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Lose 5 pounds by Friday?
hi, I'm 5'2 and 95lbs I really want to lose 5 pounds by this Friday! Is there any way I can do this without starving myself or gaining back 10 pounds? It doesn't just have to involve eating, It can also include excercise because I'm a pretty active person and adding more excercise to my routine wouldn't be that hard. Any suggestions? those SlimFast hunger control shakes? anything? thanks sooooo much in advance!!!

theres no way to just drop five pounds over night and not get it back.
its impossible!!! emphisis on the impossible part.

you don't need to..
but do the stair master machine and sit-ups

Joe M
by friday, well just eat 2 meals a day, breakfast and lunch, NOT DINNER, because when you eat late and go to sleep, you get no excersize and gain weight. If this doesnt work, u can always throw up until your skinny.

hmmmmm peanutbrittle ♥
woa! ur skinny! do not become obsessed with weight! ur fine!

seriously i dont think you need to lose weight but i dont think your over weight


♥ Chεεrlεading.
Sorry Hun But Its Very Very UNHEALTHY !!

& it isnt possible


u weigh 95 are u kidding why would you need to lose more

Mark B
put the shower blasting with hot water and have all the windows and the door closed long enough as if it were a spa

then start running in place..you could burn a lot of calories this way since the heat and exercise etc

just be sure to have a couple of water bottles on stand by

and drink water all week anyway

Ok seriously, anyone who is over 5 feet should not be under 100 pounds. That's just plain unhealthy. If you think you look flabby then you most likely don't need to lose wait you just need to get toned. Work out the areas that you think need improving (search on the internet for effective workout ideas if you need them) and eat a balanced diet with lots of protein (to build muscles) and fiber (you actually burn calories eating it because it's so difficult for your body to digest). Also make sure you eat 3 meals a day and skip snacks if you don't want to gain weight. The 3 meals keeps your metabolism going. If your metabolism isn't going then do a strenuous workout you don't burn as many calories.

Just remember that you are beautiful no matter what shape you are. Be carefull, too, because you are getting to a point where you could be unhealthily skinny.

Good luck. :)

nick lover
try working out and eating healtly but idk if it will work by friday y do u wanna lose weight

Rivka S
There is no safe and sane way to lose 5 pounds in less than 7 days.

Besides you are underweight already.

Go to the websites below.

why do you need to lose 5 lbs???? you are under 100lbs... i would die to be like that!!! all i have to say is DONT STARVE YOURSELF IF THAT IS THE LAST RESORT!!!!

two things, you need to gain weight, not lose it. And there is no healthy way to lose five pounds in a week, you should never lose that much weight that quick, it's very bad for your body.

you can't loose five pounds in a week without starving yourself. excersise takes time to build muscle. there is no difference in 5 pounds, you don't need to loose any weight.

other 2
95 pounds is perfectly fine i am 5'1 and 97 pounds...but if u want just run and eat so that ur matabalism gets fast

just dont sit around all day, and maybe you could try those slimfast meals. just excersice alot. Because i think sweat helps to get slimmer. good luck!

Cut out your salt intake and eat small meals 2-3 hours apart. This will keep you from getting hungry and you'll lose although you sound fine to me weight wise.

well you could do it like boxers do, sweat suit and run without drinking water. Its bad for you though

You need to burn more calories that what you eat. You need to burn 3500 calories to loose 1 pound. Do a lot of dancing, jogging or fast paced walking, play tennis or any high impacted aerobics and this should do the trick. If you are sitting down in a chair or waiting in a line move something on your body at all times. Avoid high calorie foods (candy, cookies, soda pop, fried foods, Pork, Beef, etc.) Eat only low calorie foods such as fish, chicken, turkey, fruits and vegetables. Eat in small amounts.

D.Z. Carter
If you lose anymore weight you will probably be invisible. That is grotesquely thin. Eat something.

Not going to happen. I also suggest you speak to your parents about your unhealthy body image immediately. You are already underweight.

95, I wouldn't consider losing 5 pounds! Who do you want to look like the skeleton in your sceince class!

5'2" and 95lbs. I would say that you are at your perfect weight.
Don't worry about losing weight.
Relax and enjoy life.

at your height & weight you don't need to lose weight. Might wanna explore this issue.

well i dont see why you would want o loose weigh if your perfectly fine , but you have your reasons and im not gonna question them. I agree with Swishcrazy... I think its a great idea about the fruits and vegetables but, im not so sure about all that ammount of water. but you never know you could try it

Why do you want to lose? Whats going on Friday?

Even if you did lose 5 pounds. It would not show on your body.

Sid B
You don't need to lose an ounce.

help me
heres what you do

1) tie your arm
2) cut off everything past the tied part
3) you just lost 5 pounds or more!!!!
4) mabye a few ounces in blood also

You should actually gain 5-10 pounds. and even if you needed to lose 5 lbs there is no healthy way to do it in less than a week.

These people need to chill, I agree you are already pretty skinny but I'm guessing you actually wanted an answer not just to be scolded. It is deffinatley possible. During basketball season I could lose 5 pounds in one day. Drink insane ammounts of water, try about a gallon a day. This is going to fill your stomach up so you arent as hungry. When you are hungry eat salads, lettuce is 92% water, and celery takes more calories to chew then it actually gives you. You will need protien to keep from looking sickly so add some grilled chicken to your salads. Also eat some fruit to balance out your diet. Run enough each day to get a heavy sweat going and you will be set. You are going to have to pee a lot, but you will be fine health wise, and should shed any remaining fat you may have.

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