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 Hey guys, am I overweight?
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Is my weight healthy for my age?
I weigh 126lbs and I'm 15.
Additional Details
I am 5'2" ( srry 4got about weight)

thinkin bout him again! <3
it is perfect. i am studying to be a pediatrician and it is perfectly fine just don't go up to 130. if u do cut down on sweets.

♥[email protected]♥
ya but it matters how tall are you??

Like i am 5"5 and 127 pounds and i am fine and 13

the little runt
it depends on your build. if your a medium build, i would say 126 is perfect. if you are a small build, 115 pounds would be good.

It's not about age. It's about your height.
And about how YOU feel comfortable.

Luna C
Depends on your height and BMI. (Body Mass Index) If you are 7 feet tall 126 is definitely not healthy. You have to go to the Doc and get you BMI checked, They have some underwater contraption I can't remember what it is called; It will measure you body fat and muscle mass, its not fun but a scale will not tell you that same.

How tall are you? Are you athletic?

Yeah, its healthy
The average height of a 15 year old girl is around 5 foot 4. But it depends on what your heritage is. If you are Chinese, your height should be around 5'2." If you are around 5'4", you should weigh around 110-120lbs. If, like me, you have an unusually strong bone structure, then 130lbs should be fine. I look at least 20lbs less than I am, so 130lbs would be fine for me, even though I am only 5'3."

Jack W
well what is your height?

yea your normal. overweight would be 140

it's jaime son!
To look healthfully slim? About 125-135 lbs.

Brian B
are you 4'11 or 5'11?

cool chick
It depends on your height and how much muscle you have.


I wouldn't worry about it. Are you happy with your weight? I would worry about it when you are old and wrinkly and can't do anything about it anymore. Anyway, it is all based on your genetics.

sugar baby<3
ur more than fine

yess its healthy

I think so it depends on your height
Do you think you are muscular
you could just be very strong
are you big boned
which tends to make your body need fat cushion around your bones so it takes more fat

you should be asking is your weight appropriate for your height... age doesn't matter... just height to weight ratio

Yes, 125- 130 is the ideal healthy weight for 15 year olds.

yes yes yes

Redflower Society
Your weight is fine . My niece is 15 and she weighs 157. So I think you're healthy. Don't worry about it too much :)

your all right

â—˜Goat Galâ—˜
You're perfect!

its depends on u height im 5 2 and i weight 134 but im also athletic so it kinda depned on how tall u r n athletic abilties how ur built n junk

It sounds absolutely fine for your age.

teenage mutant ninja guy
Well, that depends on your height and muscle mass. But I'd say that it's a healthy weight.

it has nothing to do with age...but with height.
But I dont see anything wrong with that number..unless you are super short..lol

It depends on your height.

depends on your height and build. but it seems normal =)

Nancy U
You didn't tell us how tall you are, but as long as you are between 5' and 5'6", you are just fine. Any taller than 5'6" would be a little bit too skinny in my book.

Sofie B
yes, you are a healthy teen!

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