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 am i overweight?
I'm 5'7, maybe a bit over but not quite 5'8, I weigh around 140 pounds, maybe a bit more? Am I overweight?
Additional Details
thanks, appreciated ...

 what have you eaten today that has the highest calorie content?
I don't look at calories. but perhaps I should....

 Why am i still so fat?
I hardly ever eat. At the most i eat 200 calories a day. I exercise twice a day for an hour. I do 1000 crunches a day, plus a bunch of cardio.

Why am i still so fat? I am 5'7, and i ...

 What is the best thing to eat after working out to lose weight?

 how can i grow taller within a few days? im 13 , 95lbs and 4'11?
I know i've been told that i'll keep growing until i hit the age of 18-21 , but can i speed it up within a few days??...

 how is it possible to weigh less in the morning, when nothing left your body?
so whenever i compare my wieght from at night to the morning its usually like a 2-4 pound diffrence! how is it possible to weigh less and look skinnier in the morning when nothing has left your body ...

 I'm 13 and weigh 144 lbs. Am I fat?
Is it ok to weigh 144 lbs and be 5' 6"?

i'm scared that i'm fat! I'm almost 14. Is this normal?

Please be honest! And if u think i'm fat, give me ...

 eating before or after exercise?
i am going to start going running with a friend, she works until late so we will be going running at around 8pm.
i get home around 5pm, so would it be a better idea for me to eat when i get home ...

 Am i over weight???????????????
Im 13 yrs old and 5' 6" and i weigh 150 pounds. Am i over weight? plz be truthful!...

 how can I lose 10 pounds with out taking pills?
Right now i weigh 130 and would like to weigh 120 and lose it as fast as possible without taking any pills ir doing anything that can harm me. So whats the easiest and quickest way to lose it?...

 I'm a male, 5'91/2" tall and 150 lbs. Am I fat?
I feel like a giant piece of lard. I have a little belly that I can't seem to get rid of. People say I need to be 160 lbs! but that is crazy for me. I already have high blood pressure. Is ...

 Am I Too Fat Or What?
Im 14
And Aroud 108 pounds
Should I Lose Weight
If So How much??

Additional Details
oh im a ...

 will i lose my curves if i starve??
hi i want to go on a detox (starvation)but wondered what will happen to my body.it will be for 5days with less then 500 calories or just water.my biggest worry is am i going to lose my curves and is ...

 How do i loose weight if i am 200 pounds male and a 13 year old?
plz help!...

 Is htis a normal wieght?
5 foot 7
14 year old girl
123 pounds.
I wanna loose mroe and for track we do about 1-2 miles a day and I do shot put. Will doing this work, or will I just end up building muscle?...

 Do you think i'm fat? Honest opinions please..?
I'm 5'4''
i weigh 123..
i think i'm really fat..
i want to lose atleast like 15 pounds..
what do you think?
i want honest opinions on the two pics &...

 do you think I can lose weight by not going to the gym but to walk in town?
I'm trying to lose weight but I can't go to gym cause i'm paying for my driving lessions, so do you think walking for about 30 to a hour would lose my ...

 how to get a six pack??? 10 points?
whats the quickst way to get a 6 pack (i aint fat) lol pllllzzzz help?????...

 Do Fruits have any caloriess ???
title explains itself lol.

and if so, how many ??...

 am i skinny, average or fat?
i weigh 82 pounds and i am 4'7 thnx bye <33 :D
Additional Details
i am 12 years old ;]...

In 7th almost in 8th grade is 91-95 lbs considered fat?
This girl in 7th almost in 8th grade is 91-95 lbs is that considered fat???
Additional Details
And is 5ft 3in

yes, you're huge

everyone's fat to me. I'm 82 lb. and in about the same age as you!

hey that's how much i weighed, and i was a total lard ***


I am in 7th grade and weigh 108 or something lbs. and am about 5' 4'' and I am not considered fat; I'm average. Some people even call me skinny.

im a guy and im in 9th grade im only 100 lbs.
but my canons are bigger :D

Rach ツ
It all depends on your height. But even without knowing your height, i'd say no.

Take a look at this height and weight chart and see where you fall..


Ninja Viper
no, but by the time high school comes around that girl will grow into any extra weight if any.

That was my weight at the age of 14

noo not at all

It really depends on height as well as percentage of body fat...


Use this. It's a Body Mass Index Calculator. It'll show your target healthy weight range.

I doubt that you're even chubby, let alone "fat." Just be comfortable with who you are. Don't worry about how you look, just worry about being healthy. Seriously... Stop this whole "I think I'm fat" thing NOW. Don't let it spiral out of control. You're fine.

i'm 120 pounds but i dont really look it its mostly muscle lol

its kinda under weight

ur not a noun, ur a verb
heck no, that's actually underweight (but it also depends on height).

depends on your height
im 5'3 and im 145 and im considered over weight

Zaneta PL
It depends on your height. When I was in grade 7/8... back in the day, haha, I weighted around the same.
Good weight :)

Preston G
it depends on gender and height and muscle. 90 pounds is average for a girl that is around 5foot 4-5foot 6

- Ceceliaa . ( :
That is considered underweight. Depending on their height(also).

definity not if ur average height

no,.......well it depends how tall/short she is but i think its a good balance

all ur girls (most of them), there is something wrong with them
most want to lsoe wieght when most dont need too
holy crap this is pissing me off
your wasting everyones time and from peoples who actually need help

Bre A
i way like 115 lbs. but i am also like 5' 5''

Tori <3
no. your PERFECT actually. im 8th grade at 97 lbs.

Doesn't sound like it, Depends on the height... you can find out if its underweight, overweight, or obese by using this :

TD magnet
No! Also - you have to say how tall you are. But assuming you are average height, no!!

not at all! theirs girls that weigh 175 lbs. tha are ages 12-13.

Angry Grandma (VP)
If you are 3 feet tall,Yes
If you are normal size,No


no, most certainly not. you are almost average.
so you are actually a little underweight :)
don't worry about that stuff, you're too young :)

No it isn't. I know a girl in eight grade who is over 122 pounds. It don't matter your weight if your healthy and happy. Im a teen, and a little self consious.


no are u crazy!!!!!!???

thats a perfect weight!
dont worry about your weight hon, its all good.
there was this kid in kindergarten and he already weighed 100,pounds. so please donnt worry about your weight.
even try asking a doctor and see what they say.,

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