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Im fat,200 pounds,15 yr, girl im 5'5 and I cry becuse I have no plan or motavation to loose weight.help me!!!!?
IM 15

1. No one can give you motivation--you need to create your own. Do this by making a list of all the reasons why you want to lose weight. Print it out and carry it around with you and look at it frequently.

2. Join sparkpeople.com. It's free, and it has lots of advice and support.

3. Write down everything you eat. EVERYTHING. Eat 1500 calories/day and no more (don't go less than that because you're a growing girl).

4. Set aside one hour/day to exercise, even if it's just brisk walking.

Become a vegitarian, eat 3 meals a day, go to the gym daily, and try not to eat if you're stressed or bored. Good luck :D

since you're a teenager, and i'm assuming you have no problems with eating (ie an eating disorder), you shouldn't really be losing weight, because teenagers' carry extra weight needed for growing--some more than others in your case.

but if you do have an issue with eating (ie. you eat too much) a here's what you should do. since you're 5'5'', you ideally should weight anywhere from 110-140lbs. let's aim for 140lbs at your weight. it all depends on your body type though--you might by slightly over or under that when you reach your ideal weight.

for an inactive person of your weight, you need 2600 calories to maintain your weight. i assume that is what you're eating now, since you are not losing any weight. so here is what you do-- cut out 500 calories from your diet to make it 2100 a day, and add moderate exercise in at least 3 times a week (ie walking, jogging--any movement that gets your heart rate going). You will have approximately a 700 calorie deficit each day with eating less and exercising which, if followed 5 days a week, will give you a healthy and safe weight loss of 1 pound a week.

it's a slow process, but it works and will stay off. the best thing is that it's really simple. once you lose the first 5, it'll keep coming off and you won't even know it. oh yeah, remember to tell your parents this is what you're going to do, just so they know you're trying to lose weight and don't become worried when they see you've lost some weight. good luck!

Don't cry.Don't give up.Calm down.You are going to be ok.
Thats first thing first.

Do a colon cleanse first.The colon has a lot to do with weight gain.Get a colon cleanse product.I hear Evercleanse is good.Cleanse that colon first.
After you cleanse that colon, then you can start doing these things:
Eat plenty of fruits and veggies.
Stay away from foods high in carbs,fat,calories,and sugar.
Drink Crystal Light juice instead because Crystal Light is made with Splenda instead of sugar.
Drink diet sodas only.Don't drink too much soda though.Crystal Light is better.
Drink plenty of water.
Drinking 3 eight ounce glasses of milk helps weight loss.Research shows that calcium burns fat.So load up on dairy and drink those 3 glasses of fat free skim milk.
Drink soy milk.Soy milk is also good for you.
If you must have rice, eat brown rice.Brown rice is healthier than white rice.Brown rice also has vitamin A and helps keep eyes healthy.
Cut beef,chicken,and turkey out of your diet.These meats can be very fattening.
Eat broiled and grilled fish.Stay away from fried fish.
Eat baked fries instead.Stay away from fried french fries.
Stay away from fast food places.If you do eat out, order a salad or yogurt parfait.
Eating low fat and fat free yogurt aids in weight loss.Remember calcium absorbs and burns fat.
Eat the egg whites only when you eat eggs.Throw the yolks out.So eat only scrambled egg whites.Egg whites are low in fat and calories and provide protein.
Protein aids in weight loss and it helps to build muscle.
Drink diet juices.If the juice doesn't say diet above it, then leave it alone.
Put fat free dressing on your salads only.
Eat low carb bread.Stay away from regular bread.
Eat baked chips.
Eat soy chips
Eat rice cakes.Rice cakes are a healthy low fat,low sodium,low calorie snack.

Do aerobics.
Do yoga.
Run up and down the stairs for 20 mins.
Jump rope for 20 mins.
Do belly dancing to tone that belly.
Do ab crunches to tone that belly.
Do butt crunches to tone the booty.
Running helps to loose weight.Run around the track or around your block.
Get into weight lifting.It will tone your muscles and it also aids in weight loss.

Buy a lithium powered scale.They run on batteries.Weight yourself once a week to see your progress.Don't get discouraged.You're only supposed to loose 2 and a half pounds per week.

Well, start off slow of course.
As a girl, I know you look in the mirror every morning.
Get some lipstick or something and write your goal weight on it.
Start off easy.
Don't put something, like 120. That's not reasonable at this point.
Put something like 185, that's easier to reach. If you reach that, then It'll help your confidence.

As far as losing the weight, it's best to start off slow by eliminating small things that cause you to take in extra calories.
Stop drinking Cokes, eating candy, etc.

In addition, do some exercise. Not a lot. If you start off doing a lot, you'll either get tired of it or get discouraged.

E-mail me if you have any other questions.

Trust me, I understand. :)

I'm sorry you are going through a hard time. Tell yourself you are beautiful, because regardless of your weight, you ARE beautiful.
You can start by writing everything you eat and at what time each day in a tablet. Then after a week look at what you wrote and see what times you tend to eat too much, and whether you are eating too much food. Then, at those times, try walking around your neighborhood or raking leaves, or just snacking on something healthier. You do not need a diet plan to lose weight, so do not worry about that. Just eat less (but nor dangerously less) and exercise more than you are. Really try hard when you are in gym class. Do not feel discouraged because yoyu will not see immediate results. Keep with it and slowly you will see results.

Take walks, go to the gym, try and make an appointment with a nutritionist, they can really help. And replace foods that are high in sugar and fat, with fruit or vegetables. And try not to eat to much in between meals.

Listen...im here to help you myself if you want...i was like you...i weighed 220 pounds and i was 16 at the highest weight peak im 18 now though but it's okay..i know how you feel , i cried too, i cried so much and hated myself at times because i was fat..my addiction was food..but i got into slim fast and i only lived with my parents because my older brothers moved out..so our kitchen had healthy stuff and just a little bit of food. so then i lost 70 Pounds! i weighed like 144 when i graduated from highschool..i felt so happy but i still need to loose more weigh because i myself still considered a little bit over weight...so im with you girl...i know you don't have money for slim fast..me too..and since my brother and his wife moved in our home again ..they fill the kitchen up with junk food and i get cravings and eat what they eat sometimes..and i hate it ...what slim fast makes you do is just buy healthy things like vegetables and fruit..so i learned that you just gotta eat small small portions but 6 times a day so you can start up your metabolism again.Do this for me..tell your parents to help you out and not buy bad things to put in the kitchen..the less food and the more healthy food there is in your kitchen..the more motivation you have to not eat bad things....my exersise is just dancing with my ipod in my room..im also lazy at exersising lol but it helps..any movement helps your body ^_^...liiiiike also doing 10 pushups everynight helps too.to build muscle on your arms...i hope i helped a little ^_^ ..buy more fruit..take it as like candy cause fruit is delicious lol like watermelon mmmm good and umm pineapple ..i eat one slice of pineapple a day as one of my snacks..and its yummmmy..you don't have to eat fake food "chips and fastfood ect" to be satisfied girl....fruit is so good and yummyness trust me..you'll start to like fruit more..the more you eat it...just check out the slim fast website..you don't have to waste money..just read around and you'll learn about what to eat on the slim fast website ...a boy told me that i will loose 10 pounds in one month by using slim fast..and i did..but it was hard my first month because i had chinese food cravings lol. omg i hope i didn't type alot lol it's cause i wanna help you..here's my email if you wanna learn more ^_^
[email protected]
yea it's long lol..sorry...you can do it girl..if i can do it..you can trust me..it's all in the mind..if you have cravings..drink water sometimes and it goes away ..because when you got cravings..sometimes it means that youre actually thirsty.........Bye :)

Fiyah! Canadian Beauty
You need motivation- i posted pics of skinny mondels all around and on the fridge-t made me eat better which helped with weight loss

Galaxy Girl
You don't need to pay money to be on a diet plan.

Just lose weight the old fashioned way, by being HEALTHY.

Eat healthy, portioned meals three times a day. (One plate of food, don't go for seconds.) And if you get hungry in between meals eat one-two healthy snacks a day, such as fresh fruit or raw veggies with some low fat dip, whole grain crackers, yogurt, etc.

Limit the amount of desert you eat. Like maybe once a week. And only eat one slice of cake or one scoop of icecream. As long you keep it once a week and in the correct size, you can enjoy dessert.

Exercise 4-5 times a week for one hour. You don't need to go the gym. Just find a good area to walk, like a park near by yourself. And speed walk for one hour. 9This burns lots of calories and doesn't require any skills.)Take a music player to help the time go by fast. Make this a priority, just like homework, showering, work, religious stuff, etc.

Stay active! Keep yourself busy with school, work, religious activities, safe / responsible fun with friends. In your spare time, don't waste it on the computer or watching the tv all day long. Go to the mall, hiking, to museums, maybe to the carnival, swimming with friends, bowling, iceskating, eye shopping. Just get out and enjoy life!

People these days spend so much money on diet plans and it's really not necessary. Having a healthy weight is not rocket science, it's just the amount of calories you consume vs. the calories you burn. You don't need to become obsessed with your weight. Just develop good eating habits and stay active.

Unfortunately when it comes down to it, no one can force you to be motivated, you have to be the one to push yourself. A good thing to remember is that sometimes the motivation comes AFTER you being to see the results. So just do it now. Don't wait until tomorrow or 3 months from now or two years down the road to have a fresh start, just do it now.

If this helps, always keep in mind how you want to treat yourself. Do you want to give your body the best treatment possible and nourish the way it's needed? Or do you want to be unhealthy and limit your opportunities in life? You have the right to be good to yourself and I hope you take that chance.

Little Light
get a large dog as a puppy. as it grows the exercises it needs will become larger giving your body time to get fit slowly. it will need you to care for it and walk/run it every day. also it will give you love and companionship, and a work out partner who wont judge you, as teens can be very mean to people different than them. see if your parents will help with the cost. its a healthier alternative to yo-yo diets. good luck and remember the saying big girls have more fun, statistically this is true! :)

first of all, u dont need to lose weight to be happy
u need to first accept urself for who u are.
tell ur parents that u are unhappy with urself so that they can work out a plan for u at the gym
im sure if u stick to it u will get some great results.
but what do u mean u need motivation???.... if u really want to change, then u should use that as ur motivation.
everyday tell urself things like i can do it... and im beatiful.. and i can change..... tell urself inspirational stuff.
but dont go on one of those strict diets bcuz those never work, they just harm ur body.... just eat healhtyand exercise.

good luck
u r a beautiful person.

what ever you do don't go on one of those diet things. Once i tried diet coke and i got sick...any ways just have daily excercize. u know in Drake and Josh how Josh lost weight that's what u can do.

lol. just practice self control. eat normal sized meals. pack lunches from home to take to school, because school lunches have so freaking much fat and cholesterol. dont eat too many sweets. if you have cravings for sweets, eat some dark chocolate. or buy fruit-flavored kefir (it's this liquidy yogurt stuff, it's pretty tasty and it helps you lose weight). stay away from the twinkies. dont eat after 7 pm. if you do all this, you will definitely lose weight.
you dont even have to exercise. you can lose lots of weight just by eating right. of course, exercise would definitely help you lose weight faster.

Lauren M
just like yourself for the way you are. if someone ever says something mean to you, you can just show them that you could kick their *** by body slamming them. and if you are really concerned about your weight you should go to the docters, they will help you through this.

Embrace your beauty now. Sure, eat well and excercise, but if you're still a big girl, so what? There are plenty of big girls out there. You don't have to be embarassed. If you're confident about yourself, you won't have a problem finding a guy.

Do you want to live your life hungry?

oh sweetie don't you worry, just start with little things like cutting one type of unhealthy food out of your diet and replace things like desert like fresh fruit. just take little steps because it's hard to loose weight just like that and even little things like ten jumping jacks a day are great. just slowly and gradually change things until eventually your a healthy young lady!(:

Girl, I'm just turned 16 i'm 5'4" i'm a girl I weigh 225 pounds used to be 255. during the summer i lost almost 20 pounds and gained like five for doing almost nothing but sitting on my butt doing nothing now i'm trying to lose weight again if i could be 200 pounds again that would would be happy. my advice to you is (if you have it) play a mile of DDR once a day (on workout mode) its a great work out, always take the stairs instead of elevator, eat slower to fill up fast

Just start eating healthier. Think about how upset you get in regards to motivation. If you want to see change, then be that change. Walk around your neighborhood in the afternoon, maybe work up to running. If you drink water and eat healthy, you'll start losing weight in no time.

Kelsey T
find something that you enjoy doing that you can also work out while doing. for instance you like snowboarding, take up skateboarding, or rollerblading. you can have fun while trying to loose weight

go running everyday. and cut back eating. the reason a lot of people are fat is portion size!

Victor mullen
get all that sadness out and believe that u can work out at home and eat a lil less and ull b fine, its all a belief

why don't you get a job, so you can join membership for a gym?
or why don't you start with eating healthy, and jogging in the mornings. you can also download winsor pilates on the internet, i've done that before.

start walking everday and you will lose it fast. times when you want to munch...walk instead. or eat celery, it burns calories and doesn't give calories.

You need a work out buddy who you can exercise with. When you have someone with you it is much more motivating.

Raw Truth w/ Vitamins
start running! its that simple and easy, as a girl you don't have to lift weights, just run to stay in shape. Start setting longer distance goals for yourself everytime you run.

play sports, go for a run/jog/walk, get a tredmill, play dance dance revolution, stop eating unhealthy foods, excersise

Go for walks, exercise, watch your portions, and eat healthier. You'd be surprised how much the little things help.

Start going to a gym regularly, and watch what you eat. The internet can help you research.

Baby Boi
Go to the gym and cut out all those junk foods.

I left a site in my sources for you to use. If people make funny of you let them. Next thing you know your the hottest girl in the world. GOOD LUCK lol

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