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Im 5'2 and weigh 101 lbs. is that a lot.?

Not That Jim
No!! It's perfect, and still would be if you weighed 120.



Heather D
eat sumthin

No not at all. Just eat healthy! Excersice a lot!

You don't weigh a lot. Check out this
just type in your weight and height and it will tell you your BMI. I typed it in and it actually said your underweight but i am sure thats fine. Nothing to worry about!!!

nope but is it fat or muscle

Jenny L


Micky D


Nope, Thats right where you should be. Its on the low end of the average side, actually.

NO! i am 5 and 160 be happy with they way you look and btw the people on here are mean i wouldn't be asking questions that will only kill your self asteem

that doesn't say anything about anything. try a BMI (body mass index) calculator at http://www.bmi-calculator.net/ read the articles and find out for yourself.

I'm a box of Corn Flakes
Tell me, I'm 5' 2" and i weigh 156. Is THAT a lot?????????????

Melani W
how old are you 12?

No, that's not a lot at all! I would actually say that might be underweight. Remember though, how much you weigh doesn't only depend on your height! Everyone is built differently, some people have heavier bones or muscle which weighs more than fat!

you are actually at a really good wieght. If you checked your BMI it would prob. say you wher normal or maybe even close to being under wieght

lifes not that bad :)
nope youre at a perfect weight for your height

No, I'm 5'6 and i weigh 120lb and that is underweight..
So i think that weighing 101lbs when your 5'2 is fine.
There are websites that tell u if you are underweight, normal or overweight compared to your height.
Search Body mass index on google

Derek P
Nope Soph that is absolutely perfectttt actually ,..sweet and petite i bet ?? :-)~

No that is not a lot of weight, your BMI is at the borderline between normal weight and underweight. I think it would be good if you either maintained your weight or gained maybe a few more pounds and kept yourself in that range.

Taylor W
Nope, you're fine. :3

aahhhhhhhhh...... you can't be serious right you need to gain atleast 8 pounds. no that's not a lot at all.

IloveMe. :)
thats perfect. :)

no not at all....
thats a great size/frame....
i bet youre really pretty

No, you may even be underweight.

I recommend a healthy diet, and plenty of excercise and water to have a healthy frame; I am much shorter than you [under 5'] and I was supposed to be between 95 - 105 lbs. Chances are you, you look quite slender -

If you have been playing around w/fad diets and such, you could be 'bloated' or have lost muscle and have more flab; the way to correct this is by moderate excercise.

you can google the height and weight chart to see where you are on the scale, keep in mind your bone structure -

Most importantly, keep in mind body structure; there are athelitic builds, and 2 other types of body structure; a dancer is not necessarily going to be skinny; and yet, she will be very healthy in great form; our society places a lot of unneccessary emphasis on a female to be a prepubesent form; look like we did when we were 12 or 13- and that is just not fair; a woman is beautiful when she is at a healthy weight; so, talk with your doctor, if you really think you are 'fat' - which you are NOT!

Jorge luis
nope im 5'6 and weight 150

absolutely not! i'm about your height, about your weight, and i'm rather slim! maybe you weigh more because most of your body weight is muscle, and muscle weighs more than fat. i'd ask your doctor though, and see what he says. if he says no, then you really don't have anything to worry about. if yes, then focus on excercising and eating healthy (which is always good anyway!)

No, you would be considered very petite.

Goodness no. You're just fine. By all means, please don't try to lose any weight. You're at a perfect healthy weight and size. Enjoy it! :-)

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