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Derby, from Planet Gakkouky
My friend called me fat?
Lately my friend has been really nagative toward me. I bought a really cute top at hollister and she convinced me I look terrible in it. I got blonde highlights in my hair and she told me I should dye my hair to cover it up. Today a guy in the mall flirted with me and when he left she said, "Don't get a big head about this. You're not even that cute or skinny."

I thought my weight was average but she's telling me it's not. Do I really need to lose weight?



its what is in side that counts take no notice of your so called friend to me you look fine and no in not perving lol, If you are happy how you look that's all that matters take no notice your friend is probably jealous of you any way

er no I can see your ribs

Courtney L
No i dont think your fat at all whats wrong with her? ur sooo skinny.. the only thing i can think of is that shes jealous don't let her get to u and from how shes talking to u shes not a good friend and she was just jealous that the guy talked to u and not her

the birds are singing JEALOUSY!!!!
actually u dont look fat at all!!!! un less this girl is aneroxic then everyone looks fat next to them!

tell your friend to stop saying that and that you dont feel that way so back off *****!!!! ( no im kidding about the b word part)

your body is great and she's jealous. not much of a friend if you ask me.

This question cant be serious? If anything you look under weight. Stop hanging out with your friend and get some new ones who deserve you

This person IS NOT your friend!!! She sounds like a very jealous CREEP! I would ignore her for awhile ... if she asks why ... say I just don't appreciate all the negative comments you've thrown me way lately. And repeat the above things, to her. She needs a WAKE UP call!

I think you look fine. Seriously. Many girls would kill for your body.

Are you happy with yourself? If you are, then nothing, NOTHING, anyone else says matters.

I'm sure you are a very beautiful person. Enjoy life and don't let negative people like your "friend" bring you down. A real friend wouldn't say such things, but who am I to know the extent of the situation.

Again, don't fret over this. You look fine. :)

Hi i understand what you are going through.But if you like the way you look tell your friend to deal with it she is just saying things to make her feel good about her self...Wear what you like and don't worry about what others think....

Alice Matthews
You are definatly not fat. For whatever reason, your friend doesn't want you to think good about yourself. But ignore her. Maybe she isn't that good of a friend if she is constantly bringing you down. You have nothing to worry about. You are definatly not fat.

no your not fat, you have a nice figure :)
she is probably just jealous and thinks that shes fat, so shes trying to project that feeling onto you, make you feel bad so she feels better type thing

honey, heres the best advice you can get.
dont obsess over your weight, otherwise it can and will get serious.
my sister had the same problem with a friend calling her fat, and right now shes going through some rough sh*t.
in the end, your friend is JEALOUS.
and isn't a true friend in the end.
so call her FAT back and see how she likes it, and i recommend dropping her as a friend - because shes not worth it in the long run.
best of luck.

she isnt a friend if she is being like this...one word....jealousy

Are you kidding??
Of Course you dont need to look wieght.
Your friend in just jelious of you.
Just dont listen:)

Sarah M
Ok your friend is so jealous of you she is the one with the problems and you are not fat don't worry.

NO OFFENSE but i dont know how you look well if you happy the way you look then leave it dont care about what your retard friend says she just jealous maybe you need a new friend that likes you no matter how you look WELL......um GOOD LUCK OF TELLING HER OFF!!

WTH??? You look great!!! And you need to get rid of your "friend". Sounds like she's majorly jealous of you!


your not fat n clearly ur mate needs a slap !!! she aint a friend telling u that, perhaps shes jelous ?!

you're skinny girl, i'm not lying, you're "friend" is just being a jealous b****. don't let her get you down gorgeous!!! :)

Justin C
You aren't fat. Just sounds like youre friend is a bit jealous of you

you are not fat!

She's JEALOUS!!!! Don't pay attention to her. If she's really that negative, maybe it's time to find another friend. Don't listen to her, your gorgeous!

Mommy to Lauryn and Sydney
Well your friend is a blind retard!! And jealous also!! You are thin hun!!

that person is just jelous of you!

OK I didn't look at your pics, but it sounds like pure jealousy. Your green eyed friend noticed the "new" you and she wishes she was cool like that. Don't let it get to you, she's up to no good!

You look good, but apparently you need some new friends. She is probably jealous.

u look fine may i suggest a new friend?

You need a new friend. It's quite obvious that she is jealous of you. You're not fat. And even if you were a bit overweight, your friend shouldn't treat you that way! What a horrible thing to say to someone. You don't need anyone in your life that would make you feel that way. A true friend would love you for who and what you are no matter what!! Get rid of her...I would.

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