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 How do I GAIN weight?
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 What is your age and height?
i wanna know if a am tall or not

height: 5'9
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size 13 shoes bigger hands than my dad and everyone else i know... im supposed to be only 6...

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 I want to take a picture of myself naked...?
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One day i ate a ...

 i am 5'2'' and i weigh 90 pounds?
i am 5'2'' weigh 90 pounds and im 12. is that overweight underweight or average?...

well im 305 pounds nad 14 i really wanna loose 200 pounds b4 school starts in 3-5 weeks plz help :(
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and ive tried EVERYTHING ive ran about 6 miles (i have energetic ...

 Do you feel ill after eating a McDonalds meal?
Do you ever feel sick, ill and bloated for the rest of the day after eating a McDonalds meal?

I only have one about twice a year, but usually regret it soon afterwards!

Why ...

 i'm soo mad! why in the world all the girls I know my height are so skinnY!
5'5 and every one is 100-115!! i lost 6 lbs this summer by not drinking soda nor eating junk food, now im like 125-128 (idk) but i will never be skinny like my friends :( how do they stay so ...

 I'm 17 years old and i'm overweight. Currently i weigh in at 260 lbs.Can anyone give me tips on losing weight?
Please add what i should eat, because i am a vegetarian and please tell me about the types of exercise....

 I am very, very overweight?
I have struggled with weight almost my whole life. It seems I have traded my drug addiction for food addiction. Is this possible? I am so depressed about it. I feel worthless and I look terrible. PLEA...

Miller B
My 10 month old baby is crash dieting for a photoshoot but the salon won't let her use a tan bed, any advice?

funny girl
God help that baby. If you really have a 10 month old and are allowing him/her to crash diet, and would even think that a tanning bed would be good advice. Well, then you are a poor excuse for a parent.

I'm with the Me Like Cookies person on this one.

Aqua R
You Flippin Tard. Why would you starve your baby and then try 2 tan it. That is so mean.

Yeah you should probably getit some botox, Liposuction, a spray tan and you know why not some breast implants!?!

Yes. My advice is to post this under the jokes and riddles section.

Miss Lou Lou
Are you serious? Because if you are, then you seriously need some help. Go to child services and turn yourself in for the good of your child.

This is definitely a joke so u all Fail(JK)


Call Child abuse on you're self PLEASE!!

I'm preeetty sure its a joke, but its a little twisted people actually answered with serious answers!

don't do it are you crazy you micht as well dig the hole for the child too

I pray this is a joke, if not, you need help!!! Never crash diet a BABY.That is horrible parenting.
1. Tanning beds are just as bad or worse than smoking, so the tanning people were right to not let you harm your baby and give it cancer before he or she can even talk.
2. Crash diets are bad for ANYONE!!!
3. Most babies are chubby, WTF a photo shoot. What kind of a parent are you IDIOT! You need help. Be good to your baby and report yourself.,

OMG, this better be a joke. If not, you need to seriously reconsider your role as a parent. You are causing your child serious health problems to make them look "good" for some pictures? That's disgusting. I wish I knew who you were so I could call CPS.

what does the tanning bed have to do with your baby's diet?

for the glow slather that baby up with self tanner.

for the weight issues try alli, my aunt lost weight taking that pill.

hope this makes your baby pretty.

w-w-w-what!! is this a joke??

This is obviously a joke; you fail.

minal says
all of that is horrible for your kid, please stop now. i can't believe that you can't see what you're doing to her. please read some parenting books and stop killing your baby

Natasja Allison
Put your baby in the oven like your parents should have done to you TROLL

quit treating your baby like a super model.

That's just sick!

Youmakemehappy. ♥

10 months old? Crash-Dieting? Oh my goodness...just put on some sunscreen and take her outside for awhile...she's so young...

Yes Call CPS on yourself then throw yourself into a lake or huge body of water. That is horrible. You are not even fit to take care of yourself let alone a child.


♥ Heart Breaker ♥
Pay them a little extra to let your 10 month old use the damned tanning beds. The Lord will be pleased at your kindness.

Don't troll.

you are out of your mind.

do you even know how dangerous it is to crash diet and use tan beds as an adult?

unfortunately I believe you are serious!
get a grip of reality

Katie De La Hoya
you should give yourself the worse parent award

Diggs Shobes
I dont know. Stop being like that. I would say more but....no.

Warren Davenport
Your shock tactics are working, you got over 30 answers, well done.

are you a crack head? do the baby a favor and put it up for adoption

Please do yourself a favor and call Child Protection Services on yourself now.

Yes, turn yourself in to Social Services. You are not fit to be a parent.

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