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Is it true that Vomiting makes you lose weight?
My friend told me that if you vomit 3 times a week the food that you eat it makes you lose weight. But i thought it makes you gain? Is this true please explain?
Additional Details
I thought it was called bulimia a disease that makes you fat?

Carlos CHAOS
Yeah but ppl that start doing that.. get addicted to it(cuz they like being skinny)

and it leads to bulimia(constant throwing-up & alwas wanting a skinny image)

and it also slows down your metabolism..which means.. if you ever wanna lose (a little weight) or gain some...it will be way harder

(and working out to gain muscle ...will take forever:/)

so i reccomend you don't do ..it cuz eventually your breath starts to stink and its really hard to get rid of that smell:/

also gets you drowsy, very unenergetic, and may lead to depression
, and yellow teeth

i do not no all i know some
yep but youll kill your self while doing it

Adrienne G
Wow you must be about twelve years old. Get off the computer and play outside or something. To answer your question, no. Vomiting constantly is only for people with a personal vendetta against their teeth and digestive system.

yes it's true you'll lose weight but you end up looking unhealthy skinny and not pretty skinny my friend was bulemic and she is just now getting back to a normal weight please don't make the mistake she made even though your probably not even thinking about that don't ever consider it and if your worried one of your friends is bulemic or anorexic visit this site..

it will make you skinny,but it's also bad for your body to.

that's an eating disorder called bulimia, where you go to drastic measures (throwing up, using laxitives, exerscising furiusly) to get rid of weight. Don't do that, it isn't healthy.

it will but it is very unhealthy and a serious disease, aka bulimia.
it not only is bad for you to do since your weight will yo-yo but it also erodes your esophagus causing holes in your throat. You will be somewhat skinnier but once you eat again since you will be hungry since you threw it up then you might eat more making you gain more. so yeah its a bad idea all around

yep, it's true, forcing yourself to vomit really will make you lose weight. It will also destroy your esophagus, make you gain weight faster and heavier when you finally do decide to digest something oh and that's even if your physically still able to digest what with all the stomach trauma, ulcers, constipation and everything. Bulimia also traumatizes your heart. Does it still sound like a good idea? If it does, Then I certainly hope you don't like your teeth as they are cause Bulimia will also take "care" of those... as in the vomiting will cause your teeth to ROT. And no, the dentists won't be able to save them.

ps, don't even get me started on anorexia. Just stop being lazy, eat what you want 3 times a day and EXERCISE. Run for just 30 minutes a day. Just 30 minutes! And you'll lose weight AND keep it off.

Yes, it is true that purging can make you lose weight but it will take more then 3 times a week for you to actually lose weight. It is bulimia and there are very bad side effects of throwing up. It can wear away the lining of your esophagus, wear away the enamel on your teeth, you will lose key nutrients.

It is called Bulimia and it doesn't make you fat, it makes you extremely skinny and isn't good for you at all. You can die from it. Who would want to make themselves throw up?! I hate throwing up when I am sick, its so gross.

answer machine
bulimia is a disease that makes you skinny and ugly, vomiting makes you lose weight in an unhealthy way so I wouldn't do either

sardinian pride
Everytime I get a stomach virus...i lose weight so yeah it does..and if ur thinking about losing weight by vomiting dont because ull become ugly because you'll lose your hair...you'll lose skin pigment...you'll look sick...black circles under eyes no matter how much conceier u put on...and also..worse of all..ull die

Yes it can make you thin, but it is extremely unhealthy becuase of the following reasons:
1. The acid from your purdge can can hurt the lining of your stomach and throat.
2. Your teeth will fall out and become rotten and yellow.
3. You will get extremely horid breath.
4. You will not be getting any nutrients from the foods you eat.
Many other reasons. But I am not a doctor, so I don't know them all. But do not become bulimic.

it can make you lose weight. But also can make you have severe consecuences that can take you to dead such as hipotension, dehidration, hormonal alteration and really serious mental issues

Oh my god PLEASE tell your friend to speak with a doctor. She needs help.

Vomiting after you eat is bulimia. It is extremely dangerous. Do not ever try this.

Working out and eating healthy is the best way to lose weight.

Not only could you DIE...would you really want to look like this?



It is called buliemia. DO NOT DO THIS it seems like a fast way to lose, bu the health risks are too great by far. In my personal experience this has ruined my marriage also. My ex-wife is bulemic, and it has created so many problems centered around lying, hiding, and even my kids have exhibited this activity. again DO NOT DO THIS

That is bulimia. But that disease does not make you fat. Some bulimics are fat, because many bulimics purge and gorge themselves on food and then puke.

It's not the act of vomiting that makes you lose weight. It's the calories that you're not taking in that are not getting processed because they are getting vomitted up.

Bulimia also causes mouth sores and all sorts of nasty teeth problems though, Your teeth don't like to come into contact with your stomach acid. and that's what happens when you puke.

It is called bulimia and very dangerous. You destroy your teeth, throat, and esophagus.

bulimia is what you are talking about
search it is is very very very bad and terrifying

even. if you did its not like you are losing weight. you are just throwing up the food in your stomach. whatever fat that is on your body won't go up your throat. and when food does passes through it will store up because your body hasnt getting what it needs. so yeah you will gain a little weight.

don't do it. it messes your body up.

no bulimia is throwing up thus making you lose weight
but the stomach acide does some to your throat....
but yea... dont do it...

deadly screams
well, if you continue to do this then your body will go into starvation mode and you will gain weight it is not healthy

Lil Laurenzo
Yeh, vommiting obviously makes you lose weight. It doesn't make you attractive, though. Rather then looking skinny and toned it makes you look sickly (pale skin, bones sticking out). I find it VERY unattractive. Too much vommiting also causes your teeth to rot because all the stomach acid breaks down your teeth. PLEASEE do not do thiss.

First of all you should definitely NOT attempt this, it is extremely unhealthy and could end very badly if attempted.
It won't make you gain weight, you will lose weight doing this, but in a way that could have serious repercussions. I am assuming that your friend means vomiting once after every meal (3 meals a day), that means that the food you just ate is gone from your stomach, and as a result you won't get any of the fat and nutrients from it; although this may sound like a good dieting idea, it isn't for several reasons:
- You will damage your throat and esophagus because of the acid in your stomach being vomited constantly and destroying the lining of your throat and esophagus.
- You will become very lazy and tired since you aren't getting the nutrients you need, because by vomiting you are also getting rid of the vitamins, minerals, fiber, sugars, and other things you need, thus giving you less energy and actually making you even unhealthier.
- If you do this constantly it could lead to severe complications, and even possibly death.

In short, this is not a good idea, and although you will lose weight for sure, you may lose much more.

first of all...this is NOT an option for weight loss. The ONLY healthy way to lose weight is to eat right and exercise...period.

Bulimia is basically binging and purging. You eat a lot...usually in hiding, then vomit it back up. You lose the lining on your esophogus and tooth enamel. You can die.

Please do not consider this...it is not healthy!!! Please, speak with a parent or teacher...email me if you have more questions...

Great Dane
it's not healthy.
bulimia is when you try to lose weight by puking your brains out

Anne C
You lose weight, you lose enamel off your teeth, you lose the trust of your family. DON'T go there!

Yes it does make you skinny

But it makes your teeth yellow and your breath extremely smelly.

Yes, but also ruin you teeth, esophagus, and body (in the fact that you'd be stick thin). Once you started eating normally and quit throwing up, you'd gain all the weight back, plus some.

it does, and its called bulimia
and its bad

i live with bulimia in my life and ild like to say im not mental i had things happen in my life that i couldnt control so therefore i use food as a source of control i wouldnt wish it on anyone dont think about it it does effect your health and yes you lose weight but its not healthy and it is tiring and it ruins your life xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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