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I need alot of opinons :) and facts....

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what ...

 help im 13 and im short?
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okay well im 125 lbs and 5ft 7

i play ...

 One of my friends is 5'5 and weighs 150 is she fat???
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 i am 5'8 and i weigh 145 i want to lose some!?
i would really want to weigh like 128 or 130. how do i lose it easily and quickly?
please help!...

 I just drank 2 cans of diet coke is this bad? Will I gain weight?

Is it possible to eat via your butt?
Could someone without a mouth eat through their butt?

They give coffee enemas to people who have passed out. Your lower intestine absorbs things from your feces to make it from liquid to solid. Those chemicals go directly to your liver where the good stuff is filtered out. Only liquids like tea or coffee. Oh I forgot. If a baloon or condom full of heroin breaks in your rectum, you die very quick. It has happened to Mules.(people who carry drugs that way)


Tablet or liquid form glucose perhaps.

Beth N
Just because you can go in the exit at Wal-Mart doesn't mean you can shove food in the exit and expect it to be absorbed by your body.


I have always heard that nothing is impossible so why don't you try just that, eating via your butt to prove that theory.

haha I hope so that is too cool XD But, no, it's impossible :P

Um, I have never tried it. It sounds kind of difficult. Let me know how it goes.

lol. No maybe thru their veins but not from the butt.

no they are fed with a tube leading from their belly button into their stomach
i know someone like this their mouth doesnt work but they have one

I love Uggs =)

Maybe if you believe hard enough it will be true, just click your heels 3 times and say I wish I wish I wish,,,,,, HA ha

Justice M

Van Bo
No, medicine is administered by suppository, but disabled people often have implanted feeding tubes direct to their stomachs. They are plastic, and have screw-off caps on them.

Undisclosed Disires
HAHAHA!!! I say no, but that would be quite the thing to see!!!!

no, but they could get a feeding tube inserted through thier abdomen to thier stomache.

ask martha stewart, she did it in south park :))


You've been watching too much South Park.

no because where the hell would it come out? your mouth LOL

Only if a tube is tunneled to his or her stomach.


Wow! probably if you are crazy enough to try it. First, You'll need to grow teeth and molars in order for you to chew the food, but I think you will have bigger problems getting the colon to ascend the food instead of descending it and I bet you won't like the taste or smell of the food :). Now, imagine where the gases will come out and how will you get rid of the food? well I hope I was able to convince you that it is not possible. :)

.....no dont be silly

no ! but given time anything is possible

Haha one of the funniest South Park episodes ever!

No it's not possible.

10,000 Days
yeh they did it in south park

im guessing uve tried it before and it didnt work ehh?

No. The alimentary canal is the canal that runs through your body that starts with the mouth and ends with the anus. It is physically impossible to go the opposite direction.

.No. That opening is for the exit of waste. There is no way for your body to accept nutrition through your anus. It must either go through the digestive system (via your stomach) or straight into the bloodstream via IV.

No, but you can absorb chemicals through your anus, such as alcohol and medicinal suppositories.
People without mouths usually eat through a tube that goes straight into their stomachs.

Only the ones who have teeth in their butts.

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