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Im 16 and can do 30 pushups. Is this good?

Additional Details
Also, Im a combination of ectomorph and mesomorph.

Nightmare on Hump Street
30 push ups a day is a pretty good start.

But you gotta learn to do sets and reps of each exercise

Start off simple....do 5 sets of 10 reps of push ups and increase that # every other day.

well, ya i guess so, considering that they are GOOD push-ups, as in ur nose should go withing 2-4 inches of the ground, and u should go all the way up so ur arms are straight

do more each time you do them.
, 30 good. for now.

ya thats good

Cherry Blossom
Um, okay..

Sure, it's good. Did you want a trophy of some sort? Or maybe a suggestion to join the military? I'm not sure what you're looking for.

No, I can do twenty thousand.

Rick G
no in the army or rotc you would be doing a lot more so try harder

Lady A
Are you male or female?

i can only do ten!!!
Way to go!!!!

[email protected]
its fine.
not good, normal.
nothing above average.

i would hope u could do a lot more than that...

The Man Who Sold The World
I'm 14 and I can do that many.. But I guess...

No. im younger by a couple of years and can do 45 on average

Hehe, I guess maybe...'Cause middle school recommendations for push-ups are 30 for boys, 22 for girls.

Depends on how old you are.

If you're a high schooler...let's just say you have some work to do.

wow! i cant do any

I am the left arm of Voltron!

Pretty good.

I can't do one.

I can do over 9,000!!!!

Steven H
depends on your weight its still good though some 16yr olds cant do 1

Lol. Well I'm fixing to be 18 and you can do more than I can! So, yes 30 push-ups is EXTRA-ordinary! oh yeah and im a girl!!!!!!!!!1

ya thats average

Ehsan h
U can twofold it in less than a month,
but u should do it every day for 3times,

Lauren G
I'm a girl and I can do 200 and I'm 12 so there

I'm a girl and I'm 13, I can do about 75

Joseph P
I'm 64 and do 30 pushups every morning. So, you're not so hot. But keep trying, you'll improve

You R-tard, your 6.1 150 pounds and cant do more than 30 pushups? Grow a pair, I'm 257 pounds and can do well over 50+

It´s freaken amazing

Jesssss :)
depends on your weight and height. fat percentage and your ability.

no, drop and gimme 50!

its better then 29......not as good as 31.......

Waffle H
thats pretty good. a lot of people can barely get 15 down...

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