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It's embarrassing... ?
Everyday, I eat breakfast around 6AM, and don't get a chance to eat till 12pm.

And whenever I do that, my stomach growls really loudly to signal to me that it's empty and that I'm hungry.
which is really embarrassing when you're in a room filled with people and when it's dead silent.

Any suggestions to make the growling go away?

Satyr Prince
Carry power bars and such. Quick snacks that will hold you over until you get a chance to eat again.

Kylie Paige
eat little HEALTHY snacks every time you have a break. should help speed metabolism too. I have to eat little snacks between classes or I feel dizzy and can't pay attention....I get low blood sugar REAL quickly.

dylan w
well...you should try bring a small snack with you to where ever you go ( school, work, ect...). bring a health bar, or a slim jim, and eat it at about 10:am-11:00am. if you dont have any pockets or anything, then try drinking alot of water at the nearest water fountain-i know how you feel, i have like, the same thing.

Jennifer S
I don't know. But better to eat snacks in between, just for health reason.

try drinking some lemon aide?

Either eat more for breakfast to hold you over, or eat a small snack around 9 or 10 like a piece of fruit, trail mix bar or something easy and portable like that. Or drink a smoothie or something.

If your body is signaling to you that it needs more energy, there is really no way to suppress this aside from giving it that energy it needs.

You could even try eating better foods for breakfast if you aren't already. I.e. more whole grain, fiber rich foods versus processed, empty calorie foods. Replacing a bowl of quaker instant oatmeal or frosted flakes with a bowl of whole grain oatmeal with flax seeds or fiber O's will most certainly keep you full longer, because this energy is absorbed and used differently by your body (simple carbs vs. complex carbs). Just shoot for anything whole grain or with lots of fiber over anything processed/low in fiber. That will most certainly help.

Buy some snacks and eat them when no one is looking. That will keep your stomach busy for a while.

*Buy some slim fast or cereal bars to have as a snack.... or you if your stomach is growling, take a deep breath and push your stomach out as if you are trying to fill it with air and it makes it so it doesnt growl... I speak from experience*

Andrew B
bring little granola bars to work. eat one if you get hungry

Little Miss Sunshine
That's funny my stomach never growls. I am such a pig I never get hungry. I think you need to eat a bigger breakfast. Make sure you get some protein and good carbs, peanut butter toast, a cheese stick, and a fruit is ideal. Oatmeal, something that sticks with you for longer.

Lilly W
Meditate. I have my first meal of the day at 11 or 12 and there is no growling. Perhaps you have made your stomach too large by eating too much, and that is why it growls when empty. Are you 5 to 10 pounds (or more) overweight?

Mrs. Lacey
Eat mints.

...or sneak out and have a snack.

You might want to try eating a little later in the morning and maybe a little earlier lunch. If you want you can bring a snack with you depending on where you go. Go to your doctor and see if it is something medical

Carry an in between snack. Like a fruit bar.

can you sip on a bottle of water?
That seems to help me...

bring something to school something litte that well help u make till 12 ^_^

ok i would suggest you drink fluids during that time that you dont get to eat....... and if you chew gum STOP .. it creates airspace in the stomach.....; )

Try to have a snack now and then. If you can't, just eat a full meal at breakfast!

Drink water...milk or juice might also trick your stomach into feeling full...most hunger urges are actually dehydration. Also have a light snack, or perhaps some carnation instant breakfast or slim fast to fill you up for a while

have a snack ! Laugh it off! eat more breakfast, something more filling!

David H
Eat a snack at between 9:30 and 10 Am.

Drink more water

Mine does that sometimes, and my bosses did that today while I was at his desk, and guess what? I am not a robot and he isnt either. Who cares?

All you can do is maybe go to the bathroom and sneak a food or snack bar and a few sips of water, I know that sounds kind of unsanitary but that's basically all you can do.

Carry a granola bar or something.

Eat mints or some little snack if you can. Almonds are pretty good at filling you up. I'm sure at some put you get at least a five minute break during that time to visit the restroom. Go by your purse and get a handfull of some almonds. Ask your co-workers what they do.

Take snacks. Healthy snacks that will help.

Carry a protein bar or a small bag of nuts to munch on.

Maybe you could carry some crackers or granola bars with you in your bag. The only way to make the growling go away is to eat. Growling is caused by the acids in your stomach flowing and nothing in there for the acids to break down.

carry a snack bar with you

snack! get a little bag of nuts to keep in your pocket or at your desk. or get a fruit and nut snack bar to munch on. you're stomach is telling you it needs to eat! so let it! you could have an instant breakfast too if you have the time or if there's a fridge in the staff room. you can make them up or get the premade cans! but do take a moment and have a snack. im sure you get a coffee break so use it as a snack break instead. it only takes a minute to have a quick snack!
dont do the gum thing. it only makes your tummy grumbles worse!

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