncle, grandparent, school counselor, teacher, etc. You need to get an adult involved quickly! She can't change this without help. You can't give her that help all by yourself, but you can help her by telling an adult you trust. Good luck hun!

ღ ċнαή ღ
talk to her about going to see someone to talk to or taking here to the doctor.

you need to get her help tell you rparents look in to an intervention counsler there is help out there from websites to doctors to phone numbers. GL

talk to your parents about it

I love Daisey
Where are your parents? They have to know this. She needs major help. This is one of the hardes diseases to overcome. You, unfortunately, can not do anything about it. She needs professional help, now. Good luck and God bless you and your family.

tell your parents!
get here help go see a therapist

Mugabe. Thats Mr President to u!
heartless answer toni

tell your parents and she needs to have therapy... anorexia is the most common mental disease apparently... u need to act quick because the longer it goes on the worst it will vbe

Do your parents know? Tell them asap! She is going to screw up her potassium in her body amongst other vitamins and minerals she will not be getting that she needs.

Inform your parents of the situation

?▀▀✿▀▀▌ LIL BEAR ?▄▄✿▄▄▌
Tell your mom!

Sam D
enter her into a program or something, it's a good thing it's a recent development, it might be easier to make her stop.

Priya Singh
Tell your parents. I know this sounds bad, but you need to take her to a support group and by doing so, your parents NEED to get involved; especially your mother.

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