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Katrina G
Im on a diet but im bored of Water.. What can I drink?
I have starting eating alot better and started exercizing more in hopes to lose weight. I drink water all day, but sometimes when Im thrisy, water just sounds sooo boring and not appealing at all.
Is there anything eles I can drink? Im thinking of trying those Crystal Light packets that you add to water.. but I just have a problem drinking them since I know its water, and it just doesnt seem right (Kind of like that green ketchup phase.. you knew it was ketchup, but you just couldnt eat it cuz it was either green or purple)

Zeta Lives
diet sodas shouldn't be too bad.

Lowell M
Actually, you don't need to diet per se in order to lose weight, the sole diet which clearly delivered for me is wu-yi tea, it can be viewed in the resource box underneath, they have a small number of free trials remaining, it has been reported in Fox News and USA Today. I shed thrity pounds, it clearly does work!

I was just going to suggest the flavor packets you can add to your water to make it taste different, but I see that you're already considering it. I've had it and it's pretty good actually. I think it's worth a try!

That or tea. I have been experimenting with all different brands and flavors and it's kept things interesting.

vitamen water

I did the same thing too. You should still be drinking milk btw. Another drink I drink is Orange juice, and cranberry. I dont know if you like those, but the sugar free in the cranberry juice still tastes same. You can also drink the GOYA fruit drinks. I prefer the banana.

you could try diet ice tea. Or the crystal light, it doesn't even taste like water when you put the packet in... Or cranberry juice, thats low fat... Also diet caffeine free pop is low fat but then again not too healthy.

Tea or Iced Tea. Crystal Light will make you fat. While it doesn't have any calories it just gets put in your body somewhere since your body has no clue what to do with it. Same thing with diet soda. If you even drink soda just drink regular soda if you can cause diet = big mistake.

i agree crystal light looks kinda gross to me too, and i cant drink it becasue i know its all just chemicals floating in my water.

you need at least 8 glasses of water a day to stay hydrated or more when dieting/ excersizing. and i agree it gets boring.

this is what i do... at work we get free fountain pops so what i do is i pour my glass up with only maybe 2inches, or half way then i slowly drink it and it quenches my thirst it gives me the little bit of sugar i need rather than having to drink a whole can/bottle and having all the calories in my system.

also try gatorade/powerade some of the flavours are gross but when you find the one you like it just clicks and it really help restore electrolights to your body.

Have a V8 hahaha
No seriously, their good for you.

Elena C {New profile picture}
Flavored water

Fruit juice! Milk!! They are the 2 healthiest foods out there (although whole fruits are better than juices...) and milk comes with reduced calories and then there is 2% fat milk and stuff... try it! You'll like it, AND it's actually healthy for you!

Hope this helped! :D


The Rawle
I think the crystal light packets will probably suffice you. You don't really feel like your drinking water and they aren't too bad for you. Give em a shot if you don't like them you can always go with 100 juice products.

Most diet sodas are zero calories. And taste good too, just go for orange or black cherry - not cola., except Coke Zero is good. The fruity ones are best. OR, make your own with real fruit juice and club soda with a wedge or lemon or lime on Ice of course. Good Luck

I noticed someone said something about Propel and Fuze. Even though those are "healthy" drinks and have low calories, they have tons of sugar that isn't good. I'd say try tea or try to get used to those Crystal Light packets! Good luck with your diet.

I personally wouldn't be overly concerned with something sweet every now and then but... Tea is a pretty great alternative, assuming you enjoy the taste.

Like you said, the Crystal Light. I have those. They are 5 calories a serving. I love them.

I also have the kool-aid you mix in the water that is also 5 calories.

I think that's you only choice. Because if its not the kind you mix in water, it's going to be high in calories.

Propel is good, and so is FUZE.
Very tasty, and low calories.

lil Ms.
AH... so the green ketchup thing really happened? Where was I? I thought my boyfriend made it up. ha ha.
Drink Iced tea. Make your own tea if you're tired of crystal light.
They also make no calorie/no sugar Kool-aid [delicious!] packets to add to water and propel & gatorade packets too. Water IS the basis of everything so its kinda gonna be hard finding something that isn't completely made up of it.
If its a problem, just drink diet soda, there's nothing wrong with that. But when you're exercising, I would stick to bottles of Propel. Its about 25 calories to drink the entire bottle, its much better for you than Gatorade & Vitamin water.

passionfruit 87
diet soda.
it has no calories, sugar or anything so it's like water without the nutritional value lol

I had the same problem adn I used Gatoraid. It is very refreshing plus if you are excersizing alot it is great for replenishing the body. Also is something I use for my kids since Pedialyte isn't something they like to drink. This does the same thing for them. It is very good for your body when you are sick or sweating. It replenishes and gives you energy ;)

Joel B
drink xs or nutrilite sports drinks
lots of vitamins
not a lot of sodium like gatorade or crystal light
call me for more info! 319 360 4415
the sports drink comes in dragonfruit, grape etc.
no artificial dyes

TRY maple syrup...mix with water.. since u are ona diet, don eat other things too.. just consume primrose thingy and strict diet on maple syrup only for 3 days.. u definitely lose 1-3 kg... this call detoxification program.

All the people that say you should only drink water are WRONG. Most beverages are mostly water.

The original medical report that got misquoted stated 8, 8 ounce glasses of fluids a day (not water) and that 4 of those 8 ounce glasses can come from the food you eat. Leave a piece of bread out on the counter and see what happens when the water evaps. even food gives you the water you need.

Milk is 87% water. diet caffeine free sodas (my fav is Fresca) are flavored carbonated water with artificial sugar, the body breaks everything down and takes out the h20 molecules and uses them. On average, food provides about 20-30 percent of total water intake, while the remaining 80 percent comes from water and beverages of all kinds.

Many fruits and vegetables, such as watermelon and tomatoes, are 90 percent to 100 percent water by weight. Milk and juice are composed mostly of water. Even beer, wine and caffeinated beverages — such as coffee, tea or soda — can contribute.

the best thing you can do is stay away from caffeine because although the new studies show they don't actually dehydrate you, caffeine may impede weight loss.

don't worry too much.

Besides water and me too on a diet and crying for my pepsi, I drink PInk Lemonade "Crystal Light".

you could try like those propel packets they taste just like the real thing but r healthier and propel is clear so you don't really think about it.i hope i helped.it definitely taste better.it worked 4 me. :-]

Waterfords flavoured mineral water is good. Its just like soda but no sugar.

diet V8 splash, it has calories but it's a whole serving of veggies in 8 oz.

get some different herbal teas and make iced tea-no calories. I really like tazo passion with splenda. it's so good and taste more like juice than tea. also tea especially green tea aids in weight loss, it helps regulate bloating.

also, you don't want to drink soda, even diet. it will make you feel boated because of all the carbonation. I used to drink a lot of diet coke. now I just drink milk, water, juice and tea and I've lost like 8 lbs in the past 3 mos.

Any diet drink you want. I have exercised for more than 30 years. I go to the gym and open a diet coke, while everyone else drinks water-blah!

♥♥The Queen Has Spoken♥♥
and soda is flavored water too but I bet you drink it!

The base of all things liquid is water. It's a matter of frame of mind.

tea? they're pretty good for your body and speed up your metabolism..

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