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Mommy of 5
Is there such thing as drinking to much water?
If so how much it to much?

well there will be a point where your body needs to process it all so it will reject any new water if there is too much in your stomach, but no there is no such thing as drinking too much waterr so dont worry about overdosing.

Carrot Pie
Ya!...If it goes right through you probably u had 2 much.....our stomachs are only so big.....don't drown yourself through the inside.

yes, more then 1 gallon of water a day is pushing it.. your stomach can only hold so much fluid at a time, and drinking to much water will cause you to be sick

Do You Have The Funk?
about 100 cups of water would kill you.

Living life
never too much, better than drinking soda. and it clears your face too. different water taste different, I love dasani, deer park, fiji and that brand at target.

Yes, you will get "water logged" You can get sick, but i guess the worst thing that would happen is you puke up a lot of water.

Yes. definately.

Eat Funyuns.

Amy C
A good way to judge that you are drinking enuf water is if when you go to the bathroom, your urine is clear. Start off with the recomended 8 glasses a day, after 2 days check and see if your urine is clear, if its still yellow up the ammount of water by about a glass, try that again for a couple days and check again. You can drown your body by ingesting too much fluid, remember the terry schavio case? If you don't look it up, she basically drowned her body into a coma. Your insides will swell. You can not drink a gallon of liquid in a half hour....it's impossible.

Yes, you can drink to much of anything.

Anna DeNora
Yes, you can get water poisoning.

Yea there is theres a point that if you drink to much water you can drowned your self, i dont know where that points at but i know it can happen

yes. as they say, too much of a good thing is bad. You can get sick. And, if you take in salt, the water's gonna stay and that's BAD

Yes. Drinking too much water will dilute the electrolytes in your body. Electrolytes are ions that are responsible for maintaining a membrane potential in the cells of your body. Without a membrane potential nerve conduction stops and death results, most likely due to cardiac arrest.
However, you will likely never drink too much water, and you should only be concerned in situations where you are purposely overdrinking.
Like the woman in "hold your wee for a wii"

Linnea Quigley
yes you can die from too much water, it dilutes your bloodstream

dunno how much but a woman died of drowning from drinking too much water

this was in a contest for a nintendo wii

so if i were you i wouldnt drink more than a few gallons a day LOL

Yes, you can get overweight by drinking too much water believe it or not.

But looking at your avatar, I don't think you have this problem.

six liters of water in three hours

Edwardo H is 100% right on with his answer. You can get a fatal electrolyte imbalance by drinking too much water.

XC varsity runner
Yes If you consume more than 2 gallons of water within a couple hours, it could very well kill you

Nick R
Yes. If you drink too much water in one go it can dilute the amount of sodium (salts) in your blood stream which, in an extreme case, can kill you. It's called hyponatremia.
It's most common in babies and athletes, for example marathon runners who drink too much water after finishing a race, when their blood salt level is very low.

youd have to drink more than 3 gallons, i do that so i dont get tested positive for anything:)

yes, if you drink enough water it will throw your electrolites out of balance and you will feel drunk. i drank 4gallons of water in a 3hour period once and i felt drunk
true story

a few gallons..i want to say 4 or 5, but you would know it before you even got close to the overdose point..
there was a guy who went to my bros college who dies a few years ago bc his frat made him drink loads of water for initiation

yes in fact there is a such thing as water intoxication.

yeah i heard this person died for juggin too much water on a radio show contest in florida,the guy who proposed the contest lost his job and the woman died,it was all for a pair of tickets to see someone i forgot who.

I read that someone drowned themselves for entering a water drinking comp to win game consoles and stuff. But they were drinking like.. 7 liters within about half an hour. So if you drink about 3 liters a day you're all good. However if you have more, make sure it's not all at once and it's spaced out throughout the day.

Yes, too much water can dilute your system and kill you. It takes alot of water to do that though.

there is such thing as drinkng too much water. Its called water intoxification, its from drinking a lot of water really fast. A lot of miltary recruits have to worry about it.
Youd have to drink gallons pretty quickly.


Yes, you can drink to much water. A woman doing a radio show contest died from drinking to much too fast.

edwardo h
Water intoxication (also known as hyperhydration or water poisoning) is a potentially fatal disturbance in brain functions that results when the normal balance of electrolytes in the body is pushed outside of safe limits by over-consumption of water.[1] Normal, healthy (both physically and nutritionally) individuals have little to worry about accidentally consuming too much water. Nearly all deaths related to water intoxication in normal individuals have resulted either from water drinking contests, in which individuals attempt to consume more than 10 liters (2.2 imp gal; 2.6 U.S. gal) of water over the course of just a few minutes, or long bouts of intensive exercise during which electrolytes are not properly replenished, yet massive amounts of fluid are still consumed.

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