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Sarah A
If I only eat 500 calories a day and loose 1000 calories a day how much will I loose in a week?
I'm 5'3 and I weigh 133.

youre gonna lose nothing
youre either A)gonna stop
or B) die

have fun deciding!

Your life.
If you really need to lose weight, crash dieting and over-exercising will just destroy it.
Go on this website to find real tips on how to lose weight safely.

Your life, your body needs calories to keep going and do mundane things like breathing and talking so make sure to eat a balanced diet 1200- 1500 calories is normal intake and try to burn most off.

That's right.
In the end you'll weigh more than you did before. you body will be efficient at storing fat.

Will R., bassist in Michigan
Let's figuire this out...
1000 calories going out - 500 calories going in=500 calories a day
500 calories a day x 7 days= 3500 calories.

I doubt you'll lose any honestly. Your metabolism will slow down and kick into starvation mode. You'll just feel faint and weak. If you really wanted to lose weight, you should cut a few hundred calories back but eat at least 1200. I tried doing that for a while but it had no effect, believe me. I'm 16, 5'3," and I lost 25 pounds by NOT starving myself and eating more actually.

So yeah, just don't do it.
Don't try it.
It's not going to work.

Sugar :]!
30% of your braincells and a week of your life.

ƒσx Đιяτ-βικιŋğ ğιяι
DONT DIET!! you're not overweight. you should check to see if you NEED to lose wight before you start eating less. check a BMI calculator.and if you DID need to lose wight, you should exercise more and eat less junk and more fruits and veggies and drink more water.

also, when you diet, you body adapts by saving some of it for later, therefore you store fat and it's not the result you want.

please, i don't know you. I don't know who you are, i don't even know your name.
But please for gods sake do not carry out the proposed plan of 500 calories a day.

Under eating can contribute to many different health risks. I would say that your plan is very dangerous, and i would advise that you never even consider it.

You will burn about 1500 cals just being alive every day

If you burn an extra 1000 cals a day (exercising I guess?) you are burning a total of 2500 cals a day

2500- 500 (you are eating) leaves a daily net of -2000 cals

In a week you will have a net of -14000 cals

A lb of fat has 3500 cals

Theoretically you will loose 4lb a week.

In reality the amount of water you drink and the amount of fibre you get will also have an effect.

To maximise weight loss then drink lots of water and eat fibrous foods.

Good luck!

x x x

Please do not do this. This is very unhealthy and can lead to very serious eating disorders. You need to eat 1200-2500 calories a day depending on how active you are. Eat fruits and vegetables versus eating such a small amount of calories.

e m i n e.
If you eat 1,000 calories a day, your body is going to burn that 1,000 calories. The more you eat, but the healthier, the more you lose calories.

I don't think you'll make it a week that way. You'll either pass out from hunger or you'll get so hungry you go off the diet. You'll have a better chance of keeping the weight off if you lose it gradually. Eat healthy foods in moderation (MORE than 500 calories worth!) and exercise regularly.

two pounds. Every time the human body expends 3500 more cal. than it consumes, it loses one pound.

The problem with your plan is that 500 cal. is not enough for the body to subsist long term. Your body will think you are trying to starve it to death, so it will not release the fat. You can do the same thing by eating 1500 cal per day and exercising 500 cal per day. There are a ot of web sites that will tell you how many cals to safely consume and how much to exercise. A good one is www.caloriecount.about.com

Annie Love
1 pound
500 x 7 = 3500
3500 calories = 1 pound

500 calories really isnt enough though

that is not healthy at all

theres a certain amount of calories a day you need to loose weight.
look it up.


you sound anorexic. you're already thin. get help, you'll die on that diet.

I had gained 30 pounds from some new medication I was on and people were asking if I was pregnant. It really lowered my self esteem so I just stopped eating. I wouldn't even think about it sometimes I would snack or whatever but I just didn't eat. I lost that 30 pounds and it felt good but the effects snuck up on me and ruined my life for a few weeks until I got back on track. I would get dizzy in the mornings as soon as I got out of bed I couldn't keep my eyes open even though I had gotten at least eight hours of sleep. I missed work and school because my body was shutting down. I went on a vacation to Spain and it ruined the whole trip. I couldn't go out to experience and enjoy my trip I also held others back. The effects will sneak up on you and you will be miserable.

k b

Ok, first you would need to know some basic things.

It takes negative 3500 calories to lose one pound, no matter if you are male or female, or what height you are.

3500Kcal =1lb

Then you would need to find out your BMR or RMR - this is how many calories your body burns on it's own. This is specific to each person therefore I will include a link where you could input your information and get the result.

For example: I am a female, 5 feet and 8 inches, and 134 pounds.
My rate is around 1400kcal a day...

Here is the link: http://www.bmi-calculator.net/bmr-calcul...

Once you have these numbers, this is how you will figure out how much weight you will lose...

Let's say that you only eat a banana for breakfast (100 calories) and nothing for lunch, and a lean cuisine raviolli for dinner (240 calories).

Add all the calories you ate that day, in my example it would be 340 calories. Then subtract it from the BMR.

So 1400 - 340 = 1060

SO you're in the negative 1060... So the next day continue your diet and the day after that until you hit 3500, and that will be a loss of 1 pound.

Hope this helps.

dont starve your self........500 Calories is not enough daily fiber

hot dayum =)
you'll probably lose your life.

Sock Monkey
you will put back on what ever you lose when you start eating normally again

You will not survive a week. You need at least 1,300 calories per day.

thatt fluffer nutter babbyyyy(=
it depends on how many calories you need in your body

Ok i know you probably are going to ignore this as you don't want to hear it but 500 calories is not healthy and will send your metabolism to rock bottom after a while which will make it very hard to lose weight. Take it from someone who knows as i just got out of hospital as i had an eating disorder. The turning point was when i lost my vision for 3 minutes and was fearing for my life. It really isn't the way to a healthy lifestyle. Eat at least 1000 calories a day and dancing is a really really great exercise.

at that rate you would lose..... your life?

paper clip
I did this (eating 500 calories a day) and lost 17pounds in 2 weeks
Howewver I had track practice everyday after school from 1:45 -4:00 and after that I went on the stairstepper machine for 30 minutes
So I excercized alot

the only thing you will lose is your life, because that is very unhealthy for your body

Fly in the Ointment
you will do damage to your metabolism so when you out the 1000 back your body will equate it with 2000 instead, it is never good to go this low in calories. Stick to 1500 minimum and 1200 with a doctors advice.

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