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 5'4'', 126 lbs, size 6. is this fat?
i feel fat, but i dont know if this is fat.
i'm 14, by the way.
please, be honest.
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 I am 5'6" and weigh 95 lbs and I feel flabby and fat....should I? help!?

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WHY do some of you have to be so rude?...

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Music when exercising?
What kind of music do you think is good for when your running? Like the music makes you wanna run faster, and be determined to finish?

Thanx for your answers x

Chewy Jerky AKA Danniel
i like to listen to upbeat fast songs like through the fire and flames by dragon force, down with the sickness by disturbed, and basicly any songs by matalica.

techno.. disco ..metal

Gillian F
"eye of the tiger"

rita M
hip-hop, pop, techno these stuff

♥High On Sugar 4ever!!♥
Hip,hop. rap ,rock

techno gets my blood pumpimg when Im conditioning for Jiu-Jitsu. And its lot of fun.

Motor Breath
well this probably won't go down to well but Rage Against the Machine is what I listen to when I'm Jogging

I love listening to fast up beat songs like,
Flo Rider (Low) and (Elevator). Another favorite of mine is Finger Eleven.

Rap Rock Techno hip hop pop

L8lq744eEk44uJdG h
charles manson's new album

Miz Lamb
any thing that helps you set a good pace is good music to exercise with. I have music for all my endeavors. It helps to set the proper pace for getting things done other than exercising as well.

I want something moderately fast for running when I do bother with running. Mostly I walk fast! Less trauma for my 61 yr old knees!!!

bassment jaxx...anything with a good beat...

I like to listen to worship music because for me, nothin pumps me up more than Gods presence buuuut if you aren't into that, I listen to Buckethead. He's a crazy guitar player and his music makes me be like WHOOOAAAA!!!!! Just find something that when you hear it you're like whooaaaa that you really like, something that makes you wanna dance. I have found that slower music can be a drag though, keep it fast paced.

rock, or rap.

OK play Easier to Run by Linkin Park MAKES U WANNA RUN I PROMISE! listen to the whole thing!

i usually listen to The Ministry of Sound CD. its great coz it has quite fast songs for really vigorous workouts and slower ones for chill out and slower exercises.

R&B/Hip Hop, especially 'kelly rowland - work' :D

it has to be something with a good beat so that you can hear it and work with the rhythm

Anything with a good hard beat that is mainly up tempo.

I usually have to listen to hip-hop, rap, or dance music - something that wants to make me move, fight, or dance.

Dance music mixed with a few motivational songs. The rocky theme song is great to have whn your finishing up. I love flashdance as well =D

Dance, House and Techno music.

If you wan't some dance and house music then ''The Ministry Of Sound'' will be perfect for that. Any of the albums will be perfect.

I suggest you try the music out. Hope i helped you.



Loud fast thrash metal.

I never listen to it any other time - don't even like it much, but it works for me!

Kelly H
Britney Spears

dance music

anything really upbeat. like cascada or something.


kiwano girl
Something with a really strong beat, so that you can run in time with it, but not too fast or else you end up getting faster and faster eventually running out of breath (that's what i find anyway) ;-)

Anna ♥
I listen to Christian Pop. It gets my mind going. Music helps me excersise more and is extremely helpful

Sit Down by James

Try some punk music. Has a faster beat.

dance, techno,

Something with a really fast beat. But do not have the music too loud (risk of hearing damage) and if you decide to run on the streets, remember to keep the volume down, as YOU must be able to hear the traffic!!!!!!
Good luck and enjoy your runs.

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