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Is the peanut butter unhealthy?
Yo okay alright word im at my high school and some stuffs popped in my mind. okay sooo this is the subject of the day...my motha still thinks penut butta is bad. she thinks there is salmenella dude. soo its been like 3-4 friggin months sooo let me know what you think so i can show this to yo motha thanks word. peace homes

Peanut butter is a very caloric, yet very healthy food. In general, raw peanut butter (as in less refined) is better than refined, because it retains many of the beneficial nutrients found in the skin; in addition, processed peanut butter might contain added trans-fatty acids (which have been shown to increase the risk of cardiocirculatory diseases). A further risk is that when badly preserved, it can host the mold Aspergillus flavus, that produces aflatoxin (a very toxic and carcinogenic substance), so your best bet is to always go with natural peanut butter.

No, but certain kinds from certain company like in crackers, they contain salmenella. Only eat straight from the Jif jar. Hope I helped.

Blake c
i is just the way u eat it if u are on a diet then u need to look at buying body for life book its great for building rock hard abs and good bones

Rhii R
yh i think so

i dont care its delicious!

Good stuff. I eat it every day. Love the extra crunchy.

Could be bad because of:
-Palm Oil (high saturated fats = high cholesterol)
-Glyceryl monostearate/distearate/E471 (high saturated fats = high cholesterol)

Could be good because of:
-an Overall Fat Content of Monounsaturated (lower cholesterol)
-Good Source of Protein
-Good Source of Carbohydrates
-Good Source of Micro-nutrients: Vitamin E (reduce cancer risk), -Vitamin B3 (recovery from DNA damage)
-Good Source of Minerals: iron (vital for red blood cells), magnesium, potassium, copper and calcium (healthy bones)

Hope that helped! But in my opinion, I love it and think it is deeeeelicious. =)

Josh V
All that salmenella is over. Eat up! Peanut butter is good for you, its filled with protein and niacin which cleans your body.

All contaminated products have already been removed from the shelves. The products at your school are safe as well as those at your grocery store.

nope, there was a salmonella scare but it was recalled, you should be fine, really the only people at risk are those with compromised immune systems, (mostly the young and old) there is a list of recalled foods, just take a look at that...

Peanuts promote an acidic environment, almonds are more alkalizing. word

It's really fattening...so just don't eat vast quantities of the stuff...and commercial peanut butter contains icing sugar...but, nevertheless, it's still relatively healthy--so long as you have not a peanut allergy--then it can be lethal.

There's no salmonella poisoning to be had in peanut butter.

the only thing that is bad right now is peanut butter paste
like in peanut butter crackers, cookies,ect.
but NOT peanut butter!

lol, "yo", "motha", "homes" "butta". You sound like a decade old cliche'.

Anyways there's nothing wrong with th PEANUT BUTTER. Just eat it.

naa man. peanut butter is healthy

☆♬♫♪ LÍÑÐÝ ♪♫♬☆
Its the peanut factories that make peanut butter that are unhealthy. They are going bankrupt now because of it. Most of the peanut butter that had salmonella in it has been taken off the shelves. (I say most because there are some off brands that don't like to follow the law)
Its the source not the product.

Gordon Q Hinkley
eat all you want

Yo! 'S'up? Like, jarred peanuff buttizzle was never a suspect.

Word to your Mother:

Yo Bro- go dat to dah fome up too da cat in de happs manbe!

depends on how much u take

Dream cocoa
what? I think the salmenella scare is over

If it was.do you think elephants would be eat-in' it?Lola

no peanutbutter is not bad- its not to good for you because its not a whole protien. you mom thinks that because a few yrs ago the peter pan peanut butter was found with that samanila **** in it but no peanutbutters all good haha

Woody Woodburn
Depends on which jar!

Angel Silhouette
As far as the salmonella scare goes, you just want to make sure that the jar isn't from King Nut (you'll see it on the side, quite small).
If you pick up a jar of Peter Pan and turn it you will see ConAgra's little logo, that's ok now.

As far as unhealthy goes, it quite often contains hydrogenated oils (which have jagged molecule chains of trans fats instead of a straight, smooth chains of naturally occurring fats). Legally, they are allowed to say they have 0% trans fat so long as they have less than 1 gram per serving (so .9999999 grams is ok), but who eats just one tablespoon of PB on their sammich? The trans fats you accumulate via the many foods out there with hydrogenated oils do two undesirable things. The worst is that they are far more likely to lodge in your arteries and cause plaque simply because of their molecular shape. The second is that your body doesn't really know how to process the trans-fat as energy so it simply stores it as subcutaneous fat that stays with you until you give your body no choice but to use it. (Cardio and weight training ftw). They also contain quite a bit of sugar sometimes. So just make sure you don't have any peanut allergies before you eat it.

Mmmmmmmmm peanut butter.

i have never gotten sick from it so i would not worry.

peanut butta jelly timeee

im pretty sure its safe, yo mamma is just paranoid. They took everything off shelves that wasnt safe.

OMG Becky...
Wow. You said you go to school? Try paying more attention in class, especially in English. When you can rephrase the question in English, I'll answer it.

just wondering
you talk like a moron.

Jiff guarantees their peanut butter will be safe.

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