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 What dress size do you consider to be fat for a woman?

Additional Details
Please say if you are talking about UK or American sizes otherwise it is just confusing....

 is a 130 pound 5'2" 30year old average woman skini or fat? what you think!?

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i am a 15 years old girl 5'7 i weigh 143 pounds.
am i overweight?
please no mean answers thanks!...

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 5'4'', 126 lbs, size 6. is this fat?
i feel fat, but i dont know if this is fat.
i'm 14, by the way.
please, be honest.
i know bmi calculators say that it's healthy or normal or whatever, but is it fat?...

 whats the easiest way to loose weight?

 Do you think I'm fat?
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I can't tell (teenagers have distorted body images).
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 How long can you last without eating?
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In general and I ask because I'm curious. (Not cause i wanna try)...

 How much do I look like I weigh now?
I lost some weight.
I'm 5' 7" and 19 yrs old.
How much do you think I weigh (just curious) ?
And how much more weight should I lose?
Thanks ahead of time <3

 wots the longest time u've gone without eating?

 Why do people want to be skinny?
I remember in school one day, I walked inside this class room, and this girl was like come over here, and she grabbed my waist. and then she started talking about how she is jealous of me, and she ...

Men!!! I'm 5'9, 123lbs, and a size 2. Would you consider me too thin or average?
I do eat and I work out at the gym to stay toned. Ladies your input is welcomed also.

I dont think ur too thin for a woman ..ur in the average section ^,^

Paul P
The latest guidelines say 5 feet weighs 100; add 5 for each additional inch. *I* say 5 pounds either way is still on the money.

Theoretically, you should be about 145.

OTOH, I'm about your height and spent most of my life at 128. I put on 20 pounds when I quit smoking 4-1/4 years ago. Some of us just don't put on weight.

The Only Real.
awesome jobb:D
i'm 5'7.
and weigh 121 lb.
and wear a size 3.
but i'm 12.

and I need to lose a little weight,

you inspire me<3

You are probably anorexic and look like a toothpick.

There is this thing called a BMI you can find it on several web sites. You may be under weight. I am more concerned with your self esteem than your weight. Possible even an eating disorder.

another 5 lbs wont hurt. maybe u will look better. i dont know bc i cant see u.

So long as you're toned you're not too skinny. The only girls I think are too skinny are the ones who have no muscle mass...but if you go to the gym and are in shape, then you have nothing to worry about, you certainly seem to be at an ideal weight judging by your size and weight considering your height. At first 123 lbs seemed high for a size 2 but not at 5'9".

i think its a bit skinny but not so bad it all depends on where the meat is

i think thats just about right for your height .

i'd say maybe a little thin, it probably looks good though. who knows, i would have to see to be able to judge. i'm sure you're fine-not average though.

binibining pilipina
that is a wonderful size. keep up the goodwork!

i'm 5'6 and i weight 110 lbs. i'm trying to gain at least 3-5 more lbs. and wear a size 0.

you are tall and thin=if that's what you like stay with it =you might be able to model even

Your weight is weigh too thin. I am 110 and 5'5 and am always trying to put on weight. People are always making comments about it. Probably more than if I was fat.

Pretty soon the meth heads will be offerring you some of their stash. I have had that problem as well. Yuck....

Cala M
Your BMI is 18.2, which is on the low end. I'm sure you look fine.

You sound just right....I envy you!

‚ô• Yoga Girl ‚ô•
I'm jealous! You sound perfect! Keep it up hun!

lisa w
I think that at that weight and height that you are more on the thin side but I wouldn't consider it too thin.

‚ô•‚ô•The Queen Has Spoken‚ô•‚ô•
You are a bit under weight.

130 for your height would be perfect

it's me!
Nikki, I think you're underweight. For your height you should weigh about 20 lbs. more.
I'm that weight at 5'4" and people tell me all the time that I look skinny, so I can only imagine what people say to you.

I wouldn't try to gain weight intentionally, if I were you, but definitely, don't be afraid to gain some. Do it in a healthy way though. Since you said that you work out maybe you can gain more muscle mass.

Liddy is Lost
You are underweight by a few pounds. It depends on your frame size, body fat percentage, muscle mass, etc. If you have a lot of muscle at that weight, your body fat percentage could be too low. If you have a healthy body fat percentage, your muscle mass could be too low. So it all depends, if you are very small framed, you might be fine.

HTH : )

YOU ARE FAT!!! no I'm kidding I actually wouldn't know about weight and all because I just don't know whats average or not.

Mike J
You are just below the healthy weight range (125 pounds to about 168 pounds), but you could put on 42 pounds and still be in a healthy weight range

According to my doctors suggestions, you are too thin. I am 5'9" and I used to weigh over 300. I am now down to 215 and I told my doctor that I wanted to weight 130 and he laughed at me. We have a good relationship and I know what his laugh meant. It meant that was an unrealistic goal. He told me to be healthy that the ideal weight for a woman our height is somewhere between 140 and can you believe it 160. So, together, my doctor and I have come to the agreement that 150 is a good goal weight for me. My aunt is taller than me and she weighs about 140 and she still looks anorexic to me. Guess it depends on your body frame, if you are petite, then it might look good and be healthy for you. Good luck..Talk to you doctor. But your BMI is under 19 and that isnt healthy.

Five-foot nine and a size 2?

Oh no, that's way too skinny. That's not cute at all in my eyes. You're too tall to be that skinny.

Hi..I'm 5'10 and 120 pds and people tell me I look anerexic. I'm not...I'm just thin. I think you are probably a little too thin just like me but hey....at least we have room to gain weight right?

Who cares what a bunch of other people think? Really, you don't need the criticism. If more of us learned to love our bodies without a thought of what other people think, imagine what better stuff we could spend our time on!

just visiting
If you arent starving and this is your natural body shape, then I'd say it's fine. And lucky that you can be healthy and thin. Some people are just natualy thin.

My husband and I agree....A little too thin. If you work out a lot, you should definitely be heavier due to muscle. For you height you are considered underweight.

Beeg Juan
What you think of yourself is more important.

i love k

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